Everyone loves to dress up when going to a party especially the ladies as this is part of the enjoyment of going out, but could your dress code be killing your party before it’s even started?

I’m sure any woman will tell you that dancing in high heels for long periods of time really is murder on the dance floor.

If you are at a low key event taking off your shoes to dance may be an option but for the majority of events this option is not always possible. Whether it be the event is very formal or the venue doesn’t allow it for OHS reasons, you may need to keep your high heel shoes on which may restrict your dancing.

If you are throwing a party and having your guests dancing is very important to you it might be a good idea to create a dress code that allows for lots of dancing meaning your guests can wear comfy shoes.

Being a DJ for the last 25 years I can tell you that although the guests may love the music you are playing a lot of women wearing high heels will restrict how many people dance and the energy coming from the dance floor. To me as a DJ the more energy coming from the dance floor the better the party is and this is always very hard if the guests aren’t wearing comfortable shoes.

This is not to say your guests won’t dance at all but it will restrict how long they dance and what type of movements they will do. If dancing is really important to you and you really want good party energy a dress up theme or more of a casual dress code may be a better option.

You could also tell your guests to bring their runners to put on later in the night when the party gets going.