You can create an awesome and exciting party atmosphere with the décor & lighting but it’s really the people that make a party.

The secret is to invite a variety of guests with different backgrounds and from different generations.

Introverts & Extroverts

A great way to know that your party gets off to a good start is ensuring you as many of your extroverted friends come as possible. Extroverts bring energy and hype to the party which often causes introverts to come out of their shell and join in. Finding a way that makes all your guests feel as comfortable and safe as possible with each other will help in bring the party to life.

Loosen Up Your Guests

Serving alcohol at your party? Alcohol is a great way to loosen up your guest’s inhibitors causing them to be more talkative, interactive and to dance! Although alcohol can definitely help create a relaxed atmosphere it’s not the only factor. Create a fun environment with the right music, the right lighting, the right layout & the right furniture in the right places. All these aspects of your party contribute to your guests being comfortable. The more comfortable your guests with their surroundings the more likely they will contribute to party activities.