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Cocktail's Improve Your Dance Moves

Cocktail Party Decorating and Planning In Melbourne.

Everyone knows that the more cocktails you drink the better your dancing gets. I dont think that is really true but as they always say dance like no one is watching and cocktails will help you do that.

Are you looking for a cocktail party decorating & planning service in Melbourne? If you are wanting to have a fun and relaxed atmosphere ,a cocktail party will help create that. At Feel Good Events we always suggest to our clients to have a cocktail style party if they want it to be more fun. Choosing a cocktail format usually means finger food instead of a sit down dinner. This then allows more time for dancing and having fun as the main dinner service doesnt take up most of the night.

Party energy is usually a lot better at a cocktail style function as guests tend to move around more to socialize. Quite often this will also mean they will be on the dance floor quicker. Cocktail parties can either mean a party with cocktails or just a different party format.

Feel Good Events can help you with everything you need to create an awesome cocktail party. From decorations and furniture hire to help with planning. We can also help with bar staff and catering services or anything else you may need.

A simple and stress free cocktail party decorating & planning service to help create a cocktail party to remember.
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Cocktail Party Inspiration

Cocktail Party checklist


To create a great cocktail party you first need to get inspiration and ideas. Go to Google ,Pinterest and Instagram to get ideas for decor and cocktails you want to serve.

cocktail venue

Cocktail Venue

Will you be hiring a cocktail bar for your party or are you planning to have it at home or hire a function room. Smaller venues usually work best for cocktail style parties.

Party Theme

Cocktail style is usually the format but what sort of theme will you choose. Are you wanting just a particular colour scheme or do you want to go for a full on theme.

Party Invites

Get your guests list started early to help establish costs for food and drinks. Give people plenty of notice and make sure your invite is exciting to encourage people to come.

cocktail list

Cocktail List

Decide early what type and how many cocktails you will be having. If you want to keep things simple and costs down pre make your cocktails before the event.

Cocktail Food

With cocktail drinks you need cocktail food. Keep food coming out consistently especially early in the night so that guests dont get too drunk.

Bar Staff

Cocktail bar tenders can add another level to your event as this can be visually stimulating. Hiring bar staff will also mean less work for you on the night.



Cocktail parties can be a lot of fun but you do need great music and entertainment to help. Choose entertainment that has high energy to match the cocktail style.


Party decorations are super important in creating a fun and stimulating event. Choose decor that will enhance the whole experience and add to the fun.

cocktail party

Supplies List

If you are setting up a cocktail bar yourself create a list so you dont miss anything. From alcohol ,cocktail shakers , lemons and ice there are lots of things required.

cocktail party

Party Hire

For cocktail parties you need the right hire equipment. Things like portable bars , cocktail furniture , glassware and lighting. These are all a must to hire for your party.

cocktail party

Dress Code

Dress code is an important decision as it will affect how your guests feel and act on the night. Choose a dress code that matches your theme but also encourages people to dance.

Cocktail Party theme ideas

masquerade party


Masquerade parties are the perfect theme to match a cocktail party. Classy and sophisticated theme that is dress up without going crazy.


Cocktail parties always match the glitz and glamour of the 1920’s. Sparkle and cocktails are a girls best friend.

Garden Parties in melbourne

Garden Party

Cocktails in the garden work really well in summer. Decorate your outdoor space to create a relaxed and comfortable event.

Hollywood Red Carpet Backdrop with uplighting


Hollywood parties are another great theme that matches a cocktail event. Dress up or not it can still be a fun theme.

Black & White

Cocktails will add some colour to your black and white themed party. Choose bright coloured drinks to mix up the theme.

Spring Racing Carnival

Spring Carnival

Spring racing carnival theme with fascinator hats , lots of floral decor and some yummy cocktails will create a party to remember.

Medium Backdrop - Secret Service - Pink

James Bond

Would you like your martini shaken or stirred. The ultimate party theme for a cocktail style party and is always fun.

party dancing


If you want to create your own theme or style Feel Good Events can help. Our decorating service can bring your ideas to life.

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