Classic Romance wedding styles if done well will create a  timeless wedding that won’t look dated 50 years from now. A classic romance wedding has plenty of flowers and usually a soft colour palette. Elegant touches of gold and plenty of candlelight will also add to this particular wedding style. A beautiful bride in a gorgeous gown and a sophisticated white wedding cake to match will set the right mood.

This style has lots of white draping and touches of colour with high end pieces which will create the overall feel of elegance. Couples are always wanting to take the theme one step further and adding more personal pieces that really make the day special for them. Items like elaborate mirrors with custom decals for seating plans, welcome signs and beverage lists as well as white dance floors with custom decals just to name a few.

This particular wedding style is very easy to do and will suit most wedding venue styles. Working with our professional florist and wedding stylists we can make sure your a classic romance style wedding is created to your liking and with ease.

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