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Meet & Greet

Hosting a party where not everyone will know each other?

Don't want to spend half the night introducing everyone to everyone? Make the process a little bit of fun!

Simply take a digital photo of each arriving guest, print it out on your photo printer, and post it on a bulletin board with the guest‘s names listed beneath. Try mixing it up with unconventional / humorous photos.  This will help everyone get to know each other and help break the ice.

Have your guests introducing themselves to each other saying things like "you're the one dressed up in the superman costume right?" or "I loved the dress you were wearing in the introductory photo board".

Party Psychology - Part 1


Throwing a party is hard work. All that planning, money and stress. Not to mention the anxiety it gives you. So why do we have them and why do we go to them?

Why do people host parties?

Simple. It's because we want to celebrate something. Be it a birthday, a new house (house-warmings), your friendship (dinner party catch-ups) or just that it is the end of the week. It may be to show off something you are proud of to the people you care about. It's the thought of getting together with friends or family to forget the stress of everyday life and to have some fun. And to many it's just a great excuse to drink and act like a kid again with it being completely acceptable.

Why do people go to parties?

Why do people prepare for hours to go to a place where the unexpected can be expected but the outcome is nonetheless the same? Simply put, it’s fun.

At events we find ourselves feeling emotions that we are not used to, we experience levels of arousal not familiar from day to day life, and we find ourselves doing things that we haven't really fully intended to do. This is why parties can be so much fun. They can be so stimulating that normal conventions of comportment may seem unnecessary or irrelevant, and at a really good party, people can get pretty crazy. Not you or me, of course, but those other people.

Every person goes to a party for the plain reason of having fun, it’s both acknowledged and practiced. It’s a sensorial experience and the setting is meant to heighten all five senses. In that particular moment in time, you forget who you’re supposed to be and the things you’re supposed to do, there’s no time but the present and you’re there to make the most of it.

Everyone wants to get away from their realities once in a while. In these settings, people don’t really care where you came from or what you’ve done. Your appearance, confidence and moves are the only basis of judgment — you get to be whoever you want to be.

Whether it’s to escape from your monotonous routines, fears or thoughts, the setting is a perfect platform for distraction from the lights to the hot guy or chick beside the bar.

After every party, there’s always a new story to tell. It can be something you’re proud of or something you deeply regret. However, no matter how euphoric a moment can be, you have to acknowledge that it’s only as good as it lasts. As said, it’s an escape — and you can’t escape forever.


Treat Cars Like People


Hosting a party? Many people are too busy organising the event and completely forget about guest parking.

Here's a quick tip to keep your guests (and your neighbours) happy when hosting an event at home.

Cars need a place to hang out during your event too. Don’t allow lack of parking to paralyze your party. Having parking available is always a plus. Make a map for guests prior to the event that shows the best places to park in your neighbourhood if you live in a street that doesn’t have sufficient space.

Live in a very busy street or on a main road? Offer public transport options or suggest for certain friends to car pool if they live close to each other.

Don't let your party get off to a bad start. Having suitable parking will make the party experience better for your guests and less chance of up-setting your neighbours.

Make Your Food Part Of The Entertainment


Depending on the event you may need to serve up some food.

Ditch the boring buffet and make it fun! Check out this quick tip to "spice up" the way you serve food at your next party.

Entertainment is super important. If you are looking for something a bit different hire waiters that double up as entertainers as well. Keep this a secret though and don’t tell your guests to give the element of surprise. A great way to boost your entertainment is having chefs cooking food on specialty stations on site. This is great to help stimulate the senses.

Having a theme? Have your food and drink "dressed up" to match by using the theme colours and shapes. Create your own cocktails and create names for them specific to the theme.

Make A Party Check List


It is important in your party planning to make lists for all different aspects of your party. Party checklists are important as its the little things that can cause issues on the night. Forgetting ice for the drinks or a bottle opener will not ruin your party but can make it a hassle.

Choosing The Right Venue


Choosing a venue is usually the first thing people do when planning a party. Choosing the right venue can have so much impact on whether your party is a success.

A lot of people will opt for having the party at home as it will save money on venue hire costs. A common problem though is if you don't have the right size home or layout for a party it can cause problems.

Have the following points in mind when choosing the venue for your next event. It may eliminate issues and make your party have a better chance of success.

The Right Size

A common mistake is believing that everyone you have invited to your event will attend. Always work off booking a space that will fit HALF of the people you have invited. It is always better to have a venue slightly too small than one that is too big as it will create allot better atmosphere.

One Dedicated Party Space

Another mistake is choosing a venue with too many different spaces. Having all your guests in the one space is a party winner. It is always added bonus to have another space more chilled for your guests but you don't want it to be too separate from where the main party is. This can easily be created just by having the right floor plan. Choosing a venue that has multiple rooms (example your home) can separate your guests too much and lighten the party atmosphere.

Don't Forget About The Smokers

If you're not a smoker yourself it is easy to forget about them. Keep them in mind when choosing a venue. We always suggest picking a venue that has a smoking area not too far from where the action will be.


