If you are not sure if you should get some help with your party here are 7 reasons why you should hire a party planner.

There are various reasons to hire a party planner. Yet, the bottom line is that party planners can save you a lot of stress, and unnecessary expenses, and are big-time savers. More importantly, they are experts at throwing parties and will help you create a better party experience.

Alister Clare, CEO and Financial Specialist at Credit Capital, agrees on the valuable help of party planners. According to Clare, “It’s normal to have doubts about hiring a party planner for your events. Yet, look at it this way.  If you’re not a certified plumber, would you mount the plumbing system in your house? Certainly not! Planning a party might seem like an easy task, or you think it would save you money if you do it yourself. But the drawback of DIY-ing a party could bring more hours of work and possibly end in a terrible event. Party planners are super-organised professionals who have a knack for imagination and know exactly what you need for your party.  So, if you’re having a party, save yourself the hassle and call a party planner.”

If you’re not convinced yet, here are the specifics:

1 - Saves You Time and Money

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Contrary to popular opinion, hiring a professional party planner can help you save time and money.

Party planners are well-connected with venues, entertainment, party decorators, party hire services, caterers, photographers, and a whole lot more. People quite often underestimate the time it takes to find suppliers and get quotes. The average party can take a minimum of 30 to 50hrs to plan. This is if you want to create a memorable party for you and your guests!

Party planners can also get rebates and markdowns that may not be available to private individuals. They also know if the pricing is too high when getting quotes. They can determine who is providing the best value for money.

Party planners already have a detailed checklist of everything to plan and think about. If it’s your first time at organising a party, there’s the likelihood that you’ll miss a detail or two. It could be the cake topper, the dietary restrictions of your guests or something more important.

2 - Takes The Pressure Off Your Shoulders

Planning a party can be exhausting and stressful. For the last 6 years, party and event planning has been rated in the top 10 for most stressful jobs. Running into a burning building or joining the army is only just in front of being a party planner. So its important not to underestimate the stress that you can get from planning a party.  Employing a party planner makes it possible for you to take a breather and concentrate on the more essential things. Would you rather fuss over the silverware or focus more on your speech?

The main question to ask yourself is do you want to be working at your party or enjoying it? The more organized you are and the more help you have the less you need to do. Don’t miss out on the fun because you were too busy running your party. Too many people are burnt out by the time it gets to their party. This results in them being over the whole thing before it event starts!

3 - On The Day Venue And Party Management

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In some cases your party planner will not only help you plan the whole party but they can also act as a function manager on the night. It is important not to let all the hours and hours of planning go to waste as no one was there to manage things on the night.

To provide the best experience possible, party planners/function managers can monitor visitors, food, drink, music, entertainment, security, and all the other factors. This means the minor details of the party will not interrupt you on the night. Do you really want to stress over the ice running out at the bar or there not being enough glasses on the night? This further guarantees your undivided attention to your guests and the party.

Most importantly this allows you more time to have FUN.

4 -Helps You Choose the Right Theme For Your Party

Choosing a theme can be complicated or stress full when planning a party. Not everyone chooses a theme but if you do it can make your party more fun and exciting. Choosing a theme also helps with what direction to head in and colour schemes to choose etc.

Where an expert party planner can help in this area is they can help you choose a party theme or style that will fit in with your budget. Your party planner will have a better understanding of what types of themes you can do well based on how much money you have to spend. This can also save you a lot of disappointment and hassle. You won’t then do a lot of research work to then discover you can’t afford to do the theme you want.

An experienced party planner will not only help achieve your objectives with a confident style but also design a perfect theme for your party. That way, your event creates better connections between guests and a party to remember.

5 - Party Planner’s Add Passion And Experience

event staff setting up a wedding

Party planners live and breathe on creating successful events. Nearly all party planners are genuinely passionate about their roles. They bring along this passion to their craft, and such enthusiasm translates to the success of your event.

Where an expert party planner really adds value is their knowledge of what does and doesn’t work to create a great party experience. These little tips and tricks all add up to getting a better end result! They also increase the chances that your party will be a success.

6 - Flexibility and Problem Solving

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If you have been involved in planning a party before or organised your own you will know that things can change very quickly. You might need to add extra guests at the last minute. You might also need to change some of your furniture if it becomes unavailable. A party planner usually has the patience and ability to make changes quickly and put out any spot fires. These issues can occur in the lead-up to your big party or even on the day if you haven’t used a supplier before.

Trusting the suppliers you have booked if you haven’t used them before is a common problem a lot of people have. Party planners will usually have a team of different party suppliers they have worked with before and trust. This also makes changes and solving problems easier and quicker.

Quite often if a party is based on weather this can cause big issues last minute. Knowing that you have a professional party planner on your side to help solve these issues will give you great comfort.

7 - Turn Your Vision Into Reality

winter theme

Not every party planner is a party decorator as these are quite often separate jobs. However, party planners will usually have quality decorators on their books to help bring your vision to life. At Feel Good Events we are both expert party planners and decorators which does make everything that bit easier. 

At the beginning of the process, Party Planners will usually interview their clients. This is to understand their party vision and advise them on how to make it happen! The most important question your party planner should ask is what sort of experience do you want to create for both you and your guests. If they don’t ask you this they may not have the experience you need.

A good party planner won’t seize total control; they are your partners. It is important to share your ideas, thoughts, and concerns. This is so they can be addressed in the early stages of planning. Being very clear on what you do and don’t like in the beginning will make sure you achieve the end result you want.

A professional party planner will ask you lots and lots of questions to achieve this result. Don’t be afraid to trust your party planner once you have seen their work as remember they are the experts.

Ready To Throw The Best Party In Town? 

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Investing in a party planner will guarantee that you save time, money and is more stress-free. Bear in mind that fantastic, rave-worthy parties don’t usually just happen! These require talent, experience, and hard work.

The Feel Good Events team are pros when it comes to party planning and decorating. From corporate events to private parties, we can turn your vision into reality. Connect with us and let’s start planning an awesome party!

Blog Post Co AuthorJasmine Mason