White Dance Floor


  A White Dance Floor adds elegance and class to your event or wedding while creating a dedicated area for you and your guests to dance on. Dance the night away on a White Semi-Gloss Dance Floor! The perfect addition to an elegant wedding or a light coloured event theme.

Size: Various sizes to suit your needs.


Note: $1000 minimum spend on equipment applies for our delivery service. This button will add the item to your wishlist for a quote which includes delivery and setup costs.

Product Information

Most people are very reluctant to dance at the party – especially when the dance floor is empty. The novelty of a dedicated dance floor will encourage your guests to get up and dance. It will also cover up unsightly flooring or ground cover and can complement the colour theme to your event, party or wedding.

Create a dancing area your guests will love to bust a move on! Hire a white dance floor today and get the party started!

Please Note: Our White Dance Floor has a standard gloss finish. It is NOT a high gloss finish and does NOT have a highly reflective surface. Comes with a silver edging around the outside of the dance floor, edging is included in pricing.


Each tile is 1.2m x 1.2m, the dance floor can be configured in different sizing for your event. Please contact our office for options.
Price includes installation & pack down only.
Price does NOT include delivery & pick up charges (price based on location)

3.6m x 3.6m 9 tiles $540.00 (holds approx 27 – 45 people)
3.6m x 4.8m 12 tiles $720.00 (holds approx 36 – 60 people)
4.8m x 4.8m 16 tiles $960.00 (holds approx 48 – 80 people)
4.8m x 6m 20 tiles $1,200.00 (holds approx 60 – 100 people)
6m x 6m 25 tiles $1,500.00 (holds approx 75 – 125 people)
6m x 7.2m 30 tiles $1,800.00 (holds approx 90 – 150 people)
7.2m x 7.2m 36 tiles $2,160.00 (holds approx 108 – 180 people)
7.2m x 8.4m 42 tiles $2,520.00 (holds approx 126 – 210 people)
8.4m x 8.4m 49 tiles $2,940.00 (holds approx 147 – 245 people)
8.4m x 9.6m 56 tiles $3,360.00 (holds approx 168 – 280 people)
9.6m x 9.6m 64 tiles $3,840.00 (holds approx 192 – 320 people)

Extra Information

Please note Feel Good Events has a minimum $2,000 hire charge on all bookings, this excludes labour and delivery fees. Minimum hire is 9 tiles but they can be configured in any shape you like.

Please note the pricing above includes installation & pack down only and is based on the ground floor. Additional chargers may be added for difficult installation locations eg stairs, lifts, or long distances from loading areas. Delivery & Pick up is an additional cost and worked out on event location.

This product is not available for DIY and must be delivered, installed and pick up by our qualified staff. Please note delivery and pick up is between 9am – 5pm Monday to Saturday, anytime outside these hours will incur an additional cost.


Each tile is 1.2m x 1.2m, the dance floor can be configured in different sizing for your event.
Yes, Feel Good Events can also organise a custom decal for your dance floor. Please contact our office with your decal requirements and we will send an accurate quote.
Each dance floor tile is individually screwed together to make sure there is no movement during your event.
This dance floor is made of wood and metal, there is a small chance that this could cause small scratches on your existing floors. If worried about your flooring please notify our office and carpet tiles can be added for a small cost.
The dance floor needs to be set up on a smooth flat surface otherwise the tiles can be uneven and possibly unsafe.
Yes, it will come with silver edging, edging is included in the price. Edging is 10cm deep, please be aware this will be added to each side of the dance floor.
The dance floor can only be set up outside if it is undercover and it will not get wet. If the dance floor is going into a marquee it requires a hard level wooden floor underneath. If the venue doesn’t have a level, smooth flooring to put the dance floor on safety can’t be guaranteed.
Yes, the tiles can be configured in any shape you like but there is a 9 tile minimum (3.6m x 3.6m).
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