Neon/Glow Party Theme

Glow Party Theme Ideas

Some people call them fluro parties, some call them glow parties and others like to call them a Neon Party Theme. No matter what name you like best they are all the same and a great party theme to use. This party theme definitely gives your party the “WOW” factor. 

The neon setting sets the party vibe as soon as your guests walk into the room. Enhance the effect by having your guests dress in white or bright fluro coloured clothing , which will improve the party atmosphere.
From a decoration point of view all you need is lots of bright whites , fluro colours and maybe some black drapes to make the room dark. Fluro body paint always looks good on your guests and is a great effect.

TIP: Make your event space as dark as possible. Do NOT use any normal room lighting – this will only lessen the overall effect.  Use as much UV lighting which you can hire form Feel Good Events as possible to really make everything glow.

If you need help with UV lighting , fluro drapes or even illuminated furniture which works well with this theme contact Feel Good Events today.

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