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A list of unique party games for both kids and adults

If you are stuck on getting all your guests interacting with each other or looking for an ice breaker we have some unique party games perfect to set the mood and have everyone laughing and having a good time.


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Take My Cherry

Party Games

An adult party game that’s as funny as it is messy! TAKE MY CHERRY – Ask your guests who likes cherries. When you have a few volunteers, place a maraschino or fresh cherry (with the stem) in a bowl in front…

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Party Game – Who’s My Match

Party Games

A fun adult party game to play when guests arrive at a party WHO’S MY MATCH? – Write or print the names of famous celebrity couples on sticky labels – one name per label and mix the labels up so that…

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Party Game – The Mummy

Party Games

Party games can always liven up any party and can be a great source of laughter and entertainment To play the mummy party game break into groups of two or three.  Each group gets a roll of toilet paper and…

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Meet & Greet

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Hosting a party where not everyone will know each other? Don’t want to spend half the night introducing everyone to everyone? Make the process a little bit of fun! Simply take a digital photo of each arriving guest, print it…

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