Party, Wedding & Event Video's

If you are wanting to learn how to use a particular piece of hire equipment or how to set up a certain piece of equipment we have video’s to help. Maybe you are just wanting some tips on how to plan your party or wedding or the best items to hire for your event, there are videos on that too.

Simple videos on all things to do with events and parties and to make life easier if you are choosing to DIY your party hire equipment.

There are even video’s on party venue make overs so you can see how thing are done and help with your party decorating inspiration.

silver mirror balls, silver tinsel, silver drape, pink lighting

Pink Disco Decorating Essentials

Want your next party to feel like a pink and silver disco…

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The Loan Gallery Christmas Party

The Loan Gallery Christmas Party. The Feel Good Events team…

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Room shot of neon disco party theme featuring illuminated furniture, bar stools, greenery, dance floor, neon lights, and sequin panels

Neon Disco Theme Decorating Essentials

Turn your next party into a vibrant disco dream with our Neon…

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WONKA BAR the bar area of a candyland themed party

Wonka Theme Decorating Essentials

Wonka Theme Decorating Essentials. Want your guests to enter a…

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Betty's best backdrop

Betty’s Best National Awards Night

Step behind the scenes of Betty’s Best National Awards…

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Emma setting up a pink floral and sliver mirror ball ceiling installation

2023 Behind the Scenes

Dive into the heart of Feel Good Events with our 2023 Behind…

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Drink raised on the dance floor of willy wonka themed party

2023 Event Showcase

Feel Good Events’ 2023 Event Showcase! Join us in…

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An Epic 80’s & 90’s Themed Event

Step back in time with Feel Good Events as we turn Showtime…

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Pink floral and disco ball ceiling installation

10 Ways to Decorate With Florals

Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, or…

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Taylor's Beach Club Themed 21st Birthday Party

9 Tips to Guarantee Guests Show Up to Your Party

Don’t let the stress of low turnout dampen your party…

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dance floor area with mirror balls and neon lights

A Conversation with an Event Planner

Ever wondered what goes in to planning a major event? This…

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Turning 30: Epic Party Theme Ideas

Discover the perfect party theme to elevate your 30th birthday…

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Client Testimonial: Eastern Distributors

The team at Feel Good Events recently had the pleasure of…

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Silver mirror ball surrounded by tropical greenery and flowers

Beach Club Party Theme Decorating Ideas

Want to transform your space into a tropical oasis for your…

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christmas themed setup featuring white frosted pine trees, ornaments, rattan furniture, and red cushions

Christmas Decorating Ideas

Get inspired for the festive season with Feel Good…

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Taylor’s 21st Beach Club Bash

Taylor’s 21st Beach Club Bash was a night to remember!…

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themed halloween hanging props. red carpet, candles

Spooky Halloween Party Theme

Get into the spooky season spirit with our bone-chilling…

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Staff Photo - Kane setting up mirror balls

What Goes Into a Feel Good Event?

What goes into a Feel Good Event? We love creating…

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Groovy 60’s Themed Party Setup

The Feel Good Events team recently headed down to Lorne to set…

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12 Reasons Parties are Boring

Ever been to a party and the atmosphere was a bit dull? Boring…

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Emma & BJ's Wedding

Turn Your Wedding into One Big Party

Are you in the process of planning your wedding and wondering…

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70s silver disco theme mirror balls

7 Reasons to Hire a Party Planner

Thinking about throwing a party and tossing up whether or not…

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willy wonka party theme mirrorball

Step-by-Step Guide to Party Planning

Thinking about throwing a party but not sure where to even…

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gold mirror balls

20 Tips for an Unforgettable Party

In the process of planning a party but want to know how to make…

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Room shot of neon disco party theme featuring illuminated furniture, bar stools, greenery, dance floor, neon lights, and sequin panels

How to Pick the Right Party Theme

Selecting a theme for your party holds the power to elevate…

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Star cloth and illuminated bar tables at space themed party

Top Reasons for Having a Themed Party

If you’re aiming to host a party that leaves a mark on…

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7 Ways to Decorate with Disco Balls

Infuse your party decor with a dash of glitz and glamour…

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willy wonka party theme people dancing

5 Reasons Why You Need Dancing at Your Party

Numerous compelling factors make dancing a fantastic addition…

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safari themed table setup with low lying table, cushions, and themed props

7 Popular Kid-Approved Party Themes

Planning an epic party for your child and want to make sure it…

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the bar at a pink disco dinner party setup. Area features a pink acrylic bar, florals, a mesh backdrop, and a pink neon 'the bar' sign

The Impact of Lighting on Your Party

Lighting is one of the most important additions to any type of…

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mirror balls, greenery, sequin panels, neon lights, neon sign at neon disco party theme

