Party & Wedding Decorating and Planning Tips

Helpful Tips For Planning and Decorating Your Event

Party Planning & Decorating Tips that will help you with your party or wedding decorating and planning. If you are planning a wedding , party or maybe a corporrate event and need some help this is the page for you. These party tips will help you create a wild and exciting party. Below are lots of helpful articles on the do’s and dont’s when it comes to creating a great party experience. From how to decorate your wedding or party to what food to have , we cover it all.

If you need help with your party or wedding planning and dont know where to start , we have helpful tips on party and wedding planning as well. If you want expert help with your party check out our Partyology Experience

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Drink raised on the dance floor of willy wonka themed party

Hosting Your Party: At Home vs. Venue

Should You Host Your Party at Home or at a Venue? When…

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Choose The Right Party Theme

The Power of a Theme: How to Choose the Right Theme for Your Party…

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bar tables and stools with umbrellas at werribee zoo events secret garden

Don’t Let Bad Weather Ruin Your Party

Don't Let Bad Weather Ruin Your PartyPlanning an outdoor party can be a…

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dancers and guests dancing - make sure your party is well-attended

How to Make Sure People Show Up to Your Party

Make Your Party Well-Attended and Unforgettable! Planning a…

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8 Ways to Decorate with Mirror Balls

Make Your Next Event Shine with Mirror Balls! Mirror balls are…

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Party Planning: Step By Step

A Step-by-step guide to throwing the best party of your life!…

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black and white dance floor studio 54 theme

The Ultimate Guide To Dance Floor Hire

Everything You Need To Know About Hiring a Dance Floor If…

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8 Things to Consider When Choosing Your Party Venue

Choose the right venue for your party! When throwing a party,…

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Elke & Kyle Wedding

20 Melbourne Wedding Celebrants

20 Wedding Celebrants in Melbourne Are you in the process of…

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20 Melbourne Event Photographers

20 Party and Wedding Photographers In Melbourne If…

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Dancers on the dance floor at a hollywood themed 21st party

How Much Does a Party Cost?

Find Out How Much it Really Costs to Throw a Party! One of the…

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colourful floral arrangement for an event

20 Melbourne Event Florists

20 Melbourne Wedding, Party, and Event Florists! Looking for…

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picture of small canape food

20 Event Caterers in Melbourne

Some of Melbourne's Best Party, Wedding, and Event Caterers! If…

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Christmas Centrepiece - Red Wreath

15 Christmas Centrepiece Ideas

Get Into The Festive Spirit With These Christmas Centrepiece Ideas!…

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Fergusson winery wedding with fairy light curtain

10 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Wedding Decorator

Why You Should Hire a Wedding Decorator It’s no secret that…

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DJ booth at neon themed event

How To Decorate and Create An Unforgettable Bar/Bat Mitzvah in 7 Steps

Create and Decorate an Unforgettable Bar or Bat Mitzvah in 7…

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function venues Melbourne CBD

Top 10 Function Venues In Melbourne CBD

10 Popular Melbourne CBD Function Venues  Are you struggling to find a…

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party backdrop

What Does Party Decorating Cost

What Does It Cost To Decorate A Party? Party decorating costs can always…

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The Ultimate Guide To Party & Wedding Marquee Hire

Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A Marquee Are you thinking of…

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Engagement Party

7 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Party Planner

If you are not sure if you should get some help with your party here are 7…

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Party Decorating The Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide To Party Decorating How To Decorate Your PartyThis is…

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Jungle Theme Dance Party Melbourne

Is Dancing Really That Important At Your Party

So Why Do We Dance? When planning a party, event or wedding…

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Party Glassware Hire Melbourne in Party

22 Things To Consider When Planning A Party

There are lots of things to consider when planning a party or…

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How Much Food Do I Need For My Party?

  Hosting a party and unsure how much food to prepare for your…

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Keep Things Simple Or Hire Experts

  Some people love the idea of planning a party or wedding. Ont the…

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Throw A Wild Party Without Upsetting The Neighbours

Throw the party of the year without the unhappy neighbours!…

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How to Set Up Your Party Venue

  How to set up your party venue correctly (whether it be a function…

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wedding party

Wedding Party Energy

How To Turn Your Wedding Into One Big Party So many couples come to us…

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girls dancing dressed in 1920s costumers

What Type Of Party Are You Planning

  It is important from the very beginning to decide on what type of…

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Band Or DJ? Pros & Cons

Band Or DJ – Which Is Better?

  When it comes to choosing entertainment for their party, wedding…

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Work Christmas Parties

Hosting A Christmas Party At Home

Content created by Julia Hammond and published  The…

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What Makes A Person A Good Dancer

It can be quite entertaining watching people dance at a party or…

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High Heels – Murder On The Dance Floor

Everyone loves to dress up when going to a party especially the ladies as…

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Could Planning a NYE Wedding Be A Costly Mistake?

Many couples every year get married on new years eve as for many people…

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Spooky Kids Halloween Party Ideas

  Content created by Julia Hammond and published on…

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Create Some Excitement Before The Party Starts

A great way to make sure people show up to your party or event is to…

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Set The Right Mood From The Beginning

It is very important to create the right mood as your guests arrive at…

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Keep Your Party Moving

How to keep your party moving and the energy high! When it comes…

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The Role Of A Wedding Stylist

Wedding Stylists or Wedding Wedding Decorator...what's the difference? We…

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flower hire

What Does A Wedding Decorator Do

What's the difference between a Wedding Decorator and a Wedding Designer?…

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wedding coordination

What Does A Wedding Planner Do

We have a lot of couples ask - What does a wedding planner do? And do I…

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Why You Need A Wedding Designer

Why You Need A Wedding Designer

Your wedding designer is the visionary who will work with you, the…

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How To Throw An Awesome Kids' Party

How To Throw An Awesome Kids Party

Content created by Julia Hammond and published on…

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What Should You Spend Your Wedding Budget On

If you are unsure on what to spend your wedding budget on here is a rough…

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Party Psychology - Part 3

Party Psychology – Part 3

Party Psychology - Part 3. Understanding why your guests go to parties…

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How To Save Money On Your Wedding – Part 1

  Weddings can be expensive. Even when you try to keep costs down…

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Wild Parties Need Wild Guests

  You can create an awesome and exciting party atmosphere with the…

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Party Psychology – Part 2

  Going to Parties - all the anxiety of what might or might not…

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Choosing The Right Date For Your Wedding

Setting a wedding date is sometimes the first thing you do when planning…

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How To Avoid Mother Nature Ruining Your Wedding

  Outdoor, Garden & Beach Weddings are becoming increasingly…

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Popular wedding lighting ideas

Popular Wedding Lighting Ideas

When it comes to decorating your wedding, lighting is one of…

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Don’t Let Your Speeches Kill The Party

Depending on the occasion you may not be able to get out of holding a…

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DIY or Outsource Your Next Party?

DIY or Outsource

  DIY or Outsource your next Party? Some people have more time than…

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Party Psychology – Part 1

  Throwing a party is hard work. All that planning, money and…

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