You can choose music for your event from our different music lists so that the music played on the night is what you want. There are a few things to keep in mind when picking your music.

For a 5 hour function you only need 75 to 80 songs and of those 80 songs the first 30 to 40 will be more background music . You can pick as much music as you like and your DJ will then play the songs they know work best first. Choose music that not only you will like but music that you think your guests will dance to.

There is no point in choosing all the latest house music if most of the guests you have invited are all into 70’s and 80’s. Cater to the majority and not the minority and you will have better success with your music. From experience we find the most successful parties are the ones where you put trust in the DJ and let them play what they think works best. If you pick music and only want that music played in a particular order then an IPod would be better suited to your party.

Please select your songs in each genre and make sure to click the ‘Update My Playlist’ button to add them to your list before picking another genre.

Pick music that not only you like but music that you think your guests will dance to.