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Your engagement party is the warm up to the biggest celebration of your life , your wedding. In most cases your engagement party isnt as formal as your wedding and it really is a great excuse to let your hair down and party hard.

Engagement parties are a great way to maybe meet extended family that you may not have met yet. It is also a great excuse to invite more people than to your wedding as costs are typically a lot lower for an engagement party.
Your engagement party doesnt need to be boring or just a party for the sake of it. You can still style it or theme it in a certain way to make it more fun and memorable.
With help from our party stylist’s , our team at Feel Good Events can help you plan and decorate your engagement party without any stress.

With such a wide range of equipment to hire and party experts ready to help, your engagement party can be one of the highlights of your life.

Feel Good Events are expert in engagement party hire & decorating.
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Engagement Party Inspiration

Engagement Party Checklist

Party Host

Party Host

If you want to stick with tradition the engagement party is usually hosted by the brides parents. In more recent times though most engagement parties are hosted by the couple themselves.

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Pick A Date

As you are celebrating your engagement it is important to pick a date not too long after the actual announcement. Anything up to 3 months after is ok as a time frame from when you got engaged.

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Party Venue

Factors to consider when choosing a venue are number of guests ,location and inside or out. Choose a venue that fits your budget and also matches the style you want. Pick a space that keeps everyone together.

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Guest List

The guest list is often bigger for an engagement party than for your wedding. Its a great time to invite and meet extended family. Not everyone you invite has to be invited to your wedding.

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Party Vibe

What sort of party vibe do you want for your engagement party. Will it be a sit down dinner and more chilled or a cocktail style event. Cocktail style will make it easier for your guests to meet and mingle.

Decor Choice

Not everyone will choose a theme for their engagement but most will choose a style. Choose a colour scheme and the sort of decor you want. Decorations will add to your party and guests experience.

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Food / Drinks

Food and drinks will obviously be decided by the format you choose , sit down or cocktail. In most cases food and drinks are kept simple for engagement parties. This helps in both planning and costs.



Entertainment is an important factor and will be influenced by the type of atmosphere you want to create. Low key music to start with is best so that guests can socialize. Turn it up later to get the party happening.

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Hired Help

If your engagement party is at home , make sure you get some help. Hire in caters , bar staff ,entertainment and decorators. Hired cleaners for the next day will also make life a lot easier.


Most engagement parties will have a cake as a bit of tradition. This is a great time to do speeches and say your thankyou’s. The cake can also be served as a dessert to save on costs for food.

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Every party always seems to happen so quickly and it is easy to miss things. Hire a photographer to capture all the moments and to help remember new family members.This helps when doing thankyou cards.

thankyou card


Dont forget to do your thankyou cards after the party. Depending on how you invited your guests this can be done digitally or in the mail. This is usually within 2 weeks after the event.

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Complete Neon Themed Party Hire in Melbourne


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