The Dance Floor Is A Must For Any Great Party

If you want your guests to dance you need great music. You also need a dance floor for them to show off their best dance moves.

If you are looking to give your party the “WOW Factor” our illuminated LED dance floors can do just that! Dance the night away on a dance floor that lights up. With hundreds of different colour schemes and a range of spectacular patterns, it will create lots of fun.

If you want to hire a more traditional style dance floor you can do that too. Choose from our large selection of dance floors to suit any type of event.

What Size Dance Floor Do You need For Your Party?

The number of your guests will determine what size dance floor you need. The size you need is also influenced by how close you want your guests to dance. It is also determined by the sort of party atmosphere you want to create. In most cases guests will dance closer to each other rather than spread out. This is definitely the case if they know each other. If you want to create a better party atmosphere with more energy, we suggest 3 people per square metre. If you want more room to bust a move we suggest 2 people per square metre. It is really important to remember that not all your guests will dance. If they do it might not be all at the same time. If you count on 50% dancing at one time you won't go too big with your dance floor.

Feel Good Events is Melbourne's most popular dance floor hire company. 

Minimum Spend

Please note that Feel Good Events has a minimum spend of $2,000 on any hire equipment. Delivery, set up, and pack down is at an additional cost. Feel Good Events no longer has a DIY option on our hire equipment and all equipment must be delivered and set up by our experienced team.

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