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The party portion of the year is fast approaching. If you’ve offered to host this year there’s no need to panic.

We have all the insider tips for hosting a stellar Christmas party from your very own home.

Create a kid’s corner

Kids get bored when they have to attend adult parties. And some adults aren’t used to having kids around all the time. Think ahead and create a kids corner where they can retreat to when the adult festivities are ruining their Christmas vibes.

MyDeal kids furniture has tables and chairs perfect for setting up their own dining section and for entertaining them with drawing or Christmas colouring in after dinner.

The party planner’s tips

Marcus Prentice from Feel Good Events has hosting down to a science. Here’s his recommendations for a rockin’ event.

Christmas can be such a stressful time of the year especially if you are hosting a Christmas party. So what can you do to throw a great Christmas party and minimise the stress.

Number one rule – Plan for fun! If you want your party to be memorable this should be the key thing in all your planning.
Plan Ahead – Do as much pre planning as possible. Create a food plan, drink plan and entertainment plan and if possible do as much work before the day so that you can enjoy the party yourself.
Set the mood – Stimulate your guests senses in as many ways as possible. Decorate the tables and the venue, use different types of lighting to set the mood for different times of the night, play different types of music to cater for all guests tastes.
Outsource – If money is not a restriction outsource as much as possible. Hire a caterer, hire some bar staff, hire a DJ and maybe even someone to clean up afterwards to really make your whole event experience enjoyable. Alternatively if you are on a tight budget ask friends or family to bring a plate or a bottle of wine to bring costs down.
Entertainment – If you want your party to be fun and memorable you need some form of entertainment. Whether it’s a DJ, band or some party games you need things for your guests to do unless you want it just to be a dinner party.

If you get the key elements right your Christmas party will be exciting, memorable and hopefully stress free. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram.

Have a backup plan

You were sure the invitation said BYO but it seems most people forgot. Luckily you’re an ace host who knows how to use Tipple; the pocket bottle shop. Simply download the app onto your phone and you can have wine, beer, spirits and snacks delivered within 30 minutes.

They deliver emergency grog all the way until 11pm or you can use the app anytime to pre-order your delivery starting from 7pm. Find them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Fancy up your outdoor setting

Christmas in Australia means summertime and barbeques so you may as well get with the program. Tidy up your backyard because it’s highly likely guests will want to bask in the balmy evening air. Bring out a modular outdoor lounge set for the ultimate comfy convo spot.

Great music all night long

We admit it’s possible we’re a bit biased on this front but Christmas carols reach their limit. At least 2/3 of your playlist should have a festive theme but for everyone’s sanity consider throwing in a few throwback classics or current hits. They’re twice as likely to get a dancefloor started as well which is the sign of a great night.

Deck your halls with bounds of holly and ring those jingle bells! Your party is sure to be a success now that you have these tips under your belt.