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Choosing A Function Venue For Your Event - Part 1

Choosing a function venue for your party - Part 1

One of the first things most people decide when doing their party or event planning is what function venue or event space will they use to hold the event. This episode looks at hiring a function venue as opposed to having your party at home. In this episode we discuss all the key things to look for when choosing a function venue for any type of event. We discuss all the important factors that can make or break your party success.

Choosing the right venue for your party or wedding is super important and getting it wrong can really have an impact on guests experience. If the venue is too big or there are too many different rooms can all cause issues.

Listen to this episode of the Partyology podcast to help get some important tips when choosing the right venue for your party.

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Choosing A Style Or Theme For Your Party Or Event

Choosing a Style or Theme For Your Party Or Event

No matter what type of event you are planning you need to come up with a style or certain theme from the beginning. In this episode we discuss choosing a party style or theme and how important it is. We discuss how choosing a particular theme or style can make your event and party planning a lot easier from the beginning. Lots of great party tips and ideas.

Choosing a Theme Or Style for Your Event or Party - Podcast Transcript.

Party, Wedding and Event Planning - Getting Started

Party, Wedding And Event Planning - Getting Started

There can be a lot of anxiety that goes along with planning a party which can make the whole experience less enjoyable. In this episode we talk about some of the pain points when it comes to planning a party wedding or event. We discuss how long it takes to plan a typical party or wedding and options to make it stress free. We look at the pros and cons of hiring an event, party or wedding planner and what they can bring to the table.

Party, Wedding and Event Planning - Getting Started

                                       Podcast Transcript

Introduction (00:05):

Welcome to the Partyology Experience with your host Marcus Prentice.

Marcus Prentice (00:16):

Hi guys. Welcome to the Partyology experience. Yes your here with Marcus Prentice and I’m here today with our guest speaker, Emma DeJong, the general manager of feel-good events. Welcome Emma.

Emma De Jong (00:25):

Thanks. Hello, how is everyone?

Marcus Prentice (00:27):

Excellent. How was your weekend?

Emma De Jong (00:29):

Yeah, you know Good. I’ve had a week off, so I’m feeling great today.

Marcus Prentice (00:33):

Im sure you are. Now enough of the small talk in today’s episode, we’re talking about planning. Now this is something we’ve talked about before and is super, super, super, super important and thats is planning. We quite often say the you can’t over plan it. Well, I guess you probably could, but the more planning you do, the more chance that your party, event or wedding is going to be a success.

Emma De Jong (01:01):

I agree. Be organised.

Marcus Prentice (01:04):

If you think about planning a party or a wedding, the stats going round, if we’re planning a wedding, say, is it takes about 200 hours to plan a wedding, which is a lot of time.

Emma De Jong (01:13):

It does. Yeah. Trust me Im in the thick of it.

Marcus Prentice (01:17):

Yes Emma would know and you’re in, you’re in the event industry. So you have a head, start. You already know a lot of stuff, but for Joe blow, who knows nothing or has an organized a wedding before, which is most people, 200 hours is alot of time.

Emma De Jong (01:31):

Yeah. Minimum, I think. Yeah. I think even more by the time I’ve done research and everything above. Yeah. You’re looking at a minimum of 200.

Marcus Prentice (01:37):

We say for organizing a party, you’re looking at at least 50 hours again, by the time you do all your research and venues thinking about venues and whether you go and look at stuff, or it’s just done online. Emails back and forth from suppliers, venue, whatever it might be you know, even going out and trying on a new dress or a suit or something like that, it takes time. So it can take a lot of time.

Emma De Jong (02:05):

Yeah, it’s like a full time job. I know some brides will ring and go, I should have just started working part-time and then done all the extra wedding planning on the other days, because they just don’t have the time to organize their wedding. They say I just didn’t realize how long this takes. So its alot of time.

Marcus Prentice (02:19):

Usually with weddings most brides and couples think about it at least a year out because they know you’ve got to plan lots of things. So you’ve got a lot more time, I guess, for a wedding. For parties I don’t know if they think that far in advance and then it can become more stressful because there is a tighter time frame. They then become stressed because they there’s so much to do. They then realize there is as much to do for a party potentially as for a wedding, just slightly different. So in today’s podcast, we’re going to talk about where do you start? So Emma has a lot of experience in this, especially organizing weddings and we’ve organized obviously hundreds and thousands parties. We speak to people about this sort of stuff all the time. Emma, when you’re recommending what people should do from the beginning or where to go, what do you usually suggest?

Emma De Jong (03:10):

So for us, because we’re a supplier, we really need more details when people come to us. So making sure that they know exactly what they want. So if you’re having a party and you think you’re gonna have a theme or a style or something like that, you really need to do your research on what type of style you want to do and how you actually gonna execute that. So I love Pinterest, everything on Pinterest, like fanatical, like Marcus would know this, I have boards upon boards upon boards of themes. And I think that’s a really good idea because you start getting a bit of a pattern of what you, like. I find people we like are like this type of style, but then they start pinning things and then realize I’m going down a bit of a different path here. Where am I going to end up?

Emma De Jong (03:46):

So it’s really good for us as supplies and just other event companies to understand where you’re going. We have lots of clients that will actually share their Pinterest boards with us. And that really helps, Oh my God, I love it. I’m an organized freak. So I love any, like give me more information, overload me. I love it. So those sort of things, Instagram is becoming huge as everyone knows Facebook has such, I think it’s more for like communication and sort of working out some suppliers, but Instagram, these days for events, huge. Lots of inspiration and you get to see what clientele that company are doing, what type of functions they’re doing. Are they sort of on the same path as you? It’s a really good idea to start looking at all their socials and all those sort of things to get an idea of what you like.

Emma De Jong (04:28):

Be realistic of what you want. We have lots of photos of, you know, fairy light installations. God, they look good, but they look a hundred thousand dollar custom made very light installation. So be realistic as well. But research is a huge thing. Come to us with all the information. Of course you don’t know everything, but just a starting point would be really great just to get some ideas of what you sort of think. And then we can then add to that as well and say, what about, we could do this. You could do that. It really gets all the ideas flowing. And then we know if we are on the same page as well.

Marcus Prentice (05:01):

That’s what the research is all about. It’s about creating that vision or the mood board. So that then helps with the rest of the planning. So when people plan their events and parties, quite often, one of the biggest stresses that we’ve noticed in our business and lots of other businesses is that do you trust those suppliers? Or how do I find a supplier that I can trust because no matter what type of the event you’re going to deal with lots of different suppliers. Whether it be the function venue, a florist or somebody makes you a cake, the DJ, whatever it might be, how do you know you’re going to trust them? So is there something that clients can do to know that they can trust that supplier?

Emma De Jong (05:47):

Trust is a hard thing to come by when you dont, know that business personally, I think if you are a real people person, I would go and see the business in person or ring on the phone and have an actual conversation with them. You get a pretty good vibe from someone by either meeting them face-to-face or over a phone call. If you really sort of feel like they understand you and you kind of feel comfortable talking to them thats a good start. Everyone’s not going to be for everyone. We’re not going to suit everyone and vice versa for other companies. So make sure that you’re happy with that person you’re dealing with on the phone, or just also, you know, looking at all their socials and just their business as a whole. Are you happy with their culture? Are you happy with who they are? You happy with what they do. It’s sort of those things, all those things that add up to do you trust them? I think if you can say that they’re working at, you know, decent venues, they’re doing decent jobs, you know, all those sorts of things, you go, well, they must be doing a good job.

Marcus Prentice (06:42):

Google reviews and those sorts of things.

Emma De Jong (06:43):

Google reviews Is a hard one sometimes because you know, we’re not all going to have five star reviews and there is going to be like a juggle between good and bad. But most of the time, if you’ve got mostly good reviews, you know, there’s going to be one off. So it always is how can you get, if you’re getting five stars all the time then wow. Little things happen, but those things like reviews, you know, testimonials from other clients of how happy they are. Of course every company’s going not going to put out what everyone said about them, but if they got lots of testimonials from people saying they really happy and wrapped with their, their service and everything like that, then you kind of know that they’re a good business.

Marcus Prentice (07:19):

Suggestions from friends and recommendations, from function venues. Usually the function venue is the first point of call if you’re hiring a function venue and you’re not planning to have something at home. Usually a lot of venues have a supply list and some of them are strict on what supplies they let into their venues, because it does represent their business as well. So if a supplier does a bad job, then it can potentially make the whole function go bad. So a lot of venues will only recommend decent suppliers. So that’s a really good start. I know lots of venues will recommend some top quality suppliers whether it be florists or photographers or whatever. This is a good way to get to find some event suppliers to begin with and to make contact with them.

Emma De Jong (08:11):

The best thing about that, as well is that those suppliers know those venues. Now there’s lots of venues here in Melbourne and around the world that aren’t the easiest to actually get into. You might have to pick up equipment at midnight and having a supplier that already knows all those ins and outs is a good start. A supplier that knows all the ways that the the actual function venue works and the people that work there, it makes your life a lot less stressful. I already know that then you don’t need to do all that running around worrying about suppliers getting into venues etc the client is alot happier.

Marcus Prentice (08:38):

And sometimes, it may cost a little bit more for thats supllier, but it may be worth it just for the stress free experience.

Emma De Jong (08:42):

A hundred percent. I think that that’s the way to go. Of course you can find your own people and most venues will allow you to bring other people in. But people that know the venue is always a good thing.

Marcus Prentice (08:51):

That is another good point. Some venues are so fussy about who they let into their function venue, that they will actually charge you extra if you don’t use their suppliers. So that’s something that when you’re looking at a venue and thats not a lot of venues, but you need to look into that and ask those questions. If I bring in my own supplies, is that okay? And if so, are you going to charge me? Which does seem a little bit strange, but there’s certain venues in Melbourne that we work at that we know that the clients have to pay extra If that supplier is not on their preferred supplier list.

Emma De Jong (09:25):

There’s reasons behind that, that’s for them to make sure their reputation stays quite high, that their suppliers are always top notch doing a hundred percent to what the client wants. I’m not saying that all the other companies aren’t that are going to come in, but they’re just very particular on who they’re letting. I understand that.

Marcus Prentice (09:40):

Recommendations from venues. I think you can put a lot of value in, and also to your friends and family, if they’ve used a particular DJ before or photographer or whatever, you’re going to have a bit more trust from your friends or family. So that then leads to the key because it is so stressful in organizing a function or wedding or party, you know, should you hire a function planner, event planner, party planner or a wedding planner?

Emma De Jong (10:05):

All of the above what are you going to do? Everything.

Marcus Prentice (10:08):

Should you do it? Now there are some benefits and obviously most of these benefits all comes at a cost. So obviously you’re going to, you’re going to pay for that service, but in the long run, it can be worth your money. So if you’re feeling overwhelmed by organizing a party or a wedding, the first thing I would suggest is if you can’t afford a, a function planner or event planner, keep your function very simple. Don’t try and do elaborate things. just get the basics that you need and keep it as simple as possible. This will make it as stress-free as possible. If you are going to do it yourself and you want to keep it as stress free as possible plan ahead. Give yourself as much time as possible as that will help you.

Marcus Prentice (10:53):

If you do have it in your budget to hire a party planner or event planner then there’s going to be lots of benefits in that. They will know decent suppliers, they’ll have their own group of suppliers that they work with. They have expert knowledge in how to set up a function space, the dynamics of how the function works, what you should and shouldn’t do. They’ll help you with color choices and decor and when to do things and, and all those types of things, things that you probably wouldn’t even think of. All the finer details, they will will help work in with your budgets and they’ll save you a lot of time. They’ll save you money probably because, you’re going to save time. you’re going to save money as well. An event or wedding planner will keep you on the right path because they might have a mood board they’ve got so many different images and the clients thinking where do I go with this? The clients like I’m so excited. I love every theme and style which can cause issues. The event planner will then help keep you on the right track. There’s so many pros for this.

Emma De Jong (12:01):

It’s the money thing as well. I think sometimes if you can’t afford it, which is totally fine. Another really good thing is if you’re going to have suppliers, really use them to your advantage. Just Because suppliers might just hire equipment doesn’t mean that they don’t understand how things work. They can give you so much information. So I think use that as a key. Most suppliers we’ll give you information without having to pay for it. So they’re not going to plan your function for you, but they can give you really good key elements to really focus on and make sure that you’re sticking with your plans, you planning properly, and you’re actually doing what you want to do for your party. So you use that to your advantage.

Marcus Prentice (12:34):

And every supplier is an expert in their field, so they will give you good tips.

