We certainly up’d the ante with this party. Guests were treated to a grand entrance for Luca’s 9th Birthday where LED furniture & multiple uplights lit up the whole front yard.

Luca’s amazing Glow Themed 9th Birthday Party

The kids were treated to their own dedicated dance room (transformed from a garage space) where a Red Carpet led them onto a 4 x 4 illuminated LED Dancefloor. LED Furniture completed the look.

The second garage (adults area) was covered in soft velvet draping complemented by uplighting and a LED star cloth backdrop. LED furniture filled the space which completed the glow theme the client was after.

There was absolutely no missing this party if you were driving passed!


Our team of 4 arrived early on Friday morning and began setting up the dance floor, draping and preparing the led furniture. Just over 4 hours were spent on the Friday. We returned the following day to complete the red carpet entrance to the kids area and to prepare the uplighting in the front yard.

As night began to fall on the Saturday night we had a staff member return to switch on the uplighting, the LED furniture and ensure all other equipment was working correctly.

The night was a success and Luca had an amazing night.