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If you truly want a stress free event then it is best to hire Feel Good Events to do all the labour side of things for you. If you have put on a party or event before you will know how much work is required to create an awesome event.  The cost will be well worth it in the long run as your party experience will be a stress free one.

Don’t miss out on the fun side of having a party just because you were too busy running it.

Site Visits

Unsure of what is the best way to style your function space or maybe you need a second opinion? Feel Good Events can meet with you at your venue and discuss different options you can do with your space. Our experienced partyologists and event specialists can give you advice so that your event is one to remember.

Site visits are are available by appointment only.

Installation & Pack Down

Ensure your event is 100% stress free by having your equipment set up and packed down by our professional staff. With our installation and pack down service, you won’t have to lift a finger, we will do it all for you.

Please note installation and pack-down is at an extra cost. Feel Good Events has a minimum labour charge of 2 hours for both set up and pack down. Labour pricing will be worked out on the equipment hired for each event, please contact our office for a accurate quote for equipment and services.

Delivery & Pick up Services

Delivery and pick up will be between 9am – 5pm, Monday to Saturday unless otherwise specified. If you require a certain time for delivery and/or pick up during 9am – 5pm you may be charged an extra fee. If you require delivery and/or pick up outside of this time frame you will be charged an after-hours fee or Sunday rates (details below). A more specific time frame will be allocated to you the week of delivery. For accurate cost please contact our office.

Prices are subject to change without notice depending individual circumstances, as the equipment may require a truck delivery due to the quantity being hired.

Decorating Advice

If you have a theme in mind but not sure how to style your event space we can provide ideas for you to suit any budget. In order to do this we can either come out and do a site visit (fee’s may apply) or alternatively if you can provide us with multiple photos of the space and detailed measurements we can do it all over email.

It is also helpful if you have photos of what type of look you would like to achieve. Styling by emails, without a site visit, is free of charge.

After Hours Delivery & Pick up Service

If you require delivery and/or pick up either before 9am or after 5pm you will be charged an after-hours fee. The cost of delivery or pick up outside of standard delivery/pick-up times start from $300. If you require both delivery and pick-up after-hours, the fee starts from $600.

This fee in on top of the original cost of delivery and pick up (stated above) not inclusive. Please check with your venue if after or before hours delivery/pick up is required, this is normally required more during peak times of the year.

Please contact our office for accurate cost.

Lighting Programming

Many of our lights can be programmed with a DMX controller which will allow you to have selected colours and patterns to suit your event. Lighting programming can be done on site or before delivery, this will depend on the requirements of the programming.  

A professional technician for lighting programming can start from $90 an hour but will depend on the requirements. Please contact our office for more information & pricing.

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Complete Neon Themed Party Hire in Melbourne

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