Emma De Jong (12:39):

That’s why we do this as jobs. We have all that information in our brains.

Marcus Prentice (12:42):

Again, that comes down to trust. If you do end up hiring a party planner, if you’re one of these people that just, I want to do it and want to do it my way, you probably better off not hiring a party planner or a wedding planner, You’re going to be frustrated because they may not agree with everything you say. So the party planner is there to help, you know, create your vision or your wedding vision so have some trust in them. That’s easier said than done but something that’s super important.

Emma De Jong (13:14):

You need trust because they’re going to do things that you might go, I don’t know about that. On the day you’ll get there and go, I’m so happy we did that. And that’s where you need to have some trust because they are the experts. It’s important to listen and we can do some things that you didn’t even think were possible.

Marcus Prentice (13:29):

One of the other key things, and this is something that most people sort of forget about is on the night of your event now, whether it be a party or a wedding, having somebody there to help run the night, Especially for weddings but even so for parties. There’s lots of things that happen on a night of a function that if you’re the host and maybe having it at your house or, even at a function venue, having somebody there to keep the night flowing and ticking over is a big win. Someone to be the function manager for that particular type of event can help with a lot of stress. So there’ll be things like entertainment showing up through the night that needs to have direction. Another example is the bar, if you’re having it at a home and you’ve organized by staff and they need some extra ice. Where do the cater is go, or I’ve run out of food or all these things If you don’t have somebody to manage those sorts of things on the night, you could end up working at your function and not enjoying your function.

Emma De Jong (14:31):

Most of them end up doing that and I’ve seen it happen so many times. We’ve had lots of clients who have gone to their houses and they wanna throw these amazing parties. I’m like, so who’s doing all the organization on the day and on and on the night. You got to remember all your suppliers are coming to do the setup on that day as well. Are you going to be there? Because if you’re doing hair and makeup, you’re not there for half the day, who’s organizing to make sure that they do what you’ve actually wanted them to do. And on the night when everyone’s actually arrives, supply wise and that sort of thing who is going to manage this. You’re going to be there with all your guest. You’re not going to be wanting to be worrying about everything that is happening? It is a lot to take on and I think if you’re wanting to have a good night and just relax, please organize help.

Marcus Prentice (15:09):

It might even be that you’ve just hired a friend,

Emma De Jong (15:11):

Or someone you work with. It’s not really a friend coming to the party, but it’s happy to take on the job.

Marcus Prentice (15:16):

Yes and you pay them a couple of hundred dollars for the night and they’re the go-to person. It could be something as simple as the neighbors are complaining about noise and they’ve come and knocked on the door or the police have showed up because it’s too noisy. Who’s going to deal with that. And you need somebody to manage all these things. The amount of times at functions where people as we say, they’ve run out of ice at the bar or they’ve run out of clean glasses and they’re going to go looking for the person who’s having the function.

Emma De Jong (15:42):

Because that’s all they know. And that’s where they live they’re going to know more than anyone else. Even just food if you, haven’t got a caterer they’re looking after the food or you’ve got a grazing table, for example, it’s very popular at the moment. Who’s going to look after that because I can get real messy really quickly. And then something like that, something so simple that you should not be wearing. If you spend all this money to have a party and it’s your 40th and you’re having to do that all night, you’re not going to have a good time. And then most people are gonna be looking for you to want to talk to you and stuff like that as well. It’s just not a nice, environment, especially when your spending that much money.

Marcus Prentice (16:12):

That’s where we say, do you want to work at your function or do you want to enjoy it? And a lot of people end up working at them.

Emma De Jong (16:17):

And most of the time they want to enjoy it and that’s what they want. And then they have the night and they’re like, I should have just hired someone.

Marcus Prentice (16:21):

But it’s just an oversight. They just don’t realize that they’re all these things going to be done. Now, obviously, if you hire a function venue, then a lot of this stuff can be taken care of by the venue, which is great. But even then sometimes there’s still things that come up that aren’t fitting in with their, what they normally do. And it might be, you know, something to do with the entertainment or, you know, you’ve got Showgirls coming in and where do they go to get changed and stuff like that. So having somebody there to manage those sorts of things is really important on the day. Extremely important. So yeah, again, lots to think about there when it comes to planning, which can be quite stressful. There is good and bad things about hiring a party planner or event planner. We strongly suggest that these days for weddings, more and more people, are time poor and weddings being even more involved and a lot more cost involved, sometimes hiring a wedding planner or somebody to think of all these small things and help create your vision, is super important.

Marcus Prentice (17:20):

Hopefully we’ve touched on some good ideas today and giving you some good tips on what to think about when starting your planning. Thanks for listening and tune in again soon.

Speaker 4 (17:35):

Thanks for listening to the partyology experience with your host Marcus Prentice. Don’t forget to subscribe or check out our website for more party tips and expert advice at

7 Things To Think About Before You Start Planning Your Party

7 things to think about before you start planning your party

With so many things to think about when planning a party, wedding or event it can be quite overwhelming. In this episode we discuss 7 things to think about before you start booking a venue, inviting guests and what dress you will wear. These things will help you create a great party experience for both you and your guests.

7 Things To Think About Before You Start Planning Your Party Podcast Transcript.

Below are the 7 things to think about before you start planning your party. They will make planning your party a lot easier and give you more direction in creating a great party experience.

Marcus Prentice (00:06):

Welcome to the Partyology experience with your host Marcus Prentice

Marcus Prentice (00:16):

Hi guys. Welcome to the partyolgy experience. Yes, my name is Marcus and I’m here today with Emma DeJong, the general manager of feel good events. Hi Emma, how are you today?

Emma De Jong (00:25):

Im Good. How are you?

Marcus Prentice (00:27):

I’m good. Are you all pumped and ready?

Emma De Jong (00:30):

Totally Pumped Every time Im pumped .

Marcus Prentice (00:31):

You Got lots of good party tips. You can, you can give

Emma De Jong (00:34):

I’ve got many, many, many, many I’ve got heaps i can share.

Marcus Prentice (00:37):

Okay, excellent. So in today’s podcast, we’re going to talk about all the things that we think you should think about before you actually start planning your party. So obviously when you’re planning a party, the first thing is you start to think of is venue and what dress am I going to wear and what entertainment I’m going to have and what food are we going to have and what drinks should we have? All those fun and exciting things. Uh, but we’ve come up to today, put together today a list of seven things to think about before you start planning all those sorts of things. And these things may help you create a better party experience for yourself and for your guests. And that’s why we’ve sort of come up with these and we think these are sort of really important and they’re all sort of intertwined.

Marcus Prentice (01:18):

Um, but it will help you in your planning once you start getting into all those fun and exciting things. So the first thing, uh, number one on the list is what type of party are you planning for? So by this, we mean, do you want it to be party of the year, lots of energy people dancing crazy. Do you want it to be more low key? Or you know, just people coming in having a bit of food and drink, maybe you might have dancing depending on how the party goes. Maybe You’re not too fussed or is it more just a gathering simply just, you know, people in your back garden, having a few beers, or maybe it’s at night, you’ve got a fire, you know,

Emma De Jong (01:54):

Very casual.

Marcus Prentice (01:56):

So this is something that we think that if you think about this before you start doing any of the planning, it’s going to help you set the mood or the tone for when you do get into your planning. So, it’s no good saying you want party of the year and then organizing everyone to come and stand in your back garden.

Emma De Jong (02:13):

How exciting I can’t wait.

Marcus Prentice (02:16):

It’s not really, it’s not really going to create party of the year.

Emma De Jong (02:19):

No Its Not.

Marcus Prentice (02:19):

And look, we get lots of clients and we speak to lots of people about their parties and they do sort of say, Oh yeah, no, I want lots of dancing and all that sort of stuff, but then they don’t really have suitable entertainment or there’s no dance floor or it is outside and it’s cold. You know, they haven’t really thought of what’s going to happen

Emma De Jong (02:37):

really its poor planning.

Marcus Prentice (02:38):

So in part of this, we also sort of talk about party energy. Now I talk about party energy, a lot and party energy for those people who don’t really understand is if you think about if you’ve ever been to a concert or, a festival, any sort of really good party where there’s lots of dancing and energy from the, crowd that’s what party energy is. Good party energy is If you go to say a festival or I know I’ve been to some awesome concerts and stuff like that, where the crowd is pumped, they are going off, you know, there’s people waving their undies in the air, you know, all that sort of stuff there, you know, and it doesn’t even necessarily have to be, they’ve had lots to drink, although sometimes that does help.

Emma De Jong (03:21):

Of Course.

Marcus Prentice (03:21):

it’s the energy coming from the crowd is just awesome. And, and to me, I think you need to create a party that has good at party energy. Now, sometimes if you’re planning a low key dinner or get together, you know it doesn’t matter. You don’t necessarily need that sort of party energy, but if you’re aiming for party of the year where you want it to be exciting and fun, and you know that there is that, that great feeling coming from the crowd, you need to plan for that because it doesn’t always just happen. Sometimes it does.

Emma De Jong (03:52):

not very often,

Marcus Prentice (03:53):

not very often. So you need these key elements that you will need to do to make sure that that happens. So party energy is really important and you don’t need a lot of people.

Emma De Jong (04:04):

No, you don’t. People, I think always think you need to have hundreds and hundred people to make that energy. And you really don’t. You can have a party of 20, it could be the best party you’ve ever been to.

Marcus Prentice (04:13):

Thats Right and a lot of that comes down to the size of the venue. If you’ve got to a function space that suits 20 people and it’s, you know, people feel connected and together , it’s a comfortable size, then it can really work. If the music’s good, the lighting is good. All the different elements of the function, uh, are there, it can still be really good. So you don’t necessarily need 200 people to come to your event. It’s quality over quantity, isn’t it? Yep. So, uh, you know, that’s, that’s one thing that’s, that’s super important typically when it comes to party energy, and I’ve found this as a DJ, and I don’t know if you’ve seen this Emma at some functions, but younger people tend to create better party energy than older people. And I’m sorry to say that because I have done, you know, DJ’ed functions forties, fifties, sixties, um, that have been really good, but great party energy. But if you’ve ever been to a school, a primary school disco or, um, you know, a wiggles concert or something like that, the energy in those types of environments is on fire and they don’t need alcohol to, be going crazy. Even, you know, nightclubs and stuff like that, typically 18 to 21 year old age group, and add a bit, alcohol definitely does help, but the energy levels are a lot higher than say a 40th or 50th

Emma De Jong (05:31):

What are you gonna say here under 25 is the good sort of 25 is pretty good. So I’m over that now thats a bit sad

Marcus Prentice (05:37):

Yes and I’m way past it. So it can make a difference the age of your guests. And you can say, Oh, well, let’s not invite older guests, but I think you do need to be conscious when you’re inviting your guests. Are they going to create help, create the party energy that you want? And sometimes you don’t know.

Emma De Jong (05:58):

I Think sometimes you let the mums out and they haven’t been out for years. So you let them out having a couple of drinks. They’re like at the 25 again as well.

Marcus Prentice (06:06):

And that’s right. Yeah. I was going to say sometimes the forties and fifties can be better than the 21st’s

Emma De Jong (06:09):

Because they’ve not been out for you know, for a long time. So all their kids have been babysat. So they’re out on town, let’s go,

Marcus Prentice (06:16):


Marcus Prentice (06:16):

That’s all right. The first night out in two years or something like that. Whereas sometimes it can be the opposite. The 20, 21 year olds are so worried about what they look like and on their phones and on social media the whole night that the party disappears before anything’s actually happened. So you get a mix of them. That’s right. So yeah. So number two, I always say people should start at the end.

Emma De Jong (06:38):

It sounds weird. Doesn’t it? People must be like, what?

Marcus Prentice (06:40):

Yeah. So what I mean by this is what party story or what do you want your guests to say about your party after the event? So if you think about if you’re having a 21st or a wedding or a corporate event and you want it to be something memorable, what do you want your guests to say in 12 months, time or five years time. Is it just going to blur into their memory and just go, Oh, that was just another function I went to or is it going to be something that they go, Oh, geez, that was a great night. So that’s what you want. And if you’re going to go to all the effort and we were just talking about this today at lunchtime, we always talk about events with all the team at, at, um, feel-good events. Um, yeah, we were talking about if you’re going to go to the effort of having a party.

Emma De Jong (07:24):

Go all out. You might as well. If you’re spending half the money, spend the extra half on, you know, making sure it’s absolutely, you know, off its chain, make it, you know, so those people are going to talk about it for years to come, because what’s the point of doing it otherwise. That’s what we think anyway.

