Many couples every year get married on new years eve as for many people NYE is a special night.

The problem is many couples don’t always take into consideration the extra costs that may come with choosing December 31st as your big day.

As most people know weddings are expensive at the best of times without adding the extra costs that may come with choosing NYE.

You may also find it a lot harder to organise a wedding on NYE as not all suppliers and venue may be operating at this time. Some of extra costs that you may need to consider could be some of the following.

Venues – Typically the venue will have extra labour costs for staff for this date so they will most likely pass these on to you. Your guests may also have issues getting to your venue if it is located in the CBD of your state as quite often the CBD is closed off for other NYE celebrations.

Accommodation – If accommodation is required for you or your guests this will definitely be at a premium.

Wedding Suppliers – Any wedding suppliers that you choose to use on this date may charge you extra surcharges as it is a busy date and may have extra staffing costs.

Babysitting Costs – Although the happy couple most likely wont have this problem its more than likely some of your guests will. Trying to find babysitters at all on NYE could be hard and expensive for your guests. This may mean that your guests choose not to come if it gets too expensive for them or too hard to organise.

Taxi Costs – Taxi costs are always at a high for late night functions especially on NYE. Getting a taxi at all may be hard on NYE. Some of your guests may choose to drive because of this extra expense which may mean people don’t want to party as much as they are not drinking.

Your Wedding Anniversary always clashes with something else – Along with the extra costs involved with a NYE wedding there is also the fact that your anniversaries may not seem as special in years to come. It will mean that the uniqueness of your wedding date is over shadowed by the fact that its NYE.

Choosing a different time of the year for your wedding or even a date a few days before or after NYE may save you a lot of money and make it easier for your guests to attend.

The money saved may mean you can spend it on those extra decorations or the better venue you always wanted.