Party energy is so important for every event and the more energy your party or event has the more memorable it will be.

The sad part is that the older your guests are usually means that your party energy will be lower.

But with the right party design, decorating and entertainment your party energy can still be high.

If you have ever been to a primary school disco or a high school social or even a uni ball, they all have got all the key elements for a good party energy. The dance floor will be packed and the room will be buzzing. The more your guests are moving the better the energy is.

So what is good party energy and how do you create it?

Good party energy is the atmosphere that your guests create by the stimulation provided on the night of your party. The big secret is – the more you stimulate your guests 5 senses the better the party energy will be.

There is a lot of factors that will help in creating good party energy. Here are a few to get you started.

• Choose a small venue so that your guests stay together
• Choose great entertainment from the right music choice through to dancers and other entertainers suitable for your event style
• Provide things for your guests to do such as dancing, party games, photo booths etc
• Use minimal chairs and tables and only use what is really needed. If it’s not a sit down dinner don’t have chairs for every guest
• Invite fun and energetic people. If your event is full of people that don’t want to be there it is destined to fail
• Don’t overload your guests with food as this will slow them down. Keeping the food light can make a big difference to the energy level
• Choose a cocktail style party over a sit down dinner
• Visual stimulation from lighting and décor is a big winner

These are just a few factors that will help you on the way in creating a party with lots of energy and one you and your guests will remember for ever.