Marcus Prentice (07:38):

Yes. We’re a bit biased because we want people to throw some parties

Emma De Jong (07:42):

But No one wants to go to a partyy that is boring. Especially if people have spent lots of money and time and effort, you wanna make sure it’s good.

Marcus Prentice (07:47):

Exactly. Right. So yeah. What sort of party story do you want to be able to tell in five years time. Oh, I had the best 21st or the best 30th? Um, it was crazy, there was people doing silly things, everyone got naked and jumped into the pool or whatever it is

Emma De Jong (08:03):

The entertainment or whatever it is exactly ,You want them to remember.

Marcus Prentice (08:06):

Yeah. Grandma was drunk on the table. I always use that one. Because I’ve seen lots of grandmas dancing on the table. I do some wild parties. So yeah. What is it that you want people to talk about? So if you think about that, that will then help you create that or work towards creating that type of an event. So that sort of then leads into, number three, which is guest experience. And this is something that we talk about a lot at feel-good events and is super, super, super important. And the question is what’s your guest experience? What do you want the guests to experience when they come to your party? Now, lots of people say, I just want them to have fun and have a great time. What does that actually mean? So if we talk about weddings and I heard this and this gets thrown around a little bit in the events industry, um, for wedding say specifically in the old days, back in the old, old days, the wedding was more about the parents of the bride and groom and everything was based around them and they got all the attention then, you know, as time went on, it moved on the focus was on the bride and groom, which seemed pretty obvious.

Emma De Jong (09:10):

That’s what your there for.

Marcus Prentice (09:11):

That’s what you think you’re there for. You’re exactly right. And then in today’s modern era, it’s more about the guests experience and I’m a big believer in this. I really feel that the guest experience is the most important because I know if I’m having a party, if the guests are having a great time, I’m having a good time. And if I see everybody on the dance floor or everyone laughing, having fun, enjoying themselves, socializing, whatever it is, um, I feel happy because the guests having a good time. So if you focus on your guests experience, I guarantee you, you will have a great experience yourself.

Emma De Jong (09:46):

Yeah. We’ve known that from the past, from other clients, you know, just if it’s gone really well and they all had a great time that they’re always coming back saying how awesome it is and if it’s been the other way, then you know, they’ve not had good experiences as well. So it really does. It’s, it’s an atmosphere you create. So it just passes on to everyone that’s there.

Marcus Prentice (10:02):

I’m sorry to say that I believe the party, although it may be your birthday, it’s not really about you.

Emma De Jong (10:08):

It’s not really, it’s a sad thing to say, but it is true. .

Marcus Prentice (10:11):

If you really want to throw a great party and great party experience, you’ve got to make it more about your guests and , as we say, you will have the best time. Like you will remember it way more than, as we say, everyone’s sitting there bored out of their brain or on their phones or, or at worst, they go home.

Emma De Jong (10:26):

You don’t want that.

Marcus Prentice (10:26):

No, you don’t. So then, number four, we’ve got stimulate your guests five senses.

Emma De Jong (10:34):

This sounds kinky, doesn’t it.

Marcus Prentice (10:37):

Yes it does , and you can stimulate your guests five senses. However you may like, uh, but this is something, again, we talk about a lot here at feel-good events and it does sound a bit kinky depending on how you want to take it

Emma De Jong (10:49):

Its quite easy to, once you talk about all five of them, it is quite easy to think of the things you can do for them.

Marcus Prentice (10:53):

Yeah. So, I mean, you’ve had and we’ve talked about this a lot Emma and you’ve had a lot of experience with this. What are some of the five senses and some ideas around that ?

Emma De Jong (11:03):

So a really easy one is the sense of smell. For example, now that can come down to, you know, smell of food, it can be, you know, making sure you have candles. So if you’re going to have people walking through a space or into the room, having candles throughout the whole space to so it smells nice. It’s not just, you know, people walking through and that’s it and nothing exciting. Taste is, you know, of course food, making sure you can have things that are fun for food. Like, you know, these donut walls are a huge thing at the moment. Food displays, grazing tables are a huge one as well. Sound of course, pretty easy, making sure the sound is good. This is a good one because you have to get this right. If you don’t get this right. And I don’t know, you know, this from experience being a DJ, if you don’t have the music, right. And the sound right, then you might want to even have the party.

Marcus Prentice (11:45):

That’s right.

Emma De Jong (11:45):

If you want party of the year and you’ve got no good music and you’ve got your home stereo full volume and it’s about to blow up and it can’t go any higher. Whats the point of having it.

Marcus Prentice (11:52):

and even if you’re not going for party of the year, sound or music is still super important. Even if it’s just a dinner party, it’s still super important.

Emma De Jong (12:02):

Even the background music. It’s just, it’s so flat. It’s a bit awkward if you’re still sitting there and not everyone’s chatting, you want something in the background just makes it a bit more exciting

Marcus Prentice (12:11):

Thats right i went to a restaurant on the weekend. And they had no music and everybody at the table, we noticed it within about five minutes of sitting down, we went, something’s not right. And everybody picked up on it. There was no background music and it just changed the experience of it. And it’s the same for your party.

Emma De Jong (12:25):

Exactly the same. Yep. A hundred percent. And then the next one is saw and then touch. So the five of them, there are so many things you can cover for those touch could be a whole range of things like you can do green walls that have got, you know, you can touch them and sort of things like that. It can be a whole inner sensory thing. It sounds a bit weird touch , but it can be a whole range of things

Marcus Prentice (12:44):

Yeah wev’e done, snakes and live animals for some events and visually decor is something we specialize in and we do.

Emma De Jong (12:54):

Yeah you want it to look amazing. People walk through the door and go, wow, I’ve never seen this before ,that is a key point for us.

Marcus Prentice (13:00):

So, you know, the more you can stimulate, you guests five senses in as many ways as possible, the better. And if you think about that, when you’re doing your planning, no matter what it is and go have I covered at least something for each one of these it’s going to make a better experience for your guests. Number five, plan for fun from the beginning. Now this is always an interesting one and this is everyone’s interpretation of this. It’s like somebody coming up to me and saying, can you play something good when I’m deejaying? And you’re like, well, what’s good to you. And it’s the same with fun. What’s fun for you. And what’s fun for me. And what’s fun for Emma can be very different.

Marcus Prentice (13:43):

So you need to plan for a range of fun and work out what’s, what’s grandma gonna like, because she might not like dancing on the dance floor or she might not be able to dance on the dance floor, but what can she do? That’s gonna make it enjoyable for her. Or, you know, if, um, you want it to be crazy and wild what’s going to create that fun and crazy sort of atmosphere. So planning for fun from the beginning is really, really important. And everybody’s, as we say, everyone’s definition of fun is very different. To me, a definition of a great party is a group of people gathered together to have fun. And you’re the more you focus on a range of different things that are fun, the better. Number six, what’s your biggest stress. Now, a lot of people stress about parties and have major anxiety when it comes to having a party.

Emma De Jong (14:37):

And different things about them as well. Like not people not showing up. I think that’s a really big one. People, people like no one showing up is a huge thing, not enough food and drink , guests not having fun. Like all those things are high stress for most people. And I, a lot of people don’t have their own parties because of these three things

Marcus Prentice (14:54):

Or they dont like being the center of attention and that’s where we go back to, if you create a party, that’s all about your guests then you wont necessarily be exactly the centre of attention. If you’re really stressed about having a party, get some help, that’s probably the key thing there and something to think about from the very beginning before you do anything else. If you’re not too stressed about doing the planning and all that sort of stuff, then you can easily do it yourself if you cover all the main areas, but otherwise get some help. Number seven is what’s the most important thing to you. Most people usually when they’re having a party will have something that they really want at their party. So some things, it can be really simple. Like it might be, I just want a donut wall or, you know, I want lots of dancing so everybody has something different that they want. Some people will spend money on a, on a cake or a light up dance floor because that’s what they want. So work out what that is and what that item or thing is that is most important, To me it’s always lots of dancing. So I always make sure that I plan for dancing, good music, good lighting, a dance floor, obviously. So that there’s a designated place to dance. Dancing is super important to me for so many reasons because to me that’s a heart of a party, but, to you, it might be something different. So, but think about what that is and make sure you plan from that from the very beginning. So there are seven things that we think that we should think about before starting your general planning. These are the things we feel that the most important thing but the most important is to plan from the beginning.

Marcus Prentice (16:30):

So make sure you do lots of planning. And if you put in the effort, you’ll be rewarded for it. So those sort of, um, people that sort of just wing it and just go with the flow and don’t really think about their function or their party too much, typically it doesn’t tend to go as well as they may want it to. You then could spend money and waste it because you haven’t put in a few key elements. So planning is super, super, super, super important and will in most cases, uh, take away from some of the stress that you’ve got.The more you put in the more you’ll be rewarded .So that’s it for today’s podcast. Thanks for listening and you will to hear from us soon.

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partyology experience podcast image of disco ball

The Partyology Experience Ep 1

Meet the host
Find out what a Partyologist is and does.

In this episode you will get to meet Partyologist Marcus Prentice and special guest Emma De Jong. Learn what a partyologist is and listen to Marcus and Emma’s journey on why they are party experts.

Emma’s Wedding Journey Ep 11

Stationery, Gifts and Budget Review

In this episode we discuss wedding stationery such as invitations and anything throughout the reception venue. We also discuss gifts for the guests and bridal party. We also review Emma’s wedding budget to see if she is still on track and some of the issues that you can have with staying on track with your wedding budget.

Emma's Wedding Journey Episode 11 Transcript

Marcus Prentice (00:00):

Hi guys, and welcome to the Partyology Experience. You’re here with Marcus and Emma. We’re here today, talking all things to do with Emma’s wedding, which is coming around pretty quick with lots going on, lots of planning, and lots of things to think about. I’m sure is causing you great anxiety and stress along with everything else that’s going on in the world at the moment. But today we’re going to be talking about stationery, if you’re doing any kind of stationery, gifts for the guests, bonbonniere and budget. So whereabouts are you in regards to stationery? I guess you’re not having a sit-down dinner yours is a cocktail style, so you don’t need to do table names and all that sort of stuff. But is there anything that you’re doing along these, these lines.

Emma De Jong (00:42):

So we don’t really need any of those sort of things, but we do need a little bit. I want lots of signage ,so I need signage for the grazing table which I also want really cute little sayings on it and all that sort of things. I want bar menu and some really cute little sayings on the bar. So we will still have lots of stationery in regards to signage. but nothing really, like, I’m not going to have like table one and table two and people’s names and menus and stuff like that, but lots of signage and that sort of respect. I’ll definitely have a welcome sign and stuff like that as well. So still lots of signage just but not your average table numbers etc.

Marcus Prentice (01:19):

And so have you had to do much research for this or is it you knew somebody already.

Emma De Jong (01:23):

In regards to what I wanted, I found on Pinterest, like there’s lots of cute little sayings you can find on Pinterest. For example, like alcohol made me do it or things like that, like just funny little quirky things or no party started with the salad or something. There’s like cute little saying she can have like that. So I found out to those sort of things that I liked. I do have someone that going to be using to do all my invites and signage. So someone that I know personally, so that person will be doing invites and signage across the board, so everything will match. So the invites and everything like that.

Marcus Prentice (01:54):

And it is good to have that consistency with the coloring. It makes planning everything easier. If, you know, once you’ve picked your color scheme, if it’s in ties in with all your invitations and all that sort of stuff, it makes life heaps easy, doesn’t it? So obviously you don’t really need to do a lot, so it’s not causing you a lot of great stress or anything like that and you’ve already found somebody. Has the cost been more than you thought, or it’s, it’s not a great cost to you.

Emma De Jong (02:17):

It’s not a crazy cost in regards to this sort of thing. I didn’t think this was going to be a massive part of the budget. So it’s not something that I budgeted crazy amounts for. I think to save the cost would be like for example for the invite I’ve cut the save the dates and so everyone writes, if they’re coming on, not on our wedding website. Ive tried to cut down the process a bit than what your traditional wedding would do so that will save costs on postage which can sometimes end up being more expensive than most of the other things.

Marcus Prentice (02:49):

Yes we’ve talked about this in previous episodes about doing the wedding website and stuff like that and it’s going to save you a lot of money if you’re not doing a lot of stationery. If you’re doing lots of printed stuff, then obviously it really starts to add up. And just from a, you know, people are time poor these days. So if it’s convenient to go onto a website and send electronic, yes, I’m coming to your wedding rather than have to go get a stamp and posted it.

