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Halloween is almost upon us for another year and we think it’s high time Australia started getting in on the celebrations.

There’s plenty of scary fun to be had from movies to games and more. We share some Halloween Party Ideas that the kids will love!

Plan some spooky activities

Feel Good Events pathologist, Marcus Prentice has an interesting game idea that’s great for kids and easy for parents to set up.

“One great party game kids can play that always creates some fun is creating a Halloween feel box. What you need is either a cardboard box or old suitcase that you can decorate on the outside to suit the theme. You then need to create just enough room for kids to then put their hand in to feel what is inside.

To make this game fun you want to put inside Halloween related props like fake eyeballs, bones, and fingers with different textures and sizes so the kids then need to guess what is inside.
The more imagination you put into what is inside the box the more exciting the game will be. You can then give prizes if you wish to the kids that guess the right items. This game always gets a laugh and is very exciting.”

Wait until the sun goes down and bring back your own childhood memories by sharing ghost stories with your kids. A MyDeal play tent is the perfect way to create a spooky kid-friendly atmosphere for telling ghost stories by torchlight.

Decorate in scary style

Lel from Party Kit Company believes “this Halloween, it’s about fusing the current trend toward bright and colourful, with fun, almost cartoonish, characters and decorations. Rather than dark and gloomy, spooky celebrations are about bright orange, purple and gold; think banners that say ‘BOO!’ or shimmering gold pumpkins. It’s less scary and more playful!”
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Keeping in the fun, bright decorative spirit do up the kids cubby in sparkly Halloween style and create a mini haunted house. You could decorate with fake spider webs, pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns, black cat toys and balloons. Or embrace a classic creepy kids tale and role-play Hansel and Gretel with a gingerbread house theme and a scary witch behind the door.

Have a PG movie night

Scary movies are the best part of Halloween and make an easy low-key activity for the busy parents out there. Try out one of these great films for just the right balance of scare-factor and kids fun:

• The Nightmare Before Christmas
• Hocus Pocus
• Casper
• Dear Dracula
• The Haunted Mansion
• Monster House
• Hotel Transylvania

Start some new holiday traditions this year and make Halloween something to look forward to every October.