Don’t settle for boring, out-dated marquees. Dome marquees instantly give your event the WOW factor and they look absolutely amazing. Grab your guests or potential customers attention with arguably the best looking temporary structures on the market right now.

Used heavily in the event industry for corporate areas as well as public events, our range of structures are suitable for virtually every style of event.

Benefits of a Dome Structure:

• Made from high weather-resistant material
• Withstand winds up to 120km/h
• Easy to assemble
• Easy to attach walls
• Ability to have branding printed directly on the material covers and walls
• Roof structure can support up to 400kg (ability to support lighting equipment directly from the frame)
• Between 30mins – 2.5hours setup time (dependant on the structure)

Sizes Available

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Available Sizes:

Lounger M – 4.14m x 4.14m x 3.35m (17m²) – 30mins Setup
Lounger L – 5.18m x 5.18m x 3.6m (26m²) – 45mins Setup
Crossover M – 6.22m x 6.22m x 3.75m (38m²) – 1-1.5hr Setup
Crossover L – 8.29m x 8.29m x 4.95m (68m²) – 1.5-2hr Setup
Hexadome – 6.22m (per side width) (has 6 sides) (100m²) – 2-2.5hr Setup

Custom Branding Available – Please Enquire