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University ball hire & decorating service in Melbourne to help make you planning and decorating fun and exciting. University Balls and functions are put on by just about every university in Australia and are usually an annual event. Some universities go all-out and hire a venue and decorate to a certain theme. Others will take more of a low key approach and the event will be more low key. In most cases, no matter what the venue, there is always a lot to organize. This is especially the case if you are wanting to have a particular theme. From getting the committee together , to selling tickets and organizing the venue this all takes a fair bit of time.

To make planning your university ball easy and stress-free, Feel Good Events can help you with everything. From decorations and styling, to entertainment we can help you with all your requirements. This will mean that your Uni ball is guaranteed to be one big party.

 Feel Good Events is a university ball hire and decorating service that will save you a lot of time. Contacting us first will make the whole planning process easy from the start

University Ball Party Inspiration

Uni Ball Party Planning Checklist


Set a Budget

Work out your budget as early as possible when doing your planning. Establish costs for venue , entertainment and decorations. This will help you make sure you have enough funds to create an exciting Uni ball.

San Remo Ballroom Winter Wonderland Feel Good Events

Function Venue

Look for a venue that will fit the number of guests & allow time for setting up decor. Pick one that is easy for guest to get to. Make sure the food choice allows for dietary requirements. Choose one that will also match the style you want.

Theme or Style

Most Uni balls will choose a particular theme or style. Choosing a theme will add more fun and allows guests to dress in costumes. Some sort of decorations even if you dont choose a particular theme will add to the party atmosphere.


First create an exciting invitation which will encourage more people to come. You then need to decide how you will promote your uni ball. Make sure selling tickets and collecting money is easy for your guests and you will get more people to show up.

Fluro Themed Backdrop Hire Melbourne


Quite often decorations or themed props are under done at uni balls as they dont have the budget. Finding more in your budget to go all out with decor will create a much better party experience. Your decor should stimulate your guests senses.

Food & Drinks

All Uni balls will have food and drinks but you need to decide will it be a sit down meal or just finger food. Make sure there is plenty of food as usually lots of alcohol is consumed and it can stop guests from getting too drunk.

party cleaners in melbourne cleaning up after a party

Job Duties

Planning early what jobs and duties need to be done regarding organizing and set up will help make the process easier. Think of who will set up and pack up decor after the event , collect ticket money and who will do promotions.

dj gear


Entertainment is a massive part of Uni balls and another area not to scrimp on when it comes to budget. DJ’s , bands and even dance acts are all popular at these events. Entertainment will add party energy and make it more memorable.

Dress Code

Is your Uni ball going to be fancy dress or will it be a smart cocktail style. No matter what dress code you choose think about comfy shoe options if you want your guests to dance all night. High heels may look good but are a killer to dance in.


Dont forget the photographer if you want to capture all the crazy things that usually happen at Uni balls. With so much that can happen on the night it is easy to miss lots of things. The photographer can make sure you dont miss a thing.

party games


A few simple games can add some fun and laughter to your Uni function. Games are not always suitable if you have a large number of guests but definitely worth considering to add a bit more fun. The more the guests have something to do the better.

After Party

Dont forget the after party as there is always guests that want to kick on. Most balls usually only go for 5 hrs which if you are having a sit down dinner doesnt always allow for lots of dancing. You can always keep the party going afterwards.

University Ball Party Theme Ideas


If you are looking for a easy fun theme then why not a glow party. Guests can dress in white or fluro colours and all you need to hire is UV lights.


Get lost in a winter wonderland party theme. Think white christmas and use lots of blue lighting and hire winter themed decorations to set the mood.

Hollywood Red Carpet Backdrop with uplighting


Hollywood themed Uni balls are super popular.Its an easy theme to do and guests dont have to dress in costume to suit the theme if you dont want fancy dress.


A circus theme is exciting and fun but usually requires a bigger budget. If you have the funds there is plenty of props and decorations you can hire to create this.



Take your guests into the jungle. Lots of green lighting , artificial trees and plants and animal props will set the right party vibe.

masquerade mask FGE hire theme


Choose this theme to if you dont want to go crazy with the fancy dress. Your guests will have fun choosing or creating their own mask.


The glitz and the glam of the 1920’s is another popular Uni ball theme. Gold and bling colours with both decor and dress code will help create this.

Feel Good Events - Tropical Theme at Melbourne Zoo jungle


Do you want your Uni ball to be unique and one to remember ? Create your own theme so that you create a Uni ball worth talking about.

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