What’s a party without a Mirror balls to get everyone in the party mood. Mirror balls are great as they can be used for both mood lighting and party lighting.

Mirror balls will suit any type of party and enhance any venue. If you are having a 70’s themed party then a mirror ball is a must and the bigger the better.

Don’t forget to hire a pin spot light to shine onto the mirror ball so that you get the sparkle effect.

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Mirror Balls PriceTotal
8" Mirror Ball $30.00 $30.00
12" Mirror Ball $35.00 $35.00
16" Mirror Ball $40.00 $40.00
20" Mirror Ball $45.00 $45.00
24" Mirror Ball $50.00 $50.00
Pin Spot to shine onto Mirror Ball $15.00 $15.00

Product Info

Item Fee Note QTY
8" Mirror Ball $30.00

1 kg

12" Mirror Ball $35.00

1.8 kg

16" Mirror Ball $40.00

3 kg

20" Mirror Ball $45.00

4.7 kg

24" Mirror Ball $50.00

9.8 kg

Pin Spot to shine onto Mirror Ball $15.00
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Product FAQ

It doesn’t matter what size mirror ball you have it is more to do with how many spot lights you shine on the mirror ball. The bigger the mirror ball is the more your guests will notice it which is great for 70’s parties. It will give you the same effect whether it is an 8” or a 20” if you only have one spot light.

All you are required to do is plug into power and switch on. All our mirror balls come with a motor attached which will make the mirror ball slowly rotate. To get the effect of the sparkle from the mirror ball you are required to have pin spot lights to shine onto the mirror ball. We suggest 2 pin spots at minimum for best effect.

If you want your mirror ball to be coloured we have slow colour change pin spot lights which you can shine onto the mirror ball to make it change colours.

The mirror ball can easily be hung on our T-Bar lighting stands with the pins spots and be set up in minutes. (see rigging section for these items)

No the mirror ball will give you the same effect whether it is in the middle of the room or on a stand in the corner. It is not always easy to hang in the middle of the room unless you have a power point in the roof and a heavy duty hook or rail to hang it from. Hiring a lighting stand will save you allot of time and stress and still give you the same effect.

To get the best effect from this light we suggest using it with a smoke or haze machine so that you will see all the beams of light. Without a smoke machine you will only see dots on the walls and not the laser like beams when used with smoke.