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The PINNACLE of 70’s Disco

Studio 54 was the highest tier of 70’s nightclubbing. The popular discoteque produced the purest disco vibes which were experienced amongst the popular, the wealthy and the influential.

Feel Good Events replicated the high class disco atmosphere by transforming a plain warehouse space into a fully themed Studio 54 partyland with all the trimmings!

Guests were transported back to the 70’s as soon as they entered the event space. There was no escaping the disco vibes as lighting and mirror ball effects engulfed every inch of the party space. Vivid Gold Decor & Bright White LED Furniture was contrasted against deep blacks throughout.

Guests had their pick of getting a drink from the 360º light up bar, getting their photo taken in front of the custom backdrop, chilling out in the VIP Lounge Area or busting a move on the black and white dance floor or LED Light up podiums!

Every aspect of this transformed warehouse spaced oozed the right balance of sophistication & wild party.

It felt as exclusive and glamorous as a night at Studio 54!

It was a disco party experience like nothing else!

So, how did Feel Good Events take a blank warehouse space and turn it into a fully themed, Studio 54 partyland?

It began with the layout – A centralized 360º Light Up Bar in the middle of the event space – an amazing visual effect with the benefit of no long lines for guests to order their drinks. Once guests had their drink they could opt to get their photo taken in front of the Custom Photo Backdrop or help themselves to the fully styled food station – each on either side of the bar.

Ready to Dance? Enter the dedicated dance floor space by walking under an amazing Balloon and Mirror Ball overhead display. A custom decalled Dance Floor waited for you along with 2x LED Light Up Podiums on either side.

Needed to take a break from busting moves on the dance floor? Take a load off by kicking back in the exclusive VIP Lounge or pull one of the LED Bar Tables to the bar.

Guests partied the night away surrounded in a pure 70’s party atmosphere.

The night was a HUGE Success! Everyone was AMAZED by the level of detail in the decor and styling. The vibe and atmosphere of high class 70’s disco was definitely achieved.

To some, it was “The best party they have ever been too!”


Visit our Youtube Channel to see more videos from each day of setup!


• Event Planning, Event Coordination, Layout & Execution: Feel Good Events
• Draping, Furniture, Dance Floor, Lighting, Decor & Styling: Feel Good Events
• Balloon Garlands: Balloonatics
• Decals: Made With Tommy
• Dances: Jade Bain, Sam Goggins, Emily Caldwell, Leigh Booth
• Photography: Prop & Pose Co.

Behind the Scenes

The entire setup for this event took roughly 4 days of moderate work to complete. As it was held in our newly acquired warehouse, we were not on any time frame and could work at our own pace.

Setup began by outlining the event space by placing down rigging plates (which would be used for draping). The larger fixtures such as the stage, dance floor and trussing came next.

Running Cables through to lighting and LED Podiums came next and is always a lengthy process. The space began to take shape as soon as the drape was installed.

With the LED Bar and food stations moving into position the final decorating, styling and detailing began.

As night fell on the night of the event the party lights and LED Furniture were turned on. The catering and bar staff arrived and began their preparations.

At 7pm guests began to arrive.....and the rest is party history!

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