A wild jungle party that was a mix between jungle and nightclub to create the ultimate party atmosphere.


What a wild party this turned out to be for the many guests who also dressed up to enhance the theme. A warehouse converted into what could be called a jungle party with a twist. Lots of greenery and jungle props with a light up dance floor and lasers to really get the party rocking later in the night.

Live reptiles with podium dancers and a Michael Jackson show thrown in for good measure really kept the guests entertained all night.


“What a wild party! I had such a great night and we went to the very early hours of the morning as guests just didnt want to leave. The live snakes and everyone getting dressed up just added to a great party atmosphere.. Thank you to the Feel Good Events team for putting together an unforgettable party.”


This job was an easy bump in as regards to equipment but took alot of time to do the finer styling with lots of vines which can be very time consuming. The days of work to do the set up and pack up was so worth the end result to see everyone have such a great time.

This set up took approx 3 days to do with the amount of detail it had and costs around $20,000 for all decor entertainment and props.