Another overlooked point. Best to work off 1 car spot to every 3-4 people who are invited.  Ensure your guests have a place to park their cars. No dedicated parking on site? Think about creating a map for your guests showing the best areas to park. Having a party at home? Check out our blog about parking at home parties. Don't let your party get off to a bad start even before guests step through the front door.

Chris and Alana's Engagement Party

Chris and Alana were a fantastic couple to work with and we loved helping them create an engagement party they would remember.

Chris and Alana’s illuminated engagement 

White velvet drape was used to make the hall smaller & help create a classier atmosphere. Other equipment items supplied were purple up lighting, mirrored bench seats, illuminated cubes and bar tables, mirrored bar, cocktail machine, champagne fountain and chocolate fountain.

A DJ and party lighting were supplied along with an illuminated dance floor to get the party started later in the night. Catering and bar staff were organised to make the event totally stress free for the couple. A fantastic night was had by all that attended and we then supplied DJ and equipment for the wedding as the engagement went so well.


“Thank you, thank you, thank you, the room looked fantastic. We wanted a classy but fun atmosphere and you really made it happen. Everyone had such a great time and the dance floor was a big hit. We hope we can use Feel Good Events again for our wedding. Thanks again.”

Brittany and Nathan's 21st Birthday

Brittany and Nathan (twins) had a joint 21st birthday in their local scout hall. The hall was pretty plain and not an inspiring venue.

Dance the night away

Brittany was the main organiser and was easy-going in what she wanted. The main instructions were that she wanted a nightclub feel and the hall to look better. Feel Good Events draped the whole hall in white velvet drape to hide the walls, white star cloth behind the DJ, crystal beaded curtains to section the hall up into 2 areas, up lighting in blue & purple, mirrored bench seats and illuminated furniture.

Feel Good Events also supplied DJ, sound system, party and laser lighting and illuminated podiums. To really add some fun we used our dance cage as a centerpiece to really make it feel like a night club.


“Wow, what a transformation from such a plain hall to something completely different. We couldn’t have been happier when we walked into the room and didn’t think it was the same venue. The dance cage was a big hit even with the oldies. Thank you so much for all your hard work it all looked great. We will definitely be recommending you to our friends and family.”

Claire's Moulin Rouge 50th Birthday

Feel Good Events had the pleasure of transforming the Kooyong Tennis Club for Claire’s 50th birthday party.

Claire’s 50th Moulin Rouge party.

A site visit was set up by the client months before the party to make sure the room was going to be perfect for the event! Marcus came up with a burlesque themed design & also helped make sure it came together on the day of the set up.

The room was draped in black velvet draping, black LED star cloth behind the DJ, red coloured up lighting, themed backdrops, red feather vases, red chair sashes, illuminated bar tables and bar stools for outside, black star light dance floor, birthday backdrop and themed entrance banner with red carpet and silver stanchions.

Professional dancers were also hired to create the wow factor when guests arrived at the party. The party was a huge success and was enjoyed by all that attended. Kooyong Tennis Club was also very impressed by the room set up as they hadn’t seen this type of set up at their venue before.


“Thank you for creating such a wonderful setting for my 50th birthday. The room was perfect and I couldn’t have been happier. We got lots of great feedback on how great the room was and what a good time people had. Thank you Marcus for all your hard work.”

1920s theme hire

Danielle's 1920s Themed 40th Birthday

The ultimate 1920s theme including a casino and dancers! Happy 40th Birthday Danielle!

Who said 1920s theme!

Feel Good Events helped Danielle put on the ultimate 1920’s theme for her 40th birthday party recently and what an outcome! The whole design concept was planned and organised by Feel Good Events.

Danielle’s party venue was transformed from a grungy warehouse to an awesome 1920’s theme. With the help of some of our other resources Danielle was able to book everything she needed for her party through Feel Good Events including catering and bar staff, entertainment and photographers.


“A little party never killed nobody” …

“Thank you so much to the Feel Good Events team for creating such a memorable night. The whole process was so stress free and all i had to do was show up and enjoy myself. Thanks for all your hard work the result and feedback from my guests was just brilliant. Thanks Again.”

wedding draping

Rosie and Wesley's Wedding

Rosie was such a pleasure to deal with during the whole planning process for her wedding reception at The Manningham Hotel, Bulleen.

Love at The Manningham

Rosie was such a pleasure to deal with during the whole planning process for her wedding reception at The Manningham Hotel Bulleen. Her vision was to create a warm and inviting space that her 200 family and friends from Australia and New Zealand could enjoy.

Feel Good Events helped create Rosie’s vision by adding coloured up lighting in royal blue around the room, circle of love canopy with chandelier for the special guest (Princess of Tonga), beaded curtain with up lighting behind the bridal tables, lighting for the cake and furniture.

Party lighting was also supplied for the dancing later in the night.


“I’m off to my honeymoon now but I would like to say JOB WELL DONE!!!! You and your team have gone above and beyond to create such an elegant setting and I absolutely loved it!!!! Thank you so much and I will definitely be using you for upcoming events! Keep up the great work!!!”


Charissa and Joel Stafford's Wedding

Feel Good Events created a designated dance floor space for Charissa and Joel’s wedding at Stillwater Dromana.

