A lot of people will choose to have  their party at home both for convenience and to keep costs down but how do you keep your neighbours happy?

Below are some tips on how to keep your neighbours happy so they wont mind when you throw a party next time.


The best way to keep your neighbours happy is too invite them to the party.

This is not always possible if you don’t know your neighbours that well or aren’t on great terms. The main reason neighbours get upset is noise from loud music and this is usually the main reason parties get shut down earlier than you want.

A tip to help with this is try and keep music inside and contained as much as possible. If it is just out in your backyard it will upset more neighbours than the one just next door. Getting your party started earlier will mean that your neighbours are less likely to complain and your party won’t be shut down early.

Notify your neighbours of your party plans.

Let them know what you plan in terms of size, hours, music, etc. Tell them that they can contact you if they have problems with your party.

Then, have the monitor talk with any neighbour who calls or comes over, and make definite, permanent changes to fix the problem. Also, keep in mind that the neighbours don’t have to put up with the disruption just because you told them you were having a party.

Be specific on what time you plan to turn the music down and stick to it.

If your neighbours know you plan to turn the music off at 12 am they will most likely put up with it until then. If you don’t let them know a time they may assume you are going all night and call the police with a complaint early.

If you do have a problem be cooperative with police, council enforcement officers, neighbours and others who come to discuss their problems with the party. Being cooperative will frequently circumvent a severe response, such as a fine, arrest or damages and expense for you.

Designate a monitor (preferably sober) to control stereo volume, access to the party, outside disturbances, etc. Do everything you can to help them.

Circumstances that draw police attention to your party and upset the neighbours

  • Loud music and noise
  • Underage drinkers drinking out the front of the party.
  • Allowing people to leave your party with beer and other alcoholic drinks
  • People urinating in the neighbours’ yards
  • People overflowing into the street and onto neighbours properties.

You are responsible for your guests and their actions, even if you don’t know them. If someone is getting out of hand, feel free to call the police to help get your party under control.

Thinking about these things will hopefully prevent any issues with neighbours when putting on your next big party at home.