Emma De Jong (03:14):

People won’t do that. They’ll forget about it. And I will probably end up chasing everyone at the end.

Marcus Prentice (03:19):

Yes and so it ends up being a lot of work for you and it’s work for them. So electronically these days, it is a lot easier and it is nice to get a written invitation in the mail, but at what expense is it the best experience for everybody involved to have to do all that work to send a yes. I’m coming to your wedding sort of thing.

Emma De Jong (03:38):

Yeah. Yeah. So we’ll just send the invite and that’s it. And that will be the only main thing that we’ll be sent.

Marcus Prentice (03:42):

In your case, if we move on to the bonbonniere or guest gifts and gifts for your bridal party and other important people in your wedding. Have you thought much about that because that’s definitely going to cost a lot more than in stationery in your case, I guess.

Emma De Jong (03:59):

Yeah, I will. I’m not quite sure on what I’ll decide to do with this. I want to do something that’s like something that people can use. I don’t want to have something that people will just throw out. I want something that will be useful or they can eat.

Marcus Prentice (04:13):

Yep. Fair enough.

Emma De Jong (04:14):

Because people like to eat things. So I have seen little cute, like little water bottles that people have had with like little Panadol and Nurofen on the front saying take one home with you for tomorrow. Or just like funny little quick things like that. I like things like that. Or, you know, some people put succulents in pots and people take a pot home. I don’t know. I haven’t really thought too much into it yet. I want something not over the top, but just something that people can use. I just hate having to take something that you’re probably not gonna use.

Marcus Prentice (04:43):

So have you looked around much for this?

Emma De Jong (04:45):

I haven’t really done much research on how much it’s going to cost yet. I kind of need to sort of work out what I actually want to do and then work out how much it’s going to cost per person.

Marcus Prentice (04:52):

I guess it can add up pretty quickly if you’ve got a hundred plus guests, if you’re buying a gift for everyone, even if it’s a small gift, even if it’s $5, it still adds up pretty quickly. And I’m sure that most gifts are probably at least $10. I’m guessing fairly minimum. It can add up quickly and some people go all out and some people just give them per couple. So depending on your budget and if you’ve got lots of couples there and it’s something they can both use at the end of the day, it’s a token, isn’t it? Yeah. Like everyone understands that weddings are quite expensive. So yeah. It just depends on how much you want to spend. The next thing which then leads into is budget and we’ve talked about budget before. How are you going with budget? Is it becoming painful yet? Are you really starting to get down to the nitty gritties. So where are you at with your budget at the moment?

Emma De Jong (05:46):

Well, I’m the budget queen on the budget queen when it comes to anything. I do, we are a household budget. I do every budget of every single thing that I have in our lives. So I locked doing a budget. It’s just sometimes I don’t like what the end number is.

Marcus Prentice (05:59):

So obviously you’ve done more research in the past weeks and you’re starting to realize what the things are going to cost more than you thought.

Emma De Jong (06:06):

I think in my head, I already knew. And I think I already knew that it was going to be over what I thought originally we would spend. And it’s not until you put things down on a piece of paper or we’ve got an actually I’ve actually got now a full organized wedding budget so I can put in all the pricing and everything like that. So the lady who’s doing our stationery has actually put this together from her own wedding. So it’s a really good thing to use. It’s a great template. So I’m using that at the moment. So I have budgeted what I think most things will cost. I think are gone overboard on some things but I do know that some things may be more. Currently I’m spending about 5,000 over the budget, so that’s not too bad. I had already sort of gauged that was what was going to happen.

Marcus Prentice (06:49):

Have you factored in every cost at this point, or are there still more to go?

Emma De Jong (06:53):


Marcus Prentice (06:53):

So it could be potentially a lot more then.

Emma De Jong (06:55):

Its all the little things that I haven’t accounted for that I need to account for. Like, I haven’t done, you know, presents for the bridal party, like little things that I know that they’ll end up being thousands by the time I’ve added them all together. So I’m trying to cut back on a couple of things. Instead of spending 15 hundred dollars the duo, I spend a thousand, so that saves me 500, just little things like that. Just trying to cut costs on some of the other things. Still not skimming on those things though. I really want to make sure I get what I need for those particular points. Making sure that I don’t spend the top budget I put in there at the moment because I will be going way over.

Marcus Prentice (07:29):

I guess again comes down to what sort of wedding do you want what’s most important to you. Spending the money on the things that are going to make the difference on the day. So as we talked about before entertainment and dancing and all that sort of thing, if that’s super important to you, you got to make sure your budget goes in on that. If florals are your thing and you want it to look really nice in regards to flowers and smells and all that sorts of thing. Then you’ve got to spend the money on important things like that. I know a wedding I did, we did a few years ago for a couple, and they were big on the party side of things. They were having it in a big mansion down on the Mornington Perninsula, and they had hired a great space which had a tennis court, big pool, and the bride wanted to be super fun.

Marcus Prentice (08:13):

She came and saw us and at the time when she happened to come into the showroom, we had a light up dance floor set up and we were just playing around with it. She loved the look of it straightaway. She hadn’t thought of a lot of a light up dancefloor for her wedding and most people don’t. For whatever reason she, she saw it and she got it in her head that she wanted it, but it was whether she could fit it in with her budget. We then talked about different things to do with their wedding and she said at the venue that there was a pool there and she wanted to put flowers in the pool and she’d being quoted, I think couple of grand for flowers, just to float in the pool, which most people wouldn’t really see once it got dark anyway.

Marcus Prentice (08:47):

The bride ended up spending less on the flowers and more on the dance floor. And that’s where everyone was for most of the night and all the photos were people dancing and having fun. The flowers I’m sure would have looked nice, but was it the best spend for her budget, probably not. Speak to her after the wedding, she was so glad she had spent money on that because she wanted that party to be a bit of fun and different at the end of the night for the party side of things. Not taking away from flowers, I think flowers look great but if your budget doesn’t allow for that, then you need to spend the money on the things that are gonna make the difference. So is budget then causing you a lot of anxiety?

Emma De Jong (09:26):

It doesn’t cause me anxiety. I just think I’ll just re shuffle costs. Because I do all the budgets for everything else. I’ll just shuffle costs.

Marcus Prentice (09:34):

Hit your boss up for a raise or something like that or steal from mum and dad or something like that.

Emma De Jong (09:39):

So I think I am not one of those people where I’m not going to be like, this is my budget and I’m not going to go over it and I’m only going to stick to that. I think at the end of the day, if you’re going to spend a large portion of money like we are and I think most people do 5,000, 10,000 over isnt the end of the world. I know that sounds like a lot, but I don’t think in 10 years time, I’m not going to be looking back saying, Oh my God, I spent five or 10,000 over budget. I’ll be like, how awesome was our wedding? And I’m so happy I spent that extra money. So in my headspace its is like that but my partners its not . We’ve decided that we’ve made the decision that we don’t talk budget.

Marcus Prentice (10:16):

So is this how you make it to the wedding.

Emma De Jong (10:18):

Yes. That’s how, that’s how you stay married. I think more for the fact that, because I had more of a reallistic idea on how much things cost I understand. Where because he has no idea how much things cost he freaks out. I tell him how much things cost and he’s like, you’ve gotta be joking. It’s like, it’s one of those things. Like he loves cars and he tells me he’s buying a car part and I’m like, how much? Like, how are you spending that much money on a car part? And he’s like, well, you know how much it is. So, you know, unless you understand how much things cost you cant see the value . It’s not that the wedding’s not important to him, but those things are not important to him in the scheme of things at the moment. I think for our lives and making sure we going to get married, we just don’t talk about budget. I think a lot of people do this. I know girlfriends have done this in the past where they’ve told the partner it’s 15 thousand and it’s ended up being like 18 thousand and you know what? They didn’t know any different. They had a great time and it is what it is.

Marcus Prentice (11:08):

That’s right. If it adds to the overall experience, I’m all for spending extra money.

Emma De Jong (11:13):

On stupid things. I think if, if your wedding budget’s 50,000 and you end up spending 70,000, I think then you need to be really thinking about, are you spending the money on the things that you need. If you spend 50 and it’s getting closer to 57 and you really need to have that particular band or that particular thing, that’s really important to you, then spend the extra money.

Marcus Prentice (11:32):

I’ve done so many weddings, some of them 50 grand and some at 30 grand or whatever, and I can tell you just spending more money, doesn’t always mean it’s going to be a better party.

Emma De Jong (11:42):

Make sure you spend it on the right things and the things that mean the most for you because you, you are the one that’s paying for it. And you’re the ones going to enjoy it with all your family and friends. Be smart about too though as there is things that people I think spend money on, that at the end of the day matter.

Marcus Prentice (11:59):

I know people have borrowed money and gone into debt for their wedding and lots have been paying it off 10 years later. The sad thing is the the money that they borrowed to spend on the extra stuff didn’t even make a difference.

Emma De Jong (12:10):

So there’s a fine line and I think don’t get too over the top and stick to what you think you’re comfortable with spending. At the end of the day, it’s not it’s not a massive show. I understand there are lots of different type of brides. There’s brides that want to just do really casual. Some that it’s just a show for them and they have hundreds of hundred family members that they’re going to invite, and this is what they do. So this is the biggest thing they do in their whole lives. It really depends on where you’re in the scale, but you need to be calm and not turn into a bridezilla and this is meant to be happy, not aggressive or nasty.

Marcus Prentice (12:44):

The budget’s usually the thing that causes the most stress. I guess if you can take anything out of all this, it’s doing your research, isn’t it? Because this is where you’re getting the shocks where you’re going, Oh, I didn’t realize that photographer was 10 grand or I didn’t realize that the venue is going to cost me 20. And I thought it was only gonna be 10.

Emma De Jong (13:02):

Dont do your budget unless you have worked out how much, these things cost

Marcus Prentice (13:04):

Do a lot of research first. Work out what’s most important to you be it flowers or photographers or bands or whatever it is. Pick those things first, make sure then you can afford those things and then work out everything else from there. If you don’t do your research, how do you know? We get it from our business at feel good events. We quite often give quotes to people for decor and styling and they just don’t realize the amount of labor and time and equipment. And so they do get a bit of a shock sometimes, and then they cut it back or, or whatever. But yeah, again, it’s, what’s important to them.

Emma De Jong (13:37):

Pinterest kills it. Pinterest and Instagram and stuff like that. It’s, it’s a great resource to find inspiration, but you also need to understand that a lot of those things that they post on there like those grand, set ups, they cost a lot of money and time to install. Don’t get for example I want that particular fairy light installation unti you get quotes. The amount of times we’ve had people send frozen at one particular fairy, lot installation that I want this. And I’m like, that’s probably a $40,000 custom installation. You know, you can do things but scale them back and do something that would be within your budget. You’ve got to be realistic about some of these things as well.

Marcus Prentice (14:12):

So have you worked out then, I mean, you talked about a little bit there about cost cutting. Is there certain things that you would cut out altogether or you’re just not sure at this stage because you’re still doing research.

Emma De Jong (14:21):

There’s nothing I’d cut out at this stage. I think that the thing is, that I’m not going overboard. We’re not spending, hundreds of thousand dollars on our wedding. So I think we’re already doing it on a, quite a decent budget already. I think if I was to start cutting things out, I’d be leaving big chunks out. I’d be taking away things that I really want to spend money on. I don’t want to cut back on florists because I think that the budget I’ve given her is going to get what I need and what I want to achieve for me personally. I would be upset taking budget away from that.

Marcus Prentice (15:02):

And from what you’ve said, to be honest, most of the things you’ve said are at the lower end of the budget.You’re not being excessive or anything, $3,000 say on flowers or something like that is very low. I’m sure that Natalie will tell you from Foxy Evergreen that she would get say six, seven, eight, 10, 20, 30,000 dollars or way more than that. So a few thousand dollars is really quite minimum. Entertainment your not spending crazy amounts. Some people will spend 10 grand on a band depending on what they want.

Emma De Jong (15:31):

Im very low scale compared to what some people are spending. So it’s just moving pricing around. But I think the budget will definitely go over and I’ve accepted the fact. It was more the fact that the other day I was like, I’m already sitting at the budget. I thought it would be over. And I haven’t even done every little thing in there. So I’m like, okay, what am I going to start with?

Marcus Prentice (15:46):

You might have to start selling things from your house or spend less than your renovation. Silly girl trying to do renovations and plan a wedding at the same time. So obviously we’ll be talking a lot more about budget beause I think this is a big thing and as we say can cause a lot of stress for brides and grooms. So we’ll be talking about that in future podcasts, but thanks Emma for sharing all that insight today and thanks everyone for listening and we hope you tune in again soon.

