Hens Parties

How To Throw A Wild Hens Party

If you have been put in charge of organising the hens or bachelorette party you will have quite a few things to plan and think about. Traditionally the hens night or ladies night was typically the night before the wedding but these days its usually done a lot earlier. In a lot of cases it is held weeks or months before the wedding and on the same night as the bucks night for the groom.

Pretty much all hens parties are female only and are a mix of family and close friends that are invited to the wedding. There are many variations to how brides celebrate a hens night with parties , weekends away and low key events like afternoon teas. A lot of the time it all comes down to the brides personailty and what she wants.

Below are some helpful tips and inspiration for those brides that want more of a party at home or at a function venue.
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Hens Party Inspiration

Hens Party Planning Checklist

hens party

Speak to Bride

It is super important to speak to the bride before you do any planning. Find out what she does and doesnt want so that she will be happy with what is happening at the party. An unhappy bride is not a good start.

hens party

Party Organiser

In a lot of cases the maid of honour and the brides maids are the ones that organize the hens party. Creat a list of who is doing what from the beginning to make planning easier for all involved.


Party Budget

Firstly you need to decide who is paying and how much you have in the budget for everything required for the party. In a lot of cases everyone whom attends is asked to contribute to cover costs.

cocktail venue

Party Venue

Quite often the hens party venue is held at one of the bridesmaids homes or at a hired function venue. Make sure size is suitable and you can decorate and have the entertainment you want.

hens party invite

Party Invites

Make sure you plan as far ahead as possible and get your invites out early so more people will be able to make it. Written invites are popular and invites through social media are more common now.

masquerade mask FGE hire theme

Party Theme

Some hens party organizers like to choose a particular party theme while others just like to decorate in a certain style. Themes like masquerade or burlesque are popular.

hens party


Decorations of any kind will definitely make it more fun and add to the party vibe. Trying to personalize your decor to the brides personality and taste is a big winner and makes it more memorable.

hens party


Entertainment is always really important at a hens party. Again check with the bride before you make choices as a stripper might not be what she wants. Multiple types is always a good idea.

hens party games


There are so many fun games to play at a hens night. If you are doing more of a hens weekend make sure you have a few to last over two days.

grazing table

Food / Drinks

The amount of food and drinks you will need will depend on party time frame. Cocktails and grazing tables are super popular and easy to do.

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Music is always important for hens party especially if you want to dance as well. Hire a DJ or some speakers so that music is loud.

party cleaners in melbourne cleaning up after a party

Party Services

If you have a good budget for your hens party hire in some help. Bar staff , caterers and cleaning staff for the next day are a great idea.

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