Astro Turf – Lush


Sizes: 2m x 10m and 2m x 5m

Perfectly laid lush artificial grass can transform boring, stained, cracked and varied flooring or ground into a perfectly consistent covering. This astro turf is a 20mm pile with a mixture of 3 green colours to give a real grass feel.


Note: $1000 minimum spend on equipment applies for our delivery service. This button will add the item to your wishlist for a quote which includes delivery and setup costs.

Note: Do It Yourself (DIY) has no minimum spend. CLICK ABOVE to book on our easy-to-use DIY website.

Product Information

Astro Turf is mostly used underneath marquee spaces or concrete however any outdoor can benefit from its vibrancy and ability to evenly cover any floor area.

Our lush astro turf is a higher quality artificial grass which will give the feel of real grass.

Turf can be taped down to existing flooring to stop movement, these are individual pieces so will move if not taped together.


Sizes Available:

2m wide x 10m long

2m wide x 5m long

Extra Information

Please note Feel Good Events has a minimum $1000 hire charge on all bookings, this excludes labour and delivery fees.

For an estimate on delivery and pick up fees please contact our office with your requirements, venue access times and location. Please be aware you must meet our minimum spend amount. More information found HERE. Please note delivery and pick ups are between 9am – 5pm Monday to Saturday. Extra charges apply for requests for delivery or pick ups outside these hours.

Avoid minimum spend and delivery fees by collecting and setting up the equipment yourself. Safely and securely book and pay for your hire equipment with Feel Good Events DIY.  Click the link in the product description to be taken directly to this product on the DIY website.


Yes, you can use the Astro Turf outdoors. If the ground is muddy or wet, please ensure you clean the turf before our staff will come to pick it up otherwise you may be charged a cleaning fee if the turf is returned wet or dirty.
No, this turf is not suitable for a smoking area as any ashes or cigarette butts will create burn marks in the turf.
Our staff will tape down the pieces together side by side and will ensure that the ends are taped to the floor. Please note that taping the pieces down will cause visible lines.

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