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Emma’s Wedding Journey Ep 10

Choose a wedding cake, lighting and table décor

In this episode we chat with Emma about her choices to do with lighting, table décor and what type of cake she is wanting. We discuss how important lighting is the impact it can make on the wedding atmosphere.

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Entertainment - Band or DJ

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Emma’s Wedding Journey Ep 8

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Emma’s Wedding Journey Ep 7

Choosing a photographer and videographer

In this episode we chat to Emma about her thoughts on photography and video and how important this is to her for her wedding. We discuss costs and her research and what options are available.

Emma’s Wedding Journey Ep 6

Choosing a wedding dress and suits

Probably the most important decision for any bride is choosing the wedding dress. In this episode we chat with Emma about choosing a wedding dress and suits for the men. We also discuss wedding rings and other jewellery that will help compliment her chosen dress.

Emma’s Wedding Journey Ep 5

Décor and styling

In this episode we start to discuss some of the more important things for a wedding especially for most brides and that is décor and styling. We discuss ideas decorating ideas for both reception and ceremony areas. Listen to what Emma has planned for her wedding styling and décor and what direction she is heading in with this.

Emma’s Wedding Journey Ep 4

Invitations, Celebrant and Ceremony

In this episode we discuss with Emma how she is planning to invite her guests. Is she creating traditional invites or using electronic invitations. We discuss choosing a celebrant and how she found the right one. We also talk about what she has planned for her ceremony and where the location will be.

Emma’s Wedding Journey Ep 3

Picking a wedding date and venue

In this episode we discuss picking a date and why Emma has chosen that particular date. We also discuss venue choice and the research that went into that and why choosing a venue is so important.

Emma’s Wedding Journey Ep 2

Budget, Research and Guest List

In this episode we start to discuss Emma’s wedding research and suppliers she is looking for. We also discuss budgets and how she is deciding how much to allocate for each service. We also cover guest lists and how many people she will be having at her wedding.

Wedding Podcast Episode 2 Transcript

Marcus (00:00):

Hi and welcome to the Partyology experience. I’m here today with Emma DeJong and we are talking about her wedding and the planning of her wedding over the next few months. In today’s podcast we’re going to talk about budget ,research and guest lists. Now these topics we get asked about all the time ,what should you do, and what order should you do them in? I think for these three things, I’ve put them all together because you sort of need to do them all at the same time. So the first thing you need to work out really is a guest list because once you’ve got your guest list, you’ll know what size venue to look for and you know how many people you’re catering for. So once you’ve done your guest list then it’ll give you a good idea what sort of budget you’re going to need for your reception and for all the other things. So Emma in your research so far or doing your guest list how many have you got coming to your wedding

Emma (00:58):

So around one hundred. It’s sitting at around 112 at the moment, which I think it probably will stay closer to that amount rather than a hundred, but we’ve just told the venue a hundred for now until we work out who’s coming and who’s not coming. The best way that we kind of work this out is we actually did have an engagement party, so we would just use the same list as a guide and took some people off that we thought weren’t going to be invited to the wedding . But that’s probably the best way we did it. So have you struggled then, I guess to hone it back in, because how many did you have in your engagement party? 135. You’ve basically lost say 20 people. Have you found it hard to sort of kull it down a bit?

Emma (01:38):

Not too bad to be honest. Some people I think knew they’ll just come to the engagement party and we’rent going to be invited to the wedding. They were people that were like friends of friends that we knew, but we invited them to the engagement that are not coming to the wedding. So it wasn’t too bad to be honest. I think if I had to kull it down to a hundred it would be more of an issue because I know it’s 12 people that would be very upset. But at the moment, yeah, its around 112 which is not too bad.

Marcus (02:01):

One thing people say they struggle a lot with when it comes to guest lists is how many to invite and how to fit everybody into some sort of budget. I personally have been preaching for years as an unwritten rule and this sort of works but might not work for everyone, but to me I think you should only really invite people to your wedding that you think you’re going to be friends with in five years. Now that sort of makes it hard If you’re working with people and you may have worked with them for a couple of years and you’ve created a great relationship and for whatever reason you left that job you could then ask yourself the question, would I still be friends with this person after I leave this job? Or if they left would I continue being friends with them? So if you don’t think you’re going to be friends with that person in five years time and you follow that rule then you probably will find it easier to cut back on your guest list.

Emma (02:52):

Yes it’s a really good tool to use I think because work is a hard one.I think you work with these people all the time, so you have to face the music do you or don’t you invite them if you are going keep working there. But if you don’t see yourself being friends with them outside of work really like long term, then I don’t think that it’s something you should be looking into. I think you should just not invite them and it is hard, but it is what it is. I find sometimes with guest lists, it’s hard when you’ve got parents that say but I want to have my friends there as well and well we’ll pay for our friends. So it can get into of those sorts of things as well, especially if your parents are sort of paying for some of the wedding as well.

Emma (03:26):

You do get in that sort of sticky situation but I think if you and your partner really talk about it and what you want you kind of work it out. Even speaking to my parents a couple of days ago they said they could of kulled like 40% off their guest list for their wedding they said it was ridiculous. I don’t want to look back and go, I could have invited say 60 people instead.We literally have a hundred people or 112 that are like our closest dearest family and friends. So its really quality over quantity then. A hundred percent, I don’t want to have 200 people to get married in front of 100 is daunting enough.

Marcus (03:56):

Yes I agree .We had 140 at our wedding and a lot of those we don’t see anymore so yes I totally get that. Yeah. So let’s talk the most important thing, budget. Budget’s a big thing for everybody. Obviously budget determines what you’re going to do ,How are you going to do it and all those sorts of things. So have you set a budget and have you worked out how much money to spend on each component of your wedding?

Emma (04:19):

This was a hard one for us I think because we’re both on sort of different terms. I think I have more realistic ideas of how much things cost and BJ has no idea. I think when I told him some of the costs of what it was going to be on the day, I think he nearly had a heart attack and fell on the floor. So I’ve actually decided not to talk to him too much about budgeting. I’ll just go along with the planning and let him know at the end.We,didn’t want to spend crazy amounts of money. We do want to spend more money on renovating our house as we spoke about last time. We have sort of a rough idea of where we’re both sort of happy with budget. I think I’ll be happy to go over it by about 5,000, but that will probably be pushing it with him.

Marcus (04:55):

So yes, as we say, budget is super hard and I guess it really is hard to set a budget when you don’t know costs of anything if you are not in the industry.You have no idea how much it’s going to cost you per head at a function center or how much the photographer costs or the celebrant. So really you can’t set a proper budget until you, research.

Emma (05:15):

I think a little bit for me, because I kind of understood how much things cost it wasn’t like Oh wow, this is going to cost me a fortune. I think some brides go into this saying I want this and that then they realize that’s its going to cost them $10,000 to have that one particular thing. I think that’s when they start to get a bit upset or they turn into a bridezilla because they want what they want but they don’t have the money to afford it, I think what people need to do more is research before they go into these huge grand plans and then let themselves down. I think that’s sort of the one thing I find people really do and it’s, it’s, it’s hard to come back from that when you are that high.

Marcus (05:55):

You know, Instagram and Pinterest make it super hard because you see all these glamorous weddings and you don’t realize that particular setup was a hundred thousand dollars just in the decor alone. Let alone food drinks. and everything else so that’s where it does make it hard. So I would say research, research, research will then give you a better idea for your budget. One resource we have if you are struggling with what you should spend your money on for your wedding is we have on the feel good events website , we’ve got a blog post on, you rough percentages on what you should spend, spend your budget on. That may give you some idea of where you should allocate your money. Now obviously your wedding reception the venue is going to probably take the most of your budget, but you know, at the end of the day it will give you an idea on what you should spend your money on.

Marcus (06:42):

I mean we’ve got a guide on roughly on what you should spend your money on, but you’ve got to think is the money you’re spending on your wedding going to give you the result that you want. I think a lot of the time when people are planning, they’re not necessarily doing that. So they want party of the year, but they’re spending their money on really fancy cars that are costing them $10,000 to hire these fancy cars and you are only in them for five minutes and then you’re in the reception anyway. Even flowers, and I mean obviously everybody has flowers in some degree for their wedding butt some people go over the top but then they say they want their wedding to be really fun and more of a party. In that case are those flowers really adding to that fun party or should they have spent that budget maybe on more entertainment. They then scrimp on the entertainment because they they’ve spent all their money on everything else. The entertainment is what makes it maybe more fun. So really what i am saying is what is going to be most important to you , and what are you going to get best value for money?

Emma (07:39):

Yeah, I’m working a budget around that too. I think a lot of couples should sit down and go, okay, these are the most important points for us. We’re going to spend more money on those things because they’re important to us. And then the things underneath it not so important. Like they might find flowers, not so important for them, but yeah, the duo and the DJ or the band is really important. They spend more on them and I think that’s the best way to do it, to be honest, within reason of course.

Marcus (08:01):

So in doing your research, what have you found to be good and bad? What’s been your experience from your personal point of view? Obviously you deal with venues and all sorts of stuff all the time, so you’re dealing with them on a different level, but when it comes to your own wedding and looking at say venues and that sort of thing and just other suppliers, what, what’s been the good and bad parts of that?

Emma (08:22):

It’s been quite eye opening for me, to be honest. I think because now I have to organize it for myself and I’m very particular and I think because I know so much about the industry and the venues and sort of what I wanted, I had a very sort of tight idea on how I wanted it to go. So for example, an issue that I find a lot is that the actual access times to get into a venue on the day to do your installation of your room is only like two hours. Now for me doing this as a job, I know things take a lot longer than two hours. So I wanted somewhere that would be flexible with me and let me have all day because I knew that was gonna be able to do as much as I possibly could in that day and make it look as how I wanted it to.

Emma (08:58):

I feel people also have these grand plans. Yes, they cost a lot, but they also take a lot of time to install as well. So you might see that floral installation, it’s $10,000, but it takes six hours to install. You don’t have that time, so then you have to pay more on top of your venue costs just to get the extra time, which I think was getting lots of people. And I have lots of brides complain about this all the time. I’m just saying that it’s sort of misleading in the fact that they pay , $20,000 for a venue, but then it’s an extra $5,000 for the extra time. So for me, I was watching out on that pretty quickly going, I want a venue, thats going to give me access times. And also of course the collection as well. Making sure that was a reasonable amount of time, not midnight that night and it had to be out in a half an hour ,that’s not really, realistic for people.

Marcus (09:36):

So have you found suppliers are they getting back to you on time? Is there long wait times for quotes, all those sorts of things?

Emma (09:48):

I think it’s hard the moment we’re actually halfway through a pandemic, so it is a hard one to answer at the moment. I think it’s slightly different. I’m finding it quite frustrating in the fact that a lot of people are taking a lot of time to get back to you and being in this industry, I understand that people are busy and for us at feel good events it sometimes it can take us two days to get back to people and we of course try not to do that. I’m waiting two, three, four, five weeks for quotes and I understand there is a pandemic, but you also feel like you want to be wanted as a bride and that makes me not want to hire from them. I’m like, if this is the hardest process what’s it going to be like on the day for me, I don’t want that extra stress of having to wait five weeks for you to reply. So for me, I sort of just think I’m being lenient. I’m giving them two or three weeks and I think that’s perfectly fine but you know, four or five weeks it’s starting to get like Im really not important to you at all.

Marcus (10:38):

I think there’s something in that that’s a good test if you’re finding you’re dealing with suppliers, whether it be photographer, venue or whatever it might be, and they’re taking weeks to get back to you from the beginning. You’re thinking what’s it going to be like when we do sign up or hand over some money? You are asking yourself are they going to be painful to deal with every time I have a quick question or something like that. Organizing a wedding can be stressfull there’s lots involved in it. So I think that’s a sign that if you’re finding that, a particular supplier is taking a while to get back to you, then maybe they’re not the right choice.

Emma (11:09):

I found a lot in the world of Instagram, especially my age, everyone’s looking for wedding suppliers on Instagram and all the photos look amazing. But I found a lot of these Instagram accounts, they don’t even have websites. And for me it’s sort of a bit of an alarm bell and they’re not that far advanced in the industry to have a website ,do I trust them or not? and that sounds really horrible but for me in the industry, I think a website is something you just have across the board if you’re in business. So I did find it a bit difficult. It was really hard to get in contact with those people because if they’re not checking their Instagram all the time, okay. It was difficult and if they didn’t get their email and I’m trying to chase them all the time. So it was a bit hard.