10 Popular Party Themes for 2023

Having a themed party is never a bad idea! A good party theme…

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Long table setup featuring pink and silver decor, mirror balls, silver drape, pink lighting

Party Planner’s Guide to Dinner Parties

Our Party Planner’s Guide to Dinner Parties! Sit-down…

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Wonka candyland themed entrance to the dance floor area featuring balloons, themed banners, lots of greenery, and flowers

From Warehouse to Willy Wonka Wonderland

From warehouse to Willy Wonka Wonderland! Watch the Feel Good…

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Colourful drape, rustic backdrop sombreros, festoon lights, artificial plants & flowers

Transforming 1 Warehouse into 4 Party Themes

Feel Good Events party planners, Monique & Nicole, explain…

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Grazing table at a candyland party with canapes, candy, pastries, and lollipops

Feel Good Events’ Wonka Themed 15th Birthday Party

The team at Feel Good Events celebrated our 15th birthday in…

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gold leaf centrepiece, gold sequin drape, fairy lights, sequin panel backdrop, and gold centrepieces in black & gold themed setup

From Empty Warehouse to Luxurious Black & Gold Party Theme

Our epic Black & Gold Party Theme Transformation! Watch the…

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sombreros, fans, artificial plants

An Unforgettable Mexican Fiesta Party

Watch the Feel Good Events team put together our super fun and…

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Pink disco dinner party table setup. Featuring custom signage, silver sequin table overlay, and various pink and silver styling items

Theme Walkthrough: Pink Disco Dinner Party

A vibrant Pink Disco Theme Walkthrough! Feel Good Events owner…

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room shot

The Ultimate Pink Disco Dinner Party Transformation

Our epic Pink Disco Dinner Party Transformation! Watch the Feel…

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black sequin panel backdrop, red velvet drape, roses, red loveseat

Welcome to Burlesque

Welcome to Burlesque! Our Moulin Rouge-inspired theme is…

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girl in a 60s themed costume dancing at a 60s themed party

Party Like a Pro with the Partyology Planning Service!

Want to throw a party, wedding, or event that is truly…

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illuminated sofas, cubes, and coffee tables with beaded curtains, silver drape, neon lights and mirror balls

Party Seating: How Much Do You Need?

No matter what type of party you are having, seating of some…

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glamorous gold studio 54 themed party with themed props and gold draping

From Empty Warehouse to Epic Studio 54 Party

Transforming empty spaces into unforgettable parties is what we…

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party games

Party Games: Should You Have Them?

Getting your guests to mingle and interact at your party can be…

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Get Your Guests Mingling at Your Party

Throwing a party quite often means having a diverse mix of…

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Canapes and finger food for preferred suppliers page

How Much Food do You Need at Your Party?

One of the biggest party concerns that people have is not…

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Studio 54 themed party with themed props and illuminated bar

Do You Need Party Help?

One of the most common questions we get asked at Feel Good…

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people dressed up in 60s themed costumes at 60s themed party

Party Dress Code

When you’re in the process of planning a party, the dress…

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jungle theme

Jungle-Themed Oasis

Looking for a party theme that will transport your guests to a…

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studio 54 party - the power of party entertainment

The Power of Party Entertainment

If you want to create a party experience that is fun, exciting,…

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How Long Does it Take to Plan a Party?

Thinking about throwing a party but not sure how long the whole…

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Disco Décor to Transform Your Space

Disco Decor & mirror balls are perfect for adding some…

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Party Planner Tips: Venue Size

So, you’re having a party and you’ve invited 100…

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8 things to consider when choosing your party venue

Planning a Party on a Tight Budget

Planning a party but don’t want to break the bank when it…

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bar area at graffiti themed party

Party Planner Tips: Party Layout

When you’re in the process of planning your party, your…

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curtain, illuminated furniture, coloured lights

Party Planner Tips: Decorating Budget

Wanting to create the WOW factor with your decorating at your…

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Party Planner Tips: Guest List

One of the very first steps of party planning is to decide who…

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How Much Does A Party Cost For 100 Guests

How much does a party cost for 100 guests? Coming up with a…

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The First Step in Party Planning

There are quite a few steps that go into planning a party…

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Feel Good Events 10th Birthday Party Disco Ball, Pin Spot Light hire

Are Most Parties Boring?

Ever been to a party where the host has hyped it up to be the…

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mirror ball hire disco

Party Planner Tips: The Guest Experience

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again –…

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people dancing on dance floor at graffiti themed party

How to Throw a Party at Home Without Upsetting the Neighbours

Having a party at home rather than at a venue comes with its…

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feel good events truck

Party Planner Tips: Setting Up Your Party

One of the most important factors of party planning that people…

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Party Planner Tips: Is Your Venue Suitable?

