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Kids Parties Hire & Decorating ideas to throw a wild kids party in Melbourne. Children’s parties are getting bigger and bigger especially in Melbourne. Parents are going all out when it comes to 1st birthdays and any age kids party. From decorations to entertainment no expense is spared.

To put on the ultimate kid’s party its all about creating an atmosphere that stimulates the children’s senses in every way. 

Picking a particular party theme or style will make planning easier and more fun. Party decorating is a big part but more important is the entertainment and giving the kids something to do.
All these elements put together will help create a kid’s party to remember for everyone involved. Decorations will not only create an exciting party but will also look great in the photos. This will help to create longer lasting memories.
Dont forget the adults. To be honest most kids wont remember their birthday parties much before 10 years old. In reality most kids parties are more memorable for the parents than the kids. Make sure you plan for fun for the adults as well. Think of food , drinks , decorations and entertainment that will also appeal to the adults.

Kids Parties Hire Products

Feel Good Events are experts in creating awesome kids party experiences in Melbourne. With our wide range of kids decorating & hire products to suit so many party themes, we have you covered. If you need help with the planning and other party services we can do that too. If you are looking for help with your kids birthday party hire and decorating requirements contact us today.
If you are looking for kids party hire products to DIY click the link below.

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Kids Party Hire Decor Inspiration

Kids Party Planning Checklist


To establish your kids party costs and set your budget research is very important. Use google and social media channels to get inspiration. Then find suppliers that can help you create your party vision. This will make the whole process a lot easier.

house party

Party Location

One of the first things to decide is party location. Will you have the party at home or hire a venue. In most cases having a kids party at home will save on costs and give you a bit more flexibility in guest numbers and party set up.

seating chart

Guest List

When it comes to your guest list you need to decide on two things. Firstly how many guests will you have and can they fit in your party venue. Secondly will you have just kids or adults as well as this can affect costs and what you do.

inflatable star

Party Style

Are you going to choose a particular party style or pick a popular party theme. Choosing this from the start of your planning will help in working out what you may need to buy and hire for your kids party. Themed parties are always lots of fun.

party food

Food & Drinks

Food and drinks can be simple or a full meal depending on the time of day you have your event. Food can add to your party style but doesnt need to be the main feature. Dont forget the adults if they are invited as well.


Deciding on decorations is always lots of fun. You can choose to buy disposable decorations which can sometime work out cheaper. If you want to take your party to the next level ,hired props and other party items will definitely be worth it.

Illuminated Stools

Party Rentals

When it comes to party hire products for your kids party there are a few things to think of. Party furniture , dance floor’s , party lights , sound systems and even slushie machines are all very popular. Party props will also add to your party theme.


Entertainment for a children’s party is probably one of the most important things. The entertainment you choose will not only give the kids something to do but will also bring the fun which is most important. Possibilities are endless.

hired help

Hired Help

Kids parties are stressfull at the best of times especially if you have large numbers and parents as well. If you can afford it ,hire in services that can help with as much as possible. It will make it more enjoyable for you and you wont regret it. This is the key to a stress free party.

party games

Party Games

What’s a children’s party without party games to add more fun. Party games will also give the kids something else to do and help’s them be more social with the other the children. The games dont have to be competitive and prizes arent always necessary.

birthday cake

Birthday Cake

If there is one thing that is a party essential ,its a birthday cake. A themed birthday cake can not only taste great but looks great in photo’s as well. Every child loves to sing happy birthday. Maybe have a fake cake for blowing out the candles if you dont want spit on your cake.

Photo booth

Adult Fun

If you do invite the parents dont forget about them. Think about the adults when it comes to food and drinks but also when it comes to fun. If they can get involved in the party games or can even have a boogie with the kids it will make it enjoyable for everyone.

Kids Party Theme Ideas

Fluro Themed Backdrop Hire Melbourne

Glow Party

Glow parties are popular with all ages and easy to do. All you need is a dark room and lots of bright fluro or bright white colours. Hire UV lights so that everything glows and add in some music and you are set.


Butterfly party theme’s are very popular for first birthdays and the younger years. Transform your whole party space with butterflies or just have small elements to set the theme.

Silver 70s disco party

Disco Party

Disco parties are super popular for kids parties. Most children and even the parents love to dance at parties. Hire party lights , smoke machines and sound systems to create this theme.

Circus Theme

Circus Party

Circus parties are great for kids parties as there are lots of decorations to choose from. You can even get the kids to dress up which is lots of fun. Add live animals if you really want something unique.

Fairy party

Fairy Party

Fairy parties are always fun as dressing up is a big part of it. You can choose to make it more like a tea party style or fairy disco party if that’s more fun for you.


With so many superhero’s to choose from it make this theme very easy if you are dressing up. Party props and bright coloured decor will add to this theme.

Under The Sea Party Theme inspiration Hire Melbourne

Under The Sea

Under the sea as a party theme also ties in with the little mermaid. Lots of blues and green lighting along with decorations to match will help create this theme.

Your Own Style

If you are super creative you can create your own unique style without stress. You will still need to think of decoration choice ,lighting and music as these are the basics.

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