Understanding why your guests go to parties and what they do and don’t like will help in your party planning.

Human beings love novelty. It has been demonstrated that neurologically the exposure to something new and unfamiliar increases the release of dopamine in the brain which helps increase pleasure. Novelty makes our brains feel like there is a possibility for a reward waiting for us just around the corner. That potential for pleasure motivates us to seek it out and a party quite often can offer this.

If you want people to come to your party or event creating a sense of novelty around it and the thought of something different might happen will help increase guests attendance.

If you use novelty to create a party that your guests feel they may miss out on then this will definitely work in your favour. A lot of this anticipation can be created simply by creating a unique and fun invitation.

If the invitation is exciting and has hints of what might happen then your guests may be more excited and more inclined to come. A standard invitation with dates and times doesn’t really excite most people especially if it’s at your house standing in the backyard in the cold.

A unique party is always more fun and exciting than everyone sitting down checking out their social media pages.