Some people love the idea of planning a party or wedding and others just can’t stand the thought of all the work that has to be done.
If you are planning a wedding there is a lot more work involved than planning a private party.

Did you know – The average wedding takes approx 200 hours to plan and put on and the average party would take at least 50 hours plus.

When you think about all the things that have to be done both in the planning and the execution of the event it is easy to underestimate the work involved. If you haven’t planned a wedding or party before it is easy to miss things and your event may not go how you had in mind.

If you don’t love the idea of party planning keep everything as simple as possible. Keep choices to a minimum when it comes to food, drinks, decor etc so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and over the party before it even happens. Make a list (a detailed list!) just so you see all the work you will need to put into the party. Put pen to paper and think of all the necessary requirements needed to put on your event. Cover everything and put down an estimated time next to each task. Remember to take in research, writing emails, phone calls, driving to and from various suppliers, the time needed to setup AND packdown. It all adds up.

Already thinking it’s overwhelming? You can make the whole experience stress free and eliminate the risk of not getting something wrong or missing out something important by hiring professionals to do all the party or wedding planning for you. Remember – party professionals do this for a living. They will be more thorough with the planning and execution of the event and will take them only a fraction of the time someone with less or no experience would.

Do you really want to be stressed out on the event day? Too many times I have seen clients not enjoy their wedding or event as they were too busy running it rather than enjoying it. They had to worry about the music or if there was enough ice or drinks at the bar or if the food was ready to serve.

Leaving it to experts may be an added expense you didn’t want to spend but it will definitely relieve the stress which comes from planning and executing an event. It will save you time and let you focus on more important things.

At Feel Good Events we tend to see the worst end results with customers who come in with an “I know what I want, just do what I tell you” attitude. You are normally hiring an expert because they know more than you, right?

Let them do what they do best. In more cases than not, event professionals can surpass your expectations. You, and sometimes more importantly – your guests, will have a great time at your event. You will feel better knowing it was a success, you didn’t have to lift a finger and the whole experience was stress-free.

Marcus Prentice

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