T-Bar Lighting Stand


T-bar Lighting Stands are perfect for any type of party and are a quick easy way to hang your lights.

Note: $1000 minimum spend on equipment applies for our delivery service. This button will add the item to your wishlist for a quote which includes delivery and setup costs.

Product Information

T-bar Lighting Stands are perfect for any type of party and are a quick easy no-stress way to hang your lights. They have standard tripod legs which make for easy setup and safety. It can also be extended higher to ensure that nothing is blocking the lights and they are projecting onto the dance floor

The T-bar Lighting Stand can fit up to 4 – 5 lights depending on what lights they are.

As the T-Bar is collapsible, it can easily fit in a car with the backseats folded down.


T-bar Lighting Stands are standard tripod stands with a 1.5m wide “T” cross bar. The cross bar enables you to clamp most party lights to.

Height is adjustable (ranges from 1.7m – 3m)

Can fit 4-5 lights per T-Bar Stand (dependent on the light size)

Extra Information

Please note Feel Good Events has a minimum $2,000 hire charge on all bookings, this excludes labour and delivery fees.

For an estimate on delivery and pick up fees please contact our office with your requirements, venue access times and location. Please be aware you must meet our minimum spend amount. More information found HERE. Please note delivery and pick ups are between 9am – 5pm Monday to Saturday. Extra charges apply for requests for delivery or pick ups outside these hours.


Yes, these stands can fit in a normal size car but you will need to place down the back seats and rest them on the middle console. We recommend bringing a blanket to wrap around the stands so they don’t move.
Depending on what type of lights, but you can normally fit 4 party lights on 1 stand. 2 either side of the stand. The T-Bar stand is also great for mirror balls and pin spotlights.
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