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How to Set Up Your Party Venue

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  Setting up your party venue correctly (whether it be a function venue or your home) is very important in creating a night to remember. In this article we look at the do’s and don’ts on setting up your party…

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What Makes A Person A Good Dancer

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It can be quite entertaining watching people dance at a party or nightclub even if you don’t like dancing yourself. What really does make someone a good dancer? Researchers filmed 19 men aged between 18 and 35 using a 3D…

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Keep Your Party Moving

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Party energy is so important for every event and the more energy your party or event has the more memorable it will be. The sad part is that the older your guests are usually means that your party energy will…

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Party Psychology – Part 3

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Understanding why your guests go to parties and what they do and don’t like will help in your party planning. Human beings love novelty. It has been demonstrated that neurologically the exposure to something new and unfamiliar increases the release…

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Wild Parties Need Wild Guests

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  You can create an awesome and exciting party atmosphere with the decor & lighting but it’s really the people that make a party. The secret is to invite a variety of guests with different backgrounds and from different generations. Introverts…

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