How To Turn Your Wedding Into One Big Party

So many couples come to us at Feel Good Events and tell us that they want their wedding to be one big party which is fair enough. With so much time and money spent on planning for their big day you can understand why couples want it to be memorable. Everyone’s idea of a great party is very different but if you want it to be exciting and more memorable you need to try and create great party energy at your wedding.

So What Is Great Wedding Energy

Have you ever been to a party, festival ,concert or any type of event and you are on the dance floor or in the crowd and the place is just buzzing? Everyone is dancing, going crazy and the atmosphere is just electric. This is good party energy!

Have you ever been to a party , wedding or event where everyone is sitting down all night or on their phones. Or maybe everyone is just standing around a fire or just chatting with very little happening? This is bad or low  party energy!

This doesnt necessarily mean that its a terrible experience for your guests but these types of weddings are typically less memorable. These types of weddings or parties also encourage people to go home early which most wedding couples dont usually want.

cocktail style wedding, bride dancing

Why Is Great Party Energy Important At Your Wedding 

Good party energy is important at your wedding if you want to create a wedding to remember. If you think about any good party or wedding you have been you will most likely remember the ones that were going off!  They are memorable because the guests were having fun and you could feel the good vibes in the room.

Party energy is important as it will help your guests feel connected, feel happy and most importantly feel good. When ever I am putting on my own parties or events from the very beginning of my planning I am thinking of what I can do to make sure the party has good party energy. Without good party energy at your wedding it is more likely to turn into just a meeting with food.

How Do You Create Great Party Energy At Your Wedding

There are many things that will influence your energy. Below are a few ways that you can influence things for the better.

The best thing and most important thing to do to create great party energy is stimulate your guests 5 senses in as many ways possible. The more your guests are stimulated in various ways the better your guests will feel and the better the party energy.

Wedding Venue – 

One of the biggest mistakes you can make that will affect party energy is choosing a venue that is too big for the number of guests you have. The key thing is to keep your guests together without them feeling over crowded. Multiple spaces at a venue can also cause your guests to feel disconnected and separated. Not enough people in a massive event space will low the party energy and atmosphere every time.

If you have a venue that is both in doors and out the best option is to choose a venue where this can open up to be one space. If the venue you have chosen is in multiple rooms try and place the bar and entertainment in the same area as this is where guests will most likely hang out.

Wedding Format –

The biggest problems weddings have is they are usually sit down dinners which will always lower your party energy. Cocktail style weddings will work better for the reason that it will keep your guests moving. Your guests dancing, mingling and moving around will create lots of energy. Your guests sitting down eating and drinking all night will create a lot less energy.
Loading your guests up with a 3 or 4 course meal will definitely bring the energy down. Grazing tables and finger food throughout the night will not overload your guests with food all at one time.


Wedding Entertainment –

One of the easiest ways to get your wedding moving and create a great party atmosphere is with the right entertainment. If your guests are stimulated by the music and entertainment they will dance which has a massive affect on your party energy. Not to mention that dancing is the best form of exercise to make your guests feel good.
A mix of roving entertainment , dancers , djs and bands will keep everyone happy and will be money well spent.

tropical green and gold party theme

Wedding Decorations That Are Stimulating –

Decorating done well will stimulate your guests and not only create the wow factor but can also create a focal point. If your guests want to move around to take in all the awesome decorating that has been done you have instantly created more energy. Any kind of visual stimulants like video screens, or slide shows will also add to this.

The Right Lighting

The lighting colour you choose and the type of lighting you choose will affect the energy level of your wedding. Static coloured wedding mood lighting earlier in the night will keep the atmosphere chilled to begin with which is a good way to start the night. Moving and party lights in different colours will instantly add movement later in the night even before your guests start dancing. The right party lights done well later in the night will also encourage dancing as well. Even something as simple as a mirrorball will add some sparkle but also create subtle movement in your wedding venue.


I think the main key in creating great party energy at your wedding is simply giving your guests something to do. If the only thing they have to do at your wedding is sit , eat and drink and listen to speeches then your wedding energy will be low. For some couples this is what they want and it is very easy to achieve this.

If you do want your wedding to be a massive party with great party energy you really do need to plan for it. Sometimes it can just happen on the night but why leave things to chance. While doing some of these things may not guarantee the party of the year for your wedding they will definitely help. At the end of the day its the people who help create a great wedding. The key factor though is its how you stimulate those people to get them in the party mood that really helps with creating great party energy at your wedding.

If you need help from an expert in parties on how to create great wedding energy contact our office today.