Love on the balcony at Stillwater 

Charissa came to Feel Good Events with the problem of creating a designated dance floor space for her wedding at Stillwater Dromana.

Feel Good Events came up with the design to have warm white festoon lights strung from the balcony of the venue to a truss like structure to create a welcoming space for guests to dance the night away and for the bride and groom to have their first dance under.

“Thank you so much for doing such an amazing job on our festoon lighting, it was just perfect! Out of all of our suppliers, you guys were definitely the best to deal with and for that we thank you greatly.”

Emma and Walt Calis' Wedding

Emma and Walt wanted to create a warm earthy look in their reception space at Quat Quatta.

A warm earthy reception space

Feel Good Events recommended using warm amber lighting on the cream coloured walls at Quat Quatta. The lighting worked really well with the greenery on the tables and the neutral colours in the room.

Due to having a day wedding it was also essential to cover the window behind the bridal table to make the room darker and frame the bridal table.

A custom monogram was projected onto the wall near the dance floor, for a personal touch.

Emma & Walt were over the moon with the outcome.


“The most amazing, talented and friendly team anyone could ask for. They transformed a gorgeous venue into an extraordinary one. Walt and I would like to thank you all from the bottom of our hearts. Such a pleasurable experience.”

hemi and stella wedding

Stella and Hemi

Stella and Hemi came to Feel Good Events looking for the ultimate fun carnival party vibe for the wedding in the warm months of December.

A scorching hot wedding

Everything from the reception decorations, ceremony set up and design and on the day coordination was organised by Feel Good Events.

Stella and Hemi were very cool calm and collected about their big day and trusted us 100% with all their wedding.

The festoon lighting looked amazing and was definitely the right choice for the venue space and the vibe. All festoons were covered by coloured lanterns ordered in especially by the bride.

Soft white chiffon draping was used to cover one of the long walls in the venue to make it feel more inviting for the guests. High bar tables were placed outside next to the food truck, which severed tacos all night keeping everyone very happy!

White padded chairs, bunting and wine buckets completed the ceremony set up which took place in the gardens only minutes from the reception space.

All the best to Stella & Hemi in their life together! Thanks for being so lovely to deal with.


“We booked Feel Good Events for our wedding. Emma totally understood our vision, we wanted a carnival party vibe, she made it happen, set up the room perfectly and made our special day run perfectly! It wasn’t easy with a 41 degree day and the fridges packing it in, but they dealt with it, bought ice and chilled the drinks down! Well done. Highly recommend these guys!”

TV Week Logies Channel 9 & 10 After Parties

Supplying Channel 9 and Channel 10 with a LED light up dance floors for the TV Week Logies at Crown Casino.

Lighting up the dance floor for the Logies

In recent years Feel Good Events has supplied Channel 9 and Channel 10 with a LED light up dance floors and fairy light curtains for the TV Week Logies at Crown Casino.

TV Week magazine used one of our illuminated floors for their Logies winner’s photo shoot as the celebrities came off stage.

The venues used for the Logies after parties are Tonic Bar & Club 23. Both venues looked fantastic with the illuminated dance floors. Many celebrities would have danced the night away on the illuminated dance floor!


“Yes everything on Sunday was fabulous – thanks so much again for all your assistance!”

East Malvern Football Club 70s Party

Helping East Malvern Football Club turn the Malvern Town Hall into a 70s themed disco!

Disco dancing, baby

Feel Good Events had the absolute pleasure of helping East Malvern Football Club turn the Malvern Town Hall into a 70’s themed disco! This event had it all with over 300 people dancing the night away. The illuminated podiums were a big hit and looked great with the roller girls dancing on them and skating throughout the space.

The before & after photos just give you an idea on how much work and effort went into planning and setting up the equipment. A special thank you to Tracey & Daniel from the football club for being so cool & collected during the whole process.

The illuminated curved bars were placed together to create a circular bar as the main focal point as you walked into the space. Our crystal beaded curtains were used to create a wall to separate the room and make the space more intimate, uplighting was also used to shine onto the curtains to create the 70’s vibe.

Other products like illuminated bar tables, uplighting, led podiums, party lighting and backdrops were used to capture the 70’s theme throughout the whole venue space.


“We really loved having “Feel Good Events” on board for our East Malvern Junior Football Club’s 70’s Night – it was awesome – as was Emma! Emma and Marcus were fantastic, Emma especially – very helpful, friendly and obliging and very hands on with the set up from all the feel good event staff. The hall looked transformed and the quality of your furniture, lighting, staging and set up was fantastic. Thank you.”

inflatable star

Draeger Medical Corporate Function

Draeger Medical approached us with the theme of Star Wars and wanted to dress up their conference room.

May the force be with you

Draeger Medical were planning a work conference for their staff and wanted to create an exciting night at the end of a serious days work. They came to us with the theme of Star Wars and wanted to dress up their plain conference room.

It was an easy transformation just using some velvet and chiffon draping and coloured uplighting to help create the theme without going over the top. The results were fantastic and the client was very pleased.


“The night was a huge success and I was very pleased with how the room was totally transformed, it was exactly how I had pictured it.”