Marcus (11:51):

So doing research that you have done are you now finding it easier to set the budget.

Emma (11:58):

It is, I think I, I’m a Pinterest lover. I love Pinterest. I have about 400 million boards and everything, like, as Marcus would know at Pinterest, every theme, every single thing and I think I really sickly know where some of these photos that I see that I understand how much it’s going to cost. The budget I think will be workable.

Marcus (12:15):

How much has it blown out so far since you started doing proper planning to where you are now.

Emma (12:20):

I don’t know if it has blown out because I havent worked it out. The hard part is, I kinda, I’m doing any in my head because I kind of know sort of where things are sitting at the moment. I really do need to sit down and actually do the full budget but I know sort of where I’m sitting. I think I was thinking about 20,000 at the moment. I haven’t really done a little nitty gritty things which I know costs the most . So that would be for the venue , and venue takes up a lot of that and I know that of course I’m not doing a big flash bang wedding. So some weddings start off at 20, 30,000 just for the venue ,but I’ve also got, you know, photography and stuff like that in there as well.

Emma (12:52):

So, yeah, I found that the most expensive part at this stage is venue, which I knew. But photography and videography has really thrown me a little bit. I know marcus already knows this because I’ve discussed it with him, but I just really didn’t understand how much this costs. We do it for work, but to do it for yourself as well and work out how much this costs. It was sort of a bit daunting for me because I was like, wow, I just realized that I thought I’d have, you know, four or 5,000 would be maximum me, but I’m looking from seven to eight to nine and that’s just a normal amount. So that’s where I think I’ve gotten stuck as a bride going, okay, what do I value? Do I value my photos or do I value the video more? So that’s sort of something I’m weighing up at the moment cost wise.

Marcus (13:30):

And that’s another key thing there too. I know with our wedding you want nice photos and they are really important because that’s going to help you remember. You just can’t remember the day unless you have these triggers and you want someone good too. So it’s like how much money do I want to spend? Do I want to spend $10,000 on a photographer? And I know from personal experience and from speaking to lots of other people that those photos tend to go in the album because I’m old school, I’ve got a photos in an album. Now its all digital. maybe you might look at it more often. Otherwise they go in the photo album in the cupboard and you pull it out. maybe any anniversary, or maybe every 10 years. Or when the kids want to have a laugh at what you used to look like and what you wore to your wedding when you were skinnier and had hair. So that’s what you’ve got to sort of think of.

Emma (14:16):

Yeah, it’s a fine line I think and I want to spend more money on the entertainment and the fun part, as I said, I want it to be fun, but I also want to capture it as well. I want to spend more money on this component than I do that, but I don’t want to skimp on it either. So it’s a very fine line.

Marcus (14:31):

I think if I was to do it again, I would potentially spend it on video, which we didnt get but I would definitely get a video now. Because you can see people’s reactions and what people’s emotions are. I know a photo capture that, but video is just so much more.

Emma (14:48):

One of my girlfriends got married. I watched her video and I cried the whole time and we watched it two or three times and I cry every time. I’m like, I’m not a cryer. Why am I crying? They’re good at their jobs.

Marcus (14:59):

So again, it’s what’s important to you and this helps you decide as we said before, if you’re big into florals and you want it to look like a flower shop, then you spend heaps on flowers and that will make you feel good. Yeah. But you know, at the end of the day as we sort of talk about a lot of feel good events is is that going to create the best experience or is that going to give you the end results you want ? So the research then at this stage is, you were saying your, your only sort of part of the way through it. It’s not too traumatic for you at this stage.

Emma (15:28):

No, not at this stage. I think it’s just more waiting for people to get back to me. But research wise, most of the content, like it’s so easy the digital age these days with Instagram and Pinterest youve got everything at your fingertips. With the pandemic I can, you know zoom suppliers or FaceTime them or any of those sort of things. So it’s definitely been a lot easier. I’m sure it’s a lot easier than when you plan your wedding Having to, you don’t feel so stressed because you can see physically what their work is.

Marcus (15:55):

I mean, when did research we used to have to ring up venues and then they’d send us something in the mail, there was no internet and they’d send you an album of photos that they’ve done at this venue and the price list. With the research and, and finding supplies and all that, it can be very stressful. And you know, one of the key things we find from weddings and any events and clients that we deal with is that you’ve got to have trust in those suppliers,.

Emma (16:29):

100% if you dont trust them then on the day your worrying that if they’re going to show up or not, are they going to do what they said they’re going to do? So finding suppliers, no matter whether it’s photographer or cake people or florist or whatever, you want to feel comfortable. You want to have a connection with those people so you can feel like they’re not gonna let you down more if you, if you don’t connect with them and it’s all about price, then you potentially can run into issues.

Emma (16:55):

It’s not all about price. It’s price comes down to it and in a degree, but it’s not my top one priority. Like it’s always in the back of your mind, but it’s like if I love someone and I click through them so well, I’d probably pay the extra $2,000 and just, you know, call it a day.

Emma (17:08):

That’s right. If you’ve seen, say it’s a photographer, and they’ve been really awesome to deal with and I just thought they’re just so easy. It made it seem so stress-free for me , you will pay extra for that course.

Marcus (17:20):

So we’ve covered the guest lists. You’re all sorted in that. You’ve worked out roughly how many you want to come , you’re in the research path ,so you’re heading down that way and you’ve sort of got a budget at this point, so you’re on the way there. Hopefully you’ll be able to nut out the budget, I guess when you’ve sort of finalized some of the suppliers and stuff, waiting for the quotes to come back.

Emma (17:43):

I think that’s when I will do up my firm budget. But I’m doing the thing that I tell everyone not to do and thats do a firm budget and I haven’t done a firm budget .

Marcus (17:49):

If you’re paying for the wedding yourself, which a lot of couples do these days obviously makes a difference on how much you spend. We know the average spend for a wedding is around the $50,000. It’s getting high now, so that’s a lot of money. So you really want it to be a good fun time.

Emma (18:04):

Well thats a house deposit , you want to make sure you have a good night.

Marcus (18:07):

So you really want it to be good for all the right reasons so it’s a, it is a big decision. If you’re lucky enough to have parents or other family put in money, then that’s great. But it’s tough to work out their budget. But I guess from what you’re saying, research, research, research to find out what supplies you want.

Emma (18:26):

I think do that first before you really work out your budget. Because I think some people they do, they just have unrealistic ideas on how much things cost. And then I think they fall in love with a look and then they can’t go backwards and then they’re, then they’re becoming stressed because they can’t afford what they want. And I think that, you know, I will go over my budget a little bit and I’d be happy to spend a couple extra thousand dollars because if it’s going to be worth it, it’ll be worth it. But not tens of thousands I think, you know, don’t stretch yourself to the point where you can’t leave. You’re going to be eating rations for the next eight years.

Marcus (18:56):

It’s not worth it eating wedding cake for three months afterwards because you can’t afford the wedding. Well thanks Emma it’s been great talking about budget and research and stay tuned and we’ll be discussing more suppliers and everything tog to do with wedding planning in our next podcast. Thanks for listening. Thanks.

Emma’s Wedding Journey Ep 1

Meet Emma

Come on a journey with Partyologist and event planner Emma De Jong as she starts to plan her own wedding. In this episode you will meet Emma and how she is going with her wedding planning. We start to discuss her wedding journey and everything that is involved.Listen to how someone who helps plan weddings and events for a living decides on her own wedding suppliers and her mindset around her wedding.

Wedding Podcast Episode 1 Transcript

Marcus (00:00):

Hi guys, welcome to the Partyology Experience podcast. My name’s Marcus. I’m the owner of feel-good events and I’m here today with Emma the general manager of feel good events. Emma’s silly enough to be getting married in about eight, nine months time, I think 10 months time. Not that she’s counting and we thought it would be a great idea to talk about Emmas planning process and everything that she’s going to go through in planning for her wedding and the good and bad points. We will look at the highs and the lows of all her planning and everything, that anxiety that comes around and planning a wedding. Emma does planning weddings and events for our living, but it’s different when you’re doing it from start to finish for yourself. So we thought it’d be a great experience for her to talk about what she’s learned, what she knows based on her own experience. And hopefully you get some tips and ideas on what to do and what not to do. So, welcome Emma. Thank you for joining me on the podcast today. So first of all, we have to ask you why you’re getting married. I mean, why would you want to do that? All the experience, the pain, the anxiety. Why would you want to do that.

Emma (01:02):

Oh, no, no. I’ve been with my partner for a long time and I think, you know, it’s something we’ve always wanted to do. We’ve always wanted to sort of follow the path of, you know, buying our first home, then getting married and having children. So it’s just the way that we decided we wanted to do things. So my partner is Ben, I call him BJ. most people will know him as BJ. He has just finished six years in the Australian army and now is currently working full time renovating our home , we’re very crazy in the fact that we are planning a wedding as well as renovating our home and working. So it’s pretty busy for us at the moment.

Marcus (01:38):

So you must be absolutely crazy to, you know, to do a renovation together and then, spend all this money on a wedding and a renovation all at the same time. You must be one, you must be cashed up and two you must really love each other to put yourselves through this torture. It’ll be a good test to see if you’re going to make it to the wedding.

Emma (01:56):

It’s been a definitely a test for our relationship. We’ve been through a lot of things now, in our long relationship, but this is a whole another ball game. It’s, you know, making decisions on tiles and where rooms are gonna be and we have different sort of thoughts on what we want to do. So yeah, it’s definitely hard. We’re definitely not loaded, I can tell you that, but we’ve worked it out so that we could get married and renovate the same sort of time. So renovations clearly happened by the end of this year and then we’ll get married next year. So it’s all happening. How long have you been engaged for? So we’ve been engaged for a year and a half. I had to think about it cause I actually had forgotten how long it had been. It’s gone so quickly. So you’re a year and a half.

Marcus (02:30):

And how much planning have you done in that time?

Emma (02:32):

Not a huge amount to be honest. Actually, I’ve only sort of just started in the last couple of months. I sort of thought I’ll leave it up until about a year before and then I’ll start getting a bit more serious. Probably in the last two, three weeks I’ve started really getting my head around it. Yeah, it’s, it’s just trying to get what I wanted to do and work out and I sorta saw it probably should get my head into gear and start organizing it.

Marcus (02:55):

So do you think because you work in events and you do this all the time, you’re a bit more relaxed about it and you know that timeframe’s a lot better and, you know potentially who you could use for supplies. Do you think you’ve sort of given it a bit more time because of that reason or you’ve just been busy and haven’t been able to fit it in?

Emma (03:12):

No, it’s not that. I think because I feel a bit more confident in the choices I make because I already know the suppliers. I know what their work is like. I trust them a hundred percent, and I feel like I don’t need to do too much more research. I think being in the field already, you kind of understand how long the lead times are. I think some people think they’re a lot longer than they need to be ,there is lots of suppliers out there. But yeah, it’s, it’s of course we weddings it’s if you want a particular date you really do need to lock the people you want it on for that date , that’s probably the hardest thing. It’s definitely hasnt been stressful for me at this stage ,so yeah, it’s not been too bad.

Marcus (03:49):

And so have you been looking forward to the planning of doing your own wedding or like is this something you’ve been, you know, for years, I can’t wait to plan my wedding because you do it for so many other people or are you sort of just another wedding?

Emma (04:00):

I haven’t, I’m not one of those girls that was like growing up at 10 or 12 and going, Oh, I just want to get married. This is what I’m going to do for my wedding. I’ve never been sort of like that. I guess I was sort of more sort of focusing on trying to find someone to marry first that actually planned the wedding. It’s probably been the last sort of couple of years. I think I sort of waited because we’ve actually been together for 13 years this year, so it’s been a long time in the waiting to get married. So I didn’t want to get too excited and plan it before we even got engaged. So I think, you know, one step at a time. Yeah. So do you know what sort of wedding you want? We’re both pretty relaxed , individuals , we’re pretty low key.

Emma (04:36):

We just loved to spend time with their family and friends. We don’t like to be like overly formal. So it was never going to be a formal affair for us at all. It was always going to be really chilled. And it’s funny because some people I think thought we were going to do this huge, massive wedding and I was going to be out of control. It’s just not us. Like I don’t like being center of attention. That is the worst thing for me. Like even walking down the all gives me anxiety. Like I just, I even think about it. I don’t do this as a job, but I’m always behind the closed doors. I’m never in front of it. So it gives me, that’s my only stress for this is to do with walking down the aisle. Well, depending on how the renovations go, you could be go down the aisle in a coffin because your partner may of killed you by then ,Who knows? So you won’t have to worry. No, I don’t have to worry at all. But yes it is. That’s the only thing that I find, yeah, a bit stressful about, but we’re going to be pretty lucky with this.

