22 Things to consider when planning a party

There are lots of things to consider when planning a party or event so we have put together 22 of the most important things to think about in your planning.

These things can either have a major or minor impact but they are all really important in creating an awesome party or event.

Day and Time – The wrong day and time can affect guest behavior and attendance especially if they have to work the next day or aren’t able to get the day off.
Lighting –
The wrong colour or brightness can affect how guests feel and act. Lighting affects how your guests feel and you want them to feel good.

Size of Venue – Too big and the atmosphere is instantly lost. Too many rooms and guests are disconnected.

Number of Guests – This ties in with venue size and matching guests to the size of venue for the best atmosphere. Small parties can still be awesome if planned right.

Type of Food and How much –
Too much food and it affects how guests act and effect party energy. The wrong type of food can cause mess and serving issues.

Type of Drinks – Exciting drinks will make your party unique. Not enough drinks can affect how people act.

Guest Dress Code –
What’s guests wear will affect how they feel and act. Dress up parties create novelty and excitement. The wrong type of shoes will affect how many and how long guests dance floor.

Age of Guests – Too much of a variety of age groups can affect how guests act and how long they stay at the party. Guests with kids will always leave earlier than guests without.

Decorations – The décor you choose will create a big impact on how your guests feel. Exciting décor creates novelty and stimulates your guests senses.
Temperature Of Your Venue Space – Too hot or cold and your guests will leave early. Plan for the worst if choosing an outdoor event space and it will save you a lot of stress.

Floor Plan of your venue – Create a floor plan that keeps your guests together.

Format of Your Party –
Make sure the party flows and something are always happening. Formalities done early is one of the key elements to success.
Information You Put On Your Invite –
Boring invites usually won’t encourage people to want to come to your party. Create something exciting and unique.

Type of Furniture You Use – Too much or the wrong type will affect how guests act at your party. Too much seating kills the party energy.

Entertainment You choose – The wrong or no entertainment can affect how long guests stay and how they act and feel. Entertainment is really important and creates great party energy.

Amount of Pre Planning You Do –
If you want a stress free experience plan ahead. Leaving everything until the last minute always causes great party stress.

What Help You Choose For On The Night – If you don’t want to spend your whole night working at your party rather than enjoying it hire some party help for on the night.

What Your Guests have to do on the night –
If your guests are bored they usually go home early. Give guests a range of things to do.

Music Choice –
The music is the soundtrack to your party. It will affect how they feel and if they dance or not which is super important.

Location of Venue – Too far away or expensive to get too will effect guest attendance.

Size Of your Dance floor –
Too big and the atmosphere is instantly lost. It is always better to go smaller and have it full than the other way round.

It’s Not All About You – The more you focus your planning on your guests’ party experience and what enjoyment you can create for them the better the party will be. I guarantee you will get a lot more enjoyment out of your party if your guests are partying hard and don’t want to go home than if they are all itching to leave.

What you see above is not about spending more money on your event and in most cases, it will probably save you money if you do it right. It is more about creating the best party experience possible so all your party planning isn’t wasted.

Spend your party budget on the most important things and I assure you your party will be a great success.

The above things all need to be considered when planning a party and it can all seem a bit overwhelming if you haven’t planned a party before. If you are not really sure what to do I highly recommend speaking to one of our Partyologist’s for expert party advice.


Marcus Prentice – Partyologist

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