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DIY or Outsource

Event Tips, Party Tips

  Some people have more time than money, for others that statement might be more appropriate reversed. Either way, when you’re planning a party your end goal should always be to have FUN! Here are some quick tips on whether it’s worth doing tasks yourself…

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Meet & Greet

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Hosting a party where not everyone will know each other? Don’t want to spend half the night introducing everyone to everyone? Make the process a little bit of fun! Simply take a digital photo of each arriving guest, print it…

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Party Psychology – Part 1

Event Tips, Party Tips

  Throwing a party is hard work. All that planning, money and stress. Not to mention the anxiety it gives you. So why do we have them and why do we go to them? Why do people host parties? Simple….

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Treat Cars Like People

Party Tips

  Hosting a party? Many people are too busy organising the event and completely forget about guest parking. Here’s a quick tip to keep your guests (and your neighbours) happy when hosting an event at home. Cars need a place to…

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Choosing The Right Venue

Event Tips, Party Tips

  Choosing a venue is usually the first thing people do when planning a party. Choosing the right venue can have so much impact on whether your party is a success. Allot of people will opt for having the party…

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