Marquees are a perfect way to have your event outdoors while keeping it away from the weather. Depending on your event type, available space and the number of guests attending your event – we will have the perfect sized and style Marquee to suit.

We offer 3 marquee styles available in over 40 sizes. From small 3m x 3m Marquees to large 10m x 45m Marquees for large scaled events or wedding receptions, we have you covered.

Not only do our  Standard Marquees look great, they are practical and can withstand most intense weather conditions.

Marquee Styles Available:

• Clear Span
• Spring Top
• Steel Frame

Available options:

• Walls (clear or solid)
• Silk drape lining
• Floor covering (turf, carpet, timber)
• Gutters
• Stages & Catwalks

 Styles & Sizes Available

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Available Sizes:

Clear Span
• 6m x 3m
• 6m x 6m
• 6m x 9m
• 6m x 12m
• 6m x 18m
• 6m x 21m
• 6m x 24m
• 6m x 30m
• 6m x 33m
• 6m x 36m
• 10m x 5m
• 10m x 10m
• 10m x 15m
• 10m x 20m
• 10m x 25m
• 10m x 30m
• 10m x 35m
• 10m x 40m
• 10m x 45m

• 3m x 3m
• 6m x 6m
• 3m x 9m
• 6m x 6m
• 6m x 12m
• 6m x 18m
• 6m x 24m

Steel Frame
• 3m x 3m
• 3m x 6m
• 3.6m x 3.6m
• 3.6m x 7.2m
• 3.6m x 10.8m
• 4.5m x 4.3m
• 4.5m x 9m

Additional Extras
• Silk Lining
• Walls
• Gutters
• Weights & Covers
• Floor Coverings (turf, carpet, timber)
• Stages 7 Catwalk

Site Inspections may be required prior to booking