Rigging gives you the ability to hang draping or backdrops in any desired area in your event space (indoors or out) without having the need to use existing equipment.

We maneuver the rigging into your requested space followed by attaching either the backdrop or draping to the rigging.

Rigging is completely adjustable and heights and widths can be tailored specifically to your party, event or wedding space.

Upright Poles
• Small – 1.6m (H)   [adjustable to suit 1.6m to 2.6m heights]
• Medium – 2.2m (H)   [adjustable to suit 2.2m to 3.6m heights]
• Large – 2.5m (H)   [adjustable to suit 2.5m to 6.1m heights]

Cross Bars
• Small – 1m (L)   [adjustable to suit 1m to 1.5m lengths]
• Medium – 1.3m (L)   [adjustable to suit 1.3m to 2.1m lengths]
• Large – 1.5m (L)   [adjustable to suit 1.5m to 2.6m lengths]
• X-Large – 2.2m (L)   [adjustable to suit 2.2m to 3.6m lengths]
• XX-Large – 2.8 (L)   [adjustable to suit 2.8m to 4.9m lengths]

Base Plates (including spigots)
• Small – 50cm x 50cm
• Large – 63cm x 50cm

Upright Pole / Cross Bar Covers
• White
• Black
• Tan

Unsure what Rigging to select? Contact Us for our recommendations.

Event Product Hire Delivery and Setup Melbourne
Drape Auto Poles PriceTotal
Upright Pole - Small $12.00 $12.00
Upright Pole - Medium $14.00 $14.00
Upright Pole - Large $18.00 $18.00
Cross Bar - Small $14.00 $14.00
Cross Bar - Medium $14.00 $14.00
Cross Bar - Large $14.00 $14.00
Cross Bar - X-Large $14.00 $14.00
Cross Bar - XX-Large $14.00 $14.00
Base Plate - Medium $14.00 $14.00
Base Plate - Large $18.00 $18.00
Pole/Bar Cover - White $5.00 $5.00
Pole/Bar Cover - Black $5.00 $5.00
Pole/Bar Cover - Tan $5.00 $5.00

Product Info

Item Fee Note QTY
Upright Pole - Small $12.00

1.6m (H) [adjustable from 1.6m to 2.6m]
each pole

Upright Pole - Medium $14.00

2.2m (H) [adjustable from 2.2m to 3.6m]
each pole

Upright Pole - Large $18.00

2.5m (H) [adjustable from 2.5m to 6.1m]
each pole

Cross Bar - Small $14.00

1m (L) [adjustable from 1m to 1.5m]
each bar

Cross Bar - Medium $14.00

1.3m (L) [adjustable from 1.3m to 2.1m]
each bar

Cross Bar - Large $14.00

1.5m (L) [adjustable from 1.5m to 2.6m]
each bar

Cross Bar - X-Large $14.00

2.2m (L) [adjustable from 2.2m to 3.6m]
each bar

Cross Bar - XX-Large $14.00

2.8m (L) [adjustable from 2.8m to 4.9m]
each bar

Base Plate - Medium $14.00

50cm x 50cm

Base Plate - Large $18.00

60cm x 60cm

Pole/Bar Cover - White $5.00

each cover

Pole/Bar Cover - Black $5.00

each cover

Pole/Bar Cover - Tan $5.00

each cover

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Please note Feel Good Events has a minimum $500 hire charge on all bookings, this excludes labour & delivery fees.

This product is available for DIY or for estimate delivery and pick up fees please contact our office with your requirements, venue access times and location.

Please note delivery and pick up is during office hours 9am – 5pm Monday to Sunday, anytime outside these hours will incur an additional cost.

Product FAQ

Rigging is perfect for our custom draping, backdrops, curtains etc.

Yes, our pole