Birthday Parties

Lets Party Like It's Your Birthday

It’s your birthday so what a great excuse to throw a party. Birthday party planning & decorating to make sure you have birthday is stress free. If you are going to go to all the effort of organizing a birthday party make sure it is fun. All the expense that goes with it and the time it takes make sure it’s going to be worth it.

Don’t make the mistake of throwing a boring party like so many other people do. If you dont really care too much about parties then this is not the company for you. Most people dont really understand what it takes to throw a wild birthday party so that’s where Feel Good Events come’s in. 

Our main goal is to bring all the right party elements together to help you create the best birthday party ever.

We have such a wide range of party decorating equipment to hire and party experts ready to help. This means your next birthday party could be the best one of your life.

Contact one of our Partyologists today and lets get started planning a party truly memorable and unique.

Birthday Party Inspiration

Birthday Party Planning Checklist


Party Research

It takes at least 50 hrs to plan a great party so get started early. To work out your budget you need to do your research when it comes to party suppliers. Google ,social media and friends are a great place to find inspiration.

wedding style custom

Party Venue

You need to decide if the party will be at home or function venue. This will determine guest numbers and what you may need to organize when it comes to other party services. Venue location will also effect your budget.

Cocktail Parties

Party Format

Think about what sort of party format you want. Will it be a casual cocktail style party or a more formal sit down party. This will effect party costs and also the energy of the party. Sit down parties are usually more quiet than a cocktail style.


Dont under estimate the power of an invitation. This will not only inform your guests of your party but if done well will create excitement. Decide if your invite will be printed or digital style. You can even create your own party website for free.

70s theme dancers

Party Theme

Choosing a particular party theme of style will make planning easy from the beginning. Once you have decided on this it will help with decor , colour scheme’s , food style and even dress code. Pick a standard theme or create something unique.

Party Decor

Party decor is really important and will enhance your guest’s party experience. Choose decor that matched your theme and style but is also fun. Stimulate your guests senses in as many ways possible with your decorations.

catering platter


Catering will be influenced by your party location and whether you are having a sit down or cocktail format. Cocktail parties will usually save you money if you are on a tight budget. Sit down parties work best if you want low key or starting before 8pm.


Good entertainment will be the life of the party. The first thing to think about is music and will it be a band , DJ or other. Also think about other forms of entertainment during the night as this will also add more fun and excitement.

Party Hire

There are lots of things to think of when it comes to party hire. Depending on your location will depend on what things you need. Furniture , dance floors , bars , cocktail machines , toilets and more are all things to think about for your party hire.

hired help

Party Help

If you are having a party at home you will definitely need some party help if you want to enjoy the party and not do all the work yourself. Bar staff , caterer’s , waiters and even cleaning staff the next day will all help make your party more enjoyable.

parties in melbourne

Party Lights

Great lighting will set the party mood and has major impact on how your guests feel. Mood lighting that makes people feel happy is best for the start of the party. Moving and flashing party lights is best to get people dancing and help create better party energy.

Party Games

It might sound a bit lame to have party games but dont under estimate there value. A few party games early in the night will help loosen guests up and get them in the party mood. Games are also a great way to help your guests feel connected and meet new people.

Birthday Party theme ideas

Hollywood Red Carpet Backdrop with uplighting


If you like the glitz and glamour of Hollywood then this theme is for you. Dress up as you favourite actor or actress or dress formal to suit this theme. Red and gold colours are used most with a Hollywood party.

80's DJ Booth

80's Party

80’s parties always will make your guests feel good. Bright fluro colour’s , big fringes and arcade games all work well. 80’s music pumping all night creates a great party atmosphere.

Black and White dance floor

1920's Party

Lets party Gatsby style. Lots of feathers , bling ,gold colours and black and white dance floors are big for 1920’s parties. Dress up as flappers and gangsters to really enhance the party atmosphere.

Disco Party

Flared trousers , big shoes and even bigger hair work well for disco parties. Light up dance floors ,silver sequin and mirror balls work well for this theme. Disco music is a great soundtrack to your party.

circus theme


Take your guests to the circus. This theme is always so much fun from the decor to the entertainment. You can choose to decorate as a vintage circus or something more modern. Entertainment options for this theme are endless.

Jungle Theme Party


Head into the jungle but look out for the tigers. Decor is easy to do for a jungle party with lots of green plants , vines and green lighting. Illuminated furniture in green also ties in well for this party style. Dress code is always open to interpretation


If you dont like to go all out for a costume party then a masquerade party is the next best option. Simple masks are still fun but easier for your guests to organize. Decor tends to be more classy and cocktails always work well with a masquerade theme.

Studio 54

Live the high life of the 70’s with a studio 54 nightclub party. When it comes to this theme think disco but more glitz and glam. Lots of gold and sparkle work well along with beaded curtains and of course mirror balls to help set the mood.

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