It is very important to create the right mood as your guests arrive at the party.

Room mood lighting can make such a difference to any event if done right and doesn’t need to cost a lot of money.

Simple wall up lighting done with led par cans or LED wall washers will add colour very easily and really makes your guests feel comfortable. With LED lighting being so versatile these days you can select any colour you want to suit your style. As most lighting is LED it will use very low power consumption which means you don’t need to stress about power when plugging in your lighting.

Mood lighting is a must for any event and can be easily done yourself if you are looking to save money. Any party that has just normal in house lighting on when your guests arrive instantly show’s that its going to be a dull party and the host hasn’t gone to much effort.

You can also use mood lighting to enhance features of your venue or décor you have installed. Using lighting to highlight a cake table or photo backdrop will always work well

Set the mood from the beginning and you will be on the right track to creating an awesome event.