Marcus (05:20):

I think that’s pretty common, isn’t it? Like so many. I mean, you know, doing events and parties for so many years, I’ve spoken to so many brides and their stress about being the center of attention and there’s lots of people like that and you know, just because of getting married, there’s going to be that element of being center of attention. But you can, there’s ways around that so you don’t have to be in front of everyone all the time.

Emma (05:41):

We’ve done that. Yeah. And I think most of the day we probably won’t be the center of attention. It will just be for that split second of getting married and that half an hour of the ceremony. And then after that it will just be about spending time with our family and friends and having a good time. That’s really the main goal. Yeah, for sure.

Marcus (05:55):

Okay. So, and how many people have you got in your bridal party?

Emma (05:58):

so we’ve got three, actually, we’ve got three each. So I’ve actually got two little cousins, a different Sydney and they’re too old to be flower girls and they’re too old, sorry too young to be bridesmaids. So we’ve decided to call the mini bridesmaids, which they’ll absolutely love, actually haven’t asked them yet. So I need to do that soon. so there’ll be my three main bridesmaids and then the two mini bridesmaids and then the three groomsmen. So was that, was that a hard decision to choose those people or easy choice? It was hard for me. I’m actually have a very big group of girlfriends from high school. There’s 10 of us in the group and I’ve also got other friends like friendship groups as well , So it was a bit hard. Like I have three girlfriends that I’ve been best friends forever and they’re the ones that I’ve loved forever and , you know, I get along with them the most and that sort of thing.

Emma (06:49):

And it was quite easy to pick those three ,but you do feel bad not picking everyone. Because of course you always do have more that you like while you could have four or five and you’re like, once you get to four or five its like , then we could have 10 and then it is expensive to, you know, have to pay for all those things as well. I don’t want to have a huge crazy bridal party either. It was just sort of our three favorites and lets sort of called a day. It’s true though, like you always do. It is what it is and it is a hard situation. But I think the people that haven’t been chosen understand, and it is what it is. Another way around that is you can some of those other people that you maybe were on the cusp of should or shouldnt I maybe you can get them involved in something else at your wedding you’re wanting to makes them feel special.

Emma (07:33):

Some people, you know, they’re not first, they’re just happy to be there, but of course, you know, they might be happy to do it or do something else that’s important and makes a contribution. And we probably will do that with some of my other family and that sort of thing and getting people involved that we love. Both of us have really good friendships and family members. So yeah, we’ll, we’ll find spots where we can definitely have people involved as well, but just not sure on what they are at the moment. We haven’t really worked that out. So I guess thinking about your overall wedding, you know, you’re in the early stages now. You’ve obviously, you’ve been thinking about it, I’m sure for a little bit of time. What would you say are the three most or couple of the most important things that you really want to happen at your wedding?

Emma (08:15):

Well, three things that stand out to you that you go I definitely got to have that or I definitely want to do that. I want fun to be a really big one. I find that there’s nothing worse than going to a wedding and you do get a bit bored. I want fun in the fact that I want people dancing and I want to have some sort of entertainment. The things that keep people entertained during the night. Were having a cocktail style style wedding , So it’s not a sit down like it’s a formal setting where you know what’s happening. I want to fill some of those spots with things that are gonna make fun , but saying fun. I also want it to be quite relaxed and I don’t want anything to be too formal as such. So we wouldn’t be doing anything crazy in regards to formalities.

Emma (08:51):

Yeah they’re probably the two main things. The third one is I do want things to look nice. I think every bride wants things to look nice. Yeah. I noticed that with so many Instagram posts that people post and accounts and stuff like that, it is all about what it looks like, but I also do really want it to function properly too. That is one of the main sort of highlights for me. Yeah, we will be focusing on that alot. I think coming from events, it’s sort of, I already know that already. So I sort of, it’s easier for me to sort of work out how on a work around that. So yeah. And so, you know, if you were to interview some of your guests in a year, five years, something like that, how would you like them to describe your wedding?

Emma (09:27):

Looking back at it, how would you like to describe your wedding? Looking back at it. And that’s a hard question to be honest. Okay. I want people to say it was really fun. I want people to say it was really us. I don’t want people to go there and go, it wasn’t really like them to do this. It was a bit out of the ordinary for them to do that. I really want people to go there. Oh, this was so Emma and BJ like it’s so, it was so nice. Everyone had a great time and that is the main thing for me. So when all your friends to come from the nudist club, theyll go, that was Emma and BJ. Okay, well that’s good ,So basically with these podcast this is the initial get to know us, and get to know Emma and where she is in her planning. So this is just a general info on when she is getting married, all that sort of stuff. What we’ll be doing over the coming weeks and months is, I guess highlighting some of the more specifics, talking about venues and things like invitations , flowers , decor and entertainment and much more. Lots to discuss to detail. So yeah, stay tuned. We’ll be hopefully having a podcast at least once a week, maybe more because there’s so much to talk about. But thanks for tuning in today and we hope to see you soon. Thank you.

Jungle Theme Dance Party Melbourne

Is Dancing Really That Important At Your Party

So Why Do We Dance?

When planning a party, event or wedding most people aren’t really that worried about whether their guests dance or not. Most people are in the mind set of “if it happens it happens…if it doesn’t no big deal”.

For the few that do worry about it though, they don’t really plan for it. Well, not really anyway.

In my opinion, dancing is a must and here are some of the reasons why.

People dance for all kinds of reasons. They dance to celebrate, to assert individuality, to entertain and to pick up the opposite sex. Most commonly though they dance because its good fun! Dance springs from a human desire for personal expression and social connection. They often say those people that can dance are the best lovers. Don’t believe it? It may be an experiment you will have to test for yourself.

Dancing can be a way to stay fit for people of all ages, shapes, and sizes. It has a wide range of physical and mental benefits including the improved condition of your heart and lungs. increased muscular strength, endurance, and motor fitness.

So In A Party Situation Why Is Dancing So Important?

I’m sure in your lifetime you have been to some good and bad parties. Thinking back on all the “average” parties I’ve been to and reasons why I thought that way, it would have to be because there weren’t many people dancing and the energy in the room was quite flat.

I talk a lot to my clients about party energy as I feel this is really important and very overlooked aspect in creating a party that has atmosphere and excitement. Party energy comes from the crowd and from what they are doing.

Been to a party where the music is pumping but everyone’s sitting down? Yep, that’s LOW party energy.
If all the guests are up and dancing, moving around and connecting with each other the party energy is HIGH, fun and exciting.

Not everyone loves dancing but you don’t have to be good at it to enjoy iphone. What’s even better is in a party situation the bad dancers can blend in with the crowd and hide if they really want to. Even guests that don’t like dancing like watching other people dance like this in itself is a form of entertainment.

If you think about any funny party stories from parties you have been to over the years quite often it involves a dancing accident or one of the guests with some crazy dance moves like the boss or a crazy grandparent.

Watching your mum dance to her favourite song or your uncle try and do the Nutbush will give you pleasure simply because people are enjoying themselves and to me watching people have fun at a party is pretty important.

So What’s The Number One Reason To Encourage Dancing At Your Party?

When you dance studies show that you get a much bigger release of endorphins than during other forms of exercise. Dancing causes the body to release feelgood endorphins into our bloodstream. Dancing also connects with the emotional centres in the brain. For many people, dancing prompts a positive emotional release.

Another benefit is it also helps to reduce levels of the stress hormone, cortisol making us feel more relaxed.

So basically what this all means is that dancing makes us feel happy and feel good so why wouldn’t you encourage this so that all your guests leave feeling this way. To me, this is the ultimate party experience everyone Feeling Good.

Party Glassware Hire Melbourne in Party

22 Things To Consider When Planning A Party


There are lots of things to consider when planning a party or event so we have put together 22 of the most important things to think about in your planning.

These things can either have a major or minor impact but they are all really important in creating an awesome party or event.

  1. Day & Time – The wrong day and time can affect guest behaviour and attendance. Expect your guests to leave early if they are working the following day.
  2. Lighting – The wrong colour or brightness can affect how guests feel and act. Lighting affects how your guests feel and react to the party.
  3. Size of Venue – Too big and the atmosphere is instantly lost. Too many rooms and guests are disconnected.
  4. Number of Guests – This ties in with venue size and matching guests to the size of the venue. Small parties can still be awesome if planned right.
  5. Type of Food & How Much – Too much food and it affects how guests act and effect party energy. The wrong type of food can cause mess and serving issues.
  6. Type of Drinks – Exciting drinks will make your party unique. Not enough drinks can affect how people act.
  7. Guest Dress Code – What guests wear will affect how they feel and act. Dress up parties create novelty and excitement. The wrong type of shoes will affect how many and how long guests are on the dance floor.
  8. Age of Guests – Too much of a variety of age groups can affect how guests act and how long they stay at the party. Guests with kids will always leave earlier than guests without.
  9. Decorations – The décor you choose will create a big impact on how your guests feel. Exciting décor creates novelty and stimulates your guest’s senses.
  10. The Temperature of Your Venue Space – Too hot or cold and your guests will leave early. Plan for the worst if choosing an outdoor event space and it will save you a lot of stress.
  11. Floor Plan of Your Venue – Create a floor plan that keeps your guests together.
  12. Format of Your Party – Make sure the party flows and something is always happening. Formalities done early is one of the key elements to success.
  13. Information You Put On Your Invite – Boring invites usually won’t encourage people to want to come to your party. Create something exciting and unique.
  14. Type of Furniture You Use – Too much or the wrong type will affect how guests act at your party. Too much seating kills the party energy.
  15. Entertainment You Choose – The wrong or no entertainment can affect how long guests stay and how they act and feel. Entertainment is really important and creates great party energy.
  16. Amount of Pre Planning You Do – If you want a stress free experience plan ahead. Leaving everything until the last minute always causes great party stress.
  17. What Help You Choose For On The Night – Don’t want to spend your whole night working? Consider hiring some party help for on the night so you can enjoy your own event.
  18. What Your Guests Have To Do On The Night – If your guests are bored they usually go home early. Give guests a range of things to do.
  19. Music Choice – The music is the soundtrack to your games party. It will affect how your guests feel and whether they dance or not.
  20. Location of Venue – Too far away or expensive to get to (if ubering it in) will affect guest attendance.
  21. Size of Your Dance Floor – Too big and the atmosphere is instantly lost. It is always better to go smaller and have it full than the other way round.
  22. It’s Not All About You – The more you focus your planning on your guests’ party experience, and what enjoyment you can create for them, the better the party will be. I guarantee you will get a lot more enjoyment out of your party if your guests are partying hard and don’t want to go home than if they are all itching to leave.

What you have read is not about spending more money on your event. In fact, in most cases, it will probably save you money if you do it right. It is more about creating the best party experience possible so all your party planning isn’t wasted.

Spend your party budget on the most important things and I assure you your party will be a great success.

The above things all need to be considered when planning a party and it can all seem a bit overwhelming if you haven’t planned a party before. If you are not really sure what to do I highly recommend speaking to one of our Partyologists for expert party advice.

Food Stations circus

Top 10 Party Themes

Watch as we countdown the most popular party theme set ups in Melbourne. Can you guess what number 1 is?

Choosing a particular party theme makes planning your party or corporate event so much easier when it comes to décor and dress code. If you have chosen a party theme it will then streamline the whole process when it comes to your party planning.

If you are making your party theme a dress up party as well it will also create some fun for your guests before the party even starts. Your guests will get their creative juices flowing when it comes to choosing costumes and this will add to the whole excitement of your event.

When it comes to choosing décor for your party theme with so many options to choose from usually the only thing restricting peoples choices is usually their budget. Whether you choose to go down the disposable option for décor or go more up market and hire custom props, in most cases there is plenty of choice for party theme decorations.

If you are looking for party theme experts in Melbourne, when it comes to decorations for your next party look no further than Feel Good Events.

If you would like Feel Good Events to help you in creating a party theme for your next event contact us today.

engagement party decorations

Aesthetic House

Prahran’s newest space to hire. A large, open-plan, industrial space with plenty of natural light in a perfect location.

Located just off the Chapel Street end of Greville Street is Aesthetic House, a NEW large and open-plan space which has a black & white industrial look.

