Chiffon Backdrops are the perfect way to soften your bridal table. They are a simple and elegant way to ensure your bridal table is the focal point of your wedding.

Chiffon Backdrop comes with beautiful chiffon drape with your choice of coloured uplighting. The uplighting comes in an assortment of colours that will match any colour scheme.

Extra lighting and plinths can be added to add more effect. This backdrop can be made to suit any size bridal table.

Event Product Hire Delivery and Setup Melbourne
Chiffon Backdrop PriceTotal
6 Person Bridal Table $600.00 $600.00
8 Person Bridal Table $650.00 $650.00
10 Person Bridal Table $700.00 $700.00
12 Person Bridal Table $800.00 $800.00

Product Info

Item Fee Note QTY
6 Person Bridal Table $600.00

4m wide, up to 3m high

8 Person Bridal Table $650.00

5m wide, up to 3m high

10 Person Bridal Table $700.00

6m wide, up to 3m high

12 Person Bridal Table $800.00

8m wide, up to 3m high

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Chiffon Backdrop Includes:

  • Chiffon Drape
  • Uplighting – Colour Bands
  • Rigging
  • Delivery
  • Labour – Set up & Pack Down
  • Pick up

All above pricing includes Delivery, Labour and Pick up the following day (Conditions apply). For variations in bridal table size please contact our office for information and pricing.

Please note Feel Good Events has a minimum $500 hire charge on all bookings, this excludes labour & delivery fees.

Please note delivery and pick up is during office hours 9am – 5pm Monday to Sunday, anytime outside these hours will incur an additional cost.

Product FAQ

This wedding backdrop cannot be DIY, Feel Good Events specialists will set up and pack down this equipment to make it stress free on your wedding day

Sure, we understand that people might have more or less people sitting on the bridal table we can make any backdrop to suit your needs. Please contact our office for information and pricing

We do not allow our draping to be placed on rigging or crossbars which are not our own. All our drape is made custom to our rigging. Using rigging which is not designed for the drape may reduce the integrity of the draping and may cause damage to the drape, the rigging system and/or the venue’s property.