wedding decor

The right lighting can change the look and more importantly, the feel of your wedding.

Lighting your indoor or outdoor wedding venue is super important and is quite often over looked. The lighting you choose will  enhance your venue and wedding décor for the better. The right lighting will also make your guests feel a certain way depending on the colours you choose.

Lighting cost in the scale of cost  in your overall wedding budget will probably be on of the cheapest areas , but can make such a difference to your wedding experience. 

What Lighting Colours Should You Choose For Your Wedding

In most cases warm white lighting be it mood up lighting on walls or fairy lighting is more popular for weddings. Warm white lighting can really help create a romantic wedding setting but the key is to set it at the right brightness.

Coloured mood lighting is also commonly used at weddings to match a certain wedding styles or themes but we always suggest not using too many different colour types at once. The colours you choose should match your decorations and linen colours on tables.

How Bright Should My Wedding Lighting Be

Lighting brightness is very important especially if you want your guests to dance. Quite often couples make the mistake of making it too bright over the dance floor and guests are reluctant to dance.

To set the right mood no matter what colour lighting you choose you want the lighting to be subtle and relaxing to begin with. In most cases you will have your lighting brighter to begin with during dinner so that people can see what they are eating.

Later in the night when you want dancing to start you definitely need the option of dimming your lights so that your guests don’t feel intimidated to dance.

6 Popular Lighting Styles Making An Impact On Wedding Decorating

Light Up Letters

Be it the bride and groom’s initials or the timeless light up “L.O.V.E” sign , they definitely make an impact at the wedding. Light up love signs will draw everyone’s eye and make it the perfect centrepiece to wedding photo’s.

Love Sign

Festoon Lighting

Festoon lighting is very popular at the moment especially if you are having a rustic or outdoor wedding. The warm white globes will always create a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere for any wedding reception. It is very important not to over do festoon lights though especially if you are using them above the dance floor. Using a dimmer with these lights is a big bonus as you will have more control over your lighting.

The perfect lighting style to set the mood in any outdoor or indoor space. Sometimes all an outdoor space needs to go from dull to spectacular are simple festoon lighting.


Function Venue Up Lighting & Mood Lighting

The best way to add colour and style in to a room is to use up lighting. Up lighting can enhance any features of the wedding reception and is easy to do. Lighting can be programmed to be any colour and used up against walls, pillars or even draping to add a soft or dramatic effect. Up lighting is a very easy and  versatile way to add a certain mood to your venue.

Pendant Lighting

Pendant lighting is being used allot this year especially in conjunction with flowers and greenery. Pendant lights can be used as a feature above a bridal table, seating area or in conjunction with draping behind the bridal table.



Chandeliers are a must if you are planning a classic romance style wedding. They create a spectacular focal point and will suit most venue styles. Various styles and sizes available make them a great feature at any wedding.

Chandeliers with floral arrangements and greenery are also very popular.


Fairy Light Curtains & Strings

Although fairy lights are nothing new they are still ever popular and can create a great spectacle if done well. Lining the roof of marquees or reception venues can really create the wow factor.

Fairy light curtains raw or used with chiffon drape in front will also create a great bridal table backdrop or feature at the reception.

Icicle Lights and Fairy Lights


Lighting is really important in creating a great wedding experience. At minimum you need two types of lighting to help with this experience. Mood lighting to create a romantic and relaxed environment during the first part of the night and moving party lighting to create the party vibe later on.