Aesthetic House boasts a versatile event space which allows plenty of natural light (or moonlight) to shine through and has a fully equipped and functioning kitchen.

This large 180m2 studio space is large enough to host an event or party for 150+ pax. Having a smaller sized event? No problem! Segregating areas off with draping is not only easily done, but it also looks amazing in the space.

This space is a suppliers dream with easy access by a large roller door to the side of the building which leads straight into the main area. The staff at this venue are easy going and happy to work with all your requirements.

The biggest pro of hiring this space is the potential to do whatever you wanted, with the white walls and industrial finishes your options are endless.

A couple of pointers when looking at this space is that it has limited parking and may require you to hire additional toilets, depending on your guest list numbers. Small considerations for a great space in a great location.

Venue Website:
Venue Address: 26 St Edmonds Road, Prahran 3181
Phone Number: (03) 9044 4353
Best Contact at Venue: Naama – Marketing Coordinator

The Mad Hatters Morning Tea

Feel Good Events once again transformed a warehouse space – this time into a magical Alice In Wonderland setting for this years Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea charity event.

Welcome to The Mad Hatters Morning Tea!

Kids & adults spiraled down the rabbit hole to sip on tea and coffee, nibble on cakes and sweets & laugh and mingle while surrounded in a Mad Hatters Tea Party setting.

Guests had their pick of an assortment of cakes and sweets from the 6.6m buffet table. A donut wall filled with donuts was also on offer along with tea and coffee (of course!). Weird and wacky props and styling products were scattered throughout the space and guests could take their picture in front of 2 Alice In Wonderland inspired backdrops or in front of our custom made media wall.

Feel Good Events wanted to extend a BIG THANK YOU for everyone who attended our Mad Hatters Tea Party. You have helped us raise over $800 for the Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea charity event

All funds raised from the event went towards the Cancer Council’s Biggest Morning Tea charity which helps in cancer research, prevention, support programs, and information.


• Furniture, Draping & Styling Products: Feel Good Events
• Decals & “Drink Me” Labels: Made With Tommy
(font and design on mirror not created by Make With Tommy)
• Cakes & Sweets (not including Alice In Wonderland cupcakes): Glenfern Bakery
• Photography: Prop & Pose Co.

before and after studio 54 - after

A Night At Studio 54

The PINNACLE of 70’s Disco

Studio 54 was the highest tier of 70’s nightclubbing. The popular discoteque produced the purest disco vibes which were experienced amongst the popular, the wealthy and the influential.

Feel Good Events replicated the high class disco atmosphere by transforming a plain warehouse space into a fully themed Studio 54 partyland with all the trimmings!

Guests were transported back to the 70’s as soon as they entered the event space. There was no escaping the disco vibes as lighting and mirror ball effects engulfed every inch of the party space. Vivid Gold Decor & Bright White LED Furniture was contrasted against deep blacks throughout.

Guests had their pick of getting a drink from the 360º light up bar, getting their photo taken in front of the custom backdrop, chilling out in the VIP Lounge Area or busting a move on the black and white dance floor or LED Light up podiums!

Every aspect of this transformed warehouse spaced oozed the right balance of sophistication & wild party.

It felt as exclusive and glamorous as a night at Studio 54!

It was a disco party experience like nothing else!

So, how did Feel Good Events take a blank warehouse space and turn it into a fully themed, Studio 54 partyland?

It began with the layout – A centralized 360º Light Up Bar in the middle of the event space – an amazing visual effect with the benefit of no long lines for guests to order their drinks. Once guests had their drink they could opt to get their photo taken in front of the Custom Photo Backdrop or help themselves to the fully styled food station – each on either side of the bar.

Ready to Dance? Enter the dedicated dance floor space by walking under an amazing Balloon and Mirror Ball overhead display. A custom decalled Dance Floor waited for you along with 2x LED Light Up Podiums on either side.

Needed to take a break from busting moves on the dance floor? Take a load off by kicking back in the exclusive VIP Lounge or pull one of the LED Bar Tables to the bar.

Guests partied the night away surrounded in a pure 70’s party atmosphere.

The night was a HUGE Success! Everyone was AMAZED by the level of detail in the decor and styling. The vibe and atmosphere of high class 70’s disco was definitely achieved.

To some, it was “The best party they have ever been too!”

wedding couple in front of car

Danni & Dane's Wedding

Danni & Dane envisioned their wedding to be Rustic, Outdoors, Casual & Interactive, Comfortable & Fun. Not only was it just that but the celebration was heightened due to being a New Years’ Eve Wedding.

No ordinary wedding


The ceremony was held underneath the grand oak tree at Heide Park Museum. It was the perfect outdoor setting where no arch or other backdrop was needed. Feel Good Events supplied the comfortable outdoor padded chairs along with the outdoor umbrella’s which kept guests under shade in areas where they were unable to take advantage of the overarching branches from the oak tree.



The reception was held at Danni’s family home which easily had the space to cater for an 18m x 6m marquee. The Marquee was given character with the addition of overhead draping, festoon lighting, and rustic furniture. The marquee was perfectly positioned in a central position. 1 side was walled off (behind the band) but the rest of the marquee was left open to provide guests free access to other areas of the outdoor reception area.

3 distinct areas were created on the 3 open sides of the marquee. 1 being an outdoor lawn games area which provided pallet lounge furniture for guests to kick off their heels and relax in comfort. Festoon Lighting was hung overhead which provided relaxed but elegant lighting into the space once the sun began to set.

Running on the opposite side of this area to the marquee was the bar area. Guests could order from the Caravan Bar then take a seat on the rustic wine barrel furniture. Green astroturf was laid down to cover up the plain concrete underneath and large LOVE light up letters completed the casual outdoor drinking space and provided the lighting along with creating a stunning backdrop when night fell.

The last side of the open marquee was left for the Food Truck.

With all aspects of the wedding working together and furniture being perfectly positioned, Danni & Dane’s vision for a clean, casual, fun outdoor rustic wedding was made!

Dane & Danni celebrated counting down to 2019 as newlyweds while being surrounded by close friends and family in a transformed space on their family property.

Congratulations you two!!



Venue (Ceremony): Heide Park Museum –
Ceremony Furniture, Reception Furniture (Wine Barrels, Bar Stools, Wine Barrel Bar), LOVE Signage, Festoon Lighting, Draping, Rustic Styling Products: Feel Good Events –
Food Truck: Mr. Burger –

Complete Neon Themed Party Hire in Melbourne

Neon Theme Transformation

Watch how a boring office space is transformed into a Neon Themed party space complete with dance floor, chillout space and bar area.

Feel Good Events owner, and professional Partyologist for over 20 years, explains why certain equipment and decor was used and why they were placed where they were to maximize the theme. Watch to the end to see the amazing transformation side-by-side in the Before & After Pics.

The concept, installation and all equipment & furniture – Feel Good Events

Rustic and tropical grazing table white drape backdrop hire melbourne

Emma & Ben's Tropical Themed Engagement Party

Cocktail engagement party vibes within a Tropical Setting. A perfect way to celebrate on a summers night.

A Tropical Themed Oasis


A modern tropical oasis setting was created to celebrate Emma & BJ’s engagement were 2 joining spaces were styled and decorated to suit the modern, cocktail party setting the couple were after.

The indoor space was transformed from a dull looking entertaining area into a lush, greenery-filled oasis. Walls were covered by the use of clean, crisp white draping which emphasised the vivid greenery that was placed in front of it. A grazing table, decorated bar, styling products, and white furniture filled the space and the use of pendant lights and a disco ball brought in the fresh party vibe without it looking overwhelming and looking too much like a dance party which the clients didn’t have the intention of creating.

This area stepped out into an outdoor space where guests had their choice of having a drink or 2 around cocktail furniture or trying their luck against each other in outdoor games. The space accomplished it’s intended laid back party vibe by the use of the cocktail furniture, the dimmed festoon lighting which hung overhead and with colored uplighting.

A perfect setting and a perfect night to celebrate! Congratulations to Emma & BJ!

Jordan's 18th Masquerade Jungle Party

Guests were unleashed into the WILD for Jordan’s Jungle / Rio Inspired Masquerade Party.

Party In the Jungle!

Jungle vibes were felt from every inch of this transformed warehouse space. A vine covered dancefloor had everyone moving, a photobooth setup ready to take snaps and bar, food station and donut wall kept everyone hydrated and fed.

What’s a jungle themed party without live animals!? We had that covered with guests being able to hold crocs and be wrapped around by snakes.

A dark green mysterious jungle party oasis! Happy Birthday Jordan! What a party it truly was…



• Lighting, Furniture, Food Station, Draping, Dance Floor, Styling Items: Feel Good Events
• Reptile Acts: Snake Busters
• Photography (of the party) & Photobooth: Prop & Pose Co.

Wedding Table Setup Hire The Baths Arch Melbourne

The Baths Middle Brighton

A sea-side wedding venue with all the trimmings.

Looking for a Beach Side Wedding Ceremony or Reception? The beautiful upstairs function space at The Baths Middle Brighton caters for either a seated or cocktail style wedding and can play host to your ceremony, reception or both! Views of the bay, beach and Melbourne city skyline all come as standard.

Take in breath-taking views of Port Phillip Bay through the floor-to-ceiling windows within the indoor space or walk out on the outdoor deck for a totally unobscured view.

The function space accommodates 120 seated guests or up to 200 guests in a cocktail reception setting. Intimate ceremonies for up to 45 guests can be arranged in the dedicated indoor room or outside on the deck. Both with stunning backdrops of the bay.

A dancefloor area, lounge retreat (with fireplace) and a dedicated bar area complete the space.

It’s the perfect sea-side venue to sip champagne while watching the sun dip over the horizon.

Venue Website: 
Venue Address: 251 Esplanade, Brighton VIC 3186
Phone Number: (03) 9539 7000
Best Contact at Venue: Rohana – Wedding/Function Coordinator


“We could not recommend Feel Good Events highly enough. They are so professional, efficient and competitive in pricing. The furniture and equipment are of a high standard and always compliments our venue well.”
ROHANA – Wedding/Function Coordinator 

EBOS Enchanted Forest Family Day

The staff at EBOS Group along with their kids stepped into an Alice-In-Wonderland inspired forest wonderland for their annual family day event.

An Enchanted Forest Theme for the whole family

A function space within the NAB Building, Docklands was transformed to a Magical Enchanted Forest setting.

It was a kids wonderland! A “Tiny Tots” area was created where kids could play in front of an Enchanted Backdrop and woodland inspired furniture and props. Face painting, a balloonist, connect 4 & giant jenga, an arts & crafts station, photobooth and a roaming bubble-fairy had kids entertained throughout the event.

And sweets? We had that covered with a fairy-floss station, gelato cart and a candy buffet!

Props, Lighting and vine-covered furniture completed the magical forest setting throughout the event space.

A special Thank You to Tess Everett Photography who was the professional photographer for the event. Many images shown here were taken by the talented photographer.



• Lighting, Furniture, Candy Buffet Station, Woodland Backdrop, Table Top Decor, Styling Items: Feel Good Events
• Woodland Props: The Prop Store
• Connect 4 & Giant Jenga: Branch Events
• Gelato Cart: Bianco Latte
• Kids Entertainment (Arts & Crafts, Magic Potions): All Fun Parties
• Photobooth: Boothalicious
• Photography: Tess Everett Photography
• Venue: NAB Ground Floor Function Room, Docklands


“The kids loved it, and the families did too! Have heard only good feedback! Thank you for all of your help. I really enjoyed working with you – it was a breeze and really enjoyable. “

Luna Park Events

The iconic theme park in the heart of Melbourne can play host to your birthday, event or wedding!

This is a venue spotlight of Luna Park in Melbourne. Luna park can truly offer a unique event experience. You will be hard pressed to find another venue able to offer the extras Luna Park can provide.

Soak up the bustling carnival atmosphere during regular operating hours and retreat to your private event space when needed. If you prefer the “exclusive” treatment hire of the entire Park can be arranged where your guests will be treated to private access of the Parks’ rides and attractions.

Luna Park offers 5 unique function rooms. They all range in size, shape, feel and views!

From small functions in their Park Tram to the larger scaled events in the Moon Deck where your guests can be treated to stunning views of the Park and St Kilda from its roof top bar.

Whether its a party, bar or bat mitzvah, corporate event, Christmas party or wedding, Luna Park Events can tailor an event package suitable for you.

Venue Website: Address: 18 Lower Esplanade, St Kilda 3182Phone Number: 03 9525 5033Best Contact At Venue: Sean Brettle – Function Coordinator