When you’re in the process of planning your event,…

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silver mirror balls, silver tinsel curtain, pink neon strip lighting

Setting a Realistic Party Budget

When it comes to planning a party, setting a budget right from…

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Creating a Backup Plan for Your Party

When it comes to planning an outdoor party, wedding, or event,…

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neon disco themed party

Neon Disco Themed House Party

The Feel Good Events team recently transformed this house to…

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people dancing at 60s themed party

How to Plan an Unforgettable Party

Want to know how to plan an unforgettable party? Feel Good…

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mirror balls, sequin panels, neon lights theme transformation cost

2023 Party Trend Predictions

2022 for Feel Good Events consisted of LOTS of black &…

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8 Tips for Choosing a Party Venue

Choosing a venue is one of the first steps people take when…

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staff setting up at neon disco - a day in the life of an event stylist

A Day in the Life of an Event Stylist

Ever wondered what the average day looks like for an Event…

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entertainment dance creations epic end-of-year gala

Epic End-of-Year Gala

The team at Feel Good Events had a blast putting together this…

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Disney inspired corporate party

Disney Wonderland Party

A corporate end-of-year party to remember! Feel Good Events…

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4 end-of-year corporate parties

4 End-of-Year Corporate Parties

A behind-the-scenes look at 4 End-of-Year Corporate Parties…

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red carpet and gold sequin drape

Hollywood Themed Corporate Party

A behind-the-scenes look at the Feel Good Events setting up…

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silver mirror balls and greenery at neon disco party theme

Neon Disco Themed Party

Watch as the Feel Good Events team completely transform this…

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30th birthday party theme ideas

30th Birthday Party Theme Ideas

Turning 30 soon and want to plan an EPIC party to celebrate?…

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Green & Gold Floral Centrepiece

Dinner Party Décor Inspiration

Say goodbye to boring dinner party setups! This short Dinner…

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native floral centrepiece

10 Floral Centrepiece Ideas

Looking for an easy and effective way to add some colour and…

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Pink Dinner Party

Looking to create a stylish and unique setup for your next…

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Safari themed entrance way with wooden sign and chiffon draping

Safari Theme Decorating Ideas

Looking for a party theme that will make your guests feel like…

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Gold sequin drape, black feather centerpieces, and table setups at puffing bill event space setup

Black & Gold Dinner Party

In need of some inspiration for your next dinner party or…

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hanging artificial flowers in an enchanted garden themed event

Enchanted Garden Theme Decorating Ideas

Looking for a party or event theme that will really get your…

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illuminated LED dance floor at ZINC event

End-Of-Year Party Theme Ideas for 2022

Believe it or not, the end of 2022 is fast approaching! And you…

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gold wreath and candle vase christmas centrepiece

15 Christmas Centrepieces

Believe it or not, the holiday season is fast approaching! That…

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school formal decoration ideas

21st Birthday Theme Ideas

Celebrating your 21st birthday soon and in need of some theme…

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Kid’s Party Theme Ideas for Boys and Girls

In need of some theme inspiration for your little one’s…

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star cloth, illuminated furniture and inflatable planet at space themed party

Space Theme Decorating Ideas

Want to throw an out-of-this-world party but need some inspo…

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Graffiti themed party, themed backdrops, bar area, graffiti drums

Graffiti Party Theme Inspiration

Want to create a party experience for your guests that is…

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graffiti themed party people dancing on dance floor

Birthday Party Decorating Ideas

Throwing a birthday party soon and in need of some inspiration…

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artificial flowers and themed props in enchanted garden themed setup

Enchanted Garden Themed Party

On the hunt for a magical theme for your next event? Look no…

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Dance floor area of space themed party. Party lights, inflatable props, balloons, themed backdrops.

Space Themed Party

Looking for an immersive, out-of-this-world theme for your next…

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DJ booth at neon themed event

How To Decorate Your Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Are you in the process of planning a Bar or Bat Mitzvah for…

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Graffiti themed party setup candy buffet, crates, pendant lights, themed backdrop

Epic Graffiti Themed Party

Guests were transported into this epic, nightclub-inspired…

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Emma & BJ's Wedding

How To Decorate Your Wedding Reception in 6 Steps

Are you in the process of planning your wedding reception and…

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20 wedding hire ideas

20 Wedding Hire Ideas

Are you in the process of planning your wedding but finding…

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1920s themed party props and table décor

1920s Party Theme Decorating Ideas

Looking for a fun and glamorous party theme to blow your guests…

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people dancing at a house party

30 Birthday Party Hire Ideas

Are you in the process of planning a birthday party and finding…

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Elke & Kyle Wedding

10 Outdoor Wedding Essentials

Are you planning an outdoor ceremony and are unsure what…

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Silver 70s disco party illuminated LED dance floor

School Formal Theme Ideas

Want to throw an unforgettable formal that will be spoken about…

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