Depending on the occasion you may not be able to get out of holding a speech. But that’s OK. Speeches can be great – if done right. Here are some quick tips to ensure your speeches don’t ruin your party.

Note: This is specifically for party or event. Wedding speech format posting will come soon!

Should you even do a speech?

First things first. You need to decide whether you want to do speeches. The good things about making a speech – Provides another form of entertainment & chance to thank everyone for coming. The Bad? – Breaks up the party vibe. Preparing for the speech can also be hard work and can give yourself unneeded stress. If it’s not a milestone birthday or event (21st, 30th, 40th Birthday etc) then our suggestion is to stay away from having a speech altogether. If there is going to be a cake involved then you can sneak in a few words and thank yous then. On the other hand your guests may be expecting a speech – especially if its a milestone event. Don’t disappoint – always have something planned. Last thing you want is for everyone to be yelling “SPEECH SPEECH SPEECH!” and you have to start racking your brain for what to say.

Key Point – It always depends but always be prepared to do have one. Don’t get caught out by your guests wanting a speech and you not being ready to say one.


When should the speeches happen?

If it’s a particularly special party all your guests will be expecting a speech at some stage during the night and may hold themselves back from getting into the party mood until the formalities are taken care of. Our advice is to have the speeches as early as possible. Have the majority of your guests arrived? Are your besties there? If so what are you waiting for? Have your speeches early to allow the dancing and partying to start sooner without any breaks for the rest of the night. Getting away with the speeches has the added benefit of relieving the nerves if you’re not a professional public speaker.

Key Point – Get it out of the way as early as possible. Your guests are there to party!

How long should the speeches be?

It doesn’t matter how funny or entertaining your speech will be, your guests will begin tuning out after 8 minutes. This time limit is also in place for multiple speakers. 8 minutes max talking time in total! Our recommendation: Try for 5 minutes and no more than 2 speakers at once. If you want more speaker try you’ll need to break it up. Have 1 speech before the cutting of the cake then the other 2 straight after. Make sure you keep speeches to the point. Your guests wanting to be thanked, have a laugh and get right back into the party. And let’s be serious – most people are holding to the end for when they can finally drink the toast. Don’t let them get thirsty!

Key Point – Try for 5 minutes. Anything over will have your guests tuning out – no matter how funny or entertaining you’re making it.

Remember: Your guests are there to party – not to listen to you talk. Keep the party atmosphere strong and get the formalities out of the way early. Make it short and to the point (but entertaining of course). It’ll take a long time to get the party atmosphere back if you break it up with speeches. Don’t let your speeches kill you party!