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Surrounded in colour! Jenna celebrated her Bat Mitzvah in a transformed warehouse space filled with a vivid colour.

Jenna’s vision for her Bat Mitzvah was to have the event space as colourful and vibrant as possible. A party where everyone danced,  had a good time and was engulfed in the colour theme was the main focus.

A light up dance floor and a party atmosphere where everyone was dancing was a must.

A blank warehouse is what we needed to work with which was perfect as blank / dull space transformations are what Feel Good Events do best.

We began by drafting the layout of the space best suited for a party. The Illuminated Dance Floor was sized perfectly for the amount of guests attending. Having too little or much of a dancing space effects the overall feel of the party and will impact on the amount of guests dancing / willing to dance on the dancefloor.

The DJ was positioned right behind the dance floor for maximum sound effect and party atmosphere. Working our way back to the entrance, and keeping with the theme, we had the right amount of LED furniture placed, ensuring they weren’t placed in high traffic areas or in the way of the main walkway. Food Stations lined one side of the walkway where a candy buffet, glow toy table lined the other.

Keeping the glow and colour theme strong, the LED Curved Bar was placed in a central location making it had easy assess to and was not too far away from the dance floor to ensure guests kept the party vibe while they refilled their drinks.

As the space was still a working warehouse we needed to cover existing pallet racking. Velvet Draping was used for this which also softened the space, brightened the dull area and created a backdrop for the vivid colour from lighting to bounce off from.

With the LED Furniture, UV Lights above the dance floor and Coloured uplighting along the drape and the warehouse walls the Colourful, glow themed Bat Mitzvah setting was complete.

The only thing left was for guests to arrive down the red carpet and through the gold sequin draped entrance.

From the images below it was one hell of a party! Just the way we like it!

Dance Floor, Draping, Furniture, Lighting & Decor: Feel Good Events
Photography: A.R. Thomas Photo

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

Feel Good Events arrived onsite the day before the event day. This gave the client peace of mind against any issues which may occur during the setup process.

Along with our professional installers and setup staff our Operations Manager Emma was also onsite during the setup to coordinate, oversee operations and ensure the client was happy with the completed setup before the whole team finished.

The setup went smoothly and we had no issues during the event. It was a completely stress-free experience for the client and the everyone had an amazing time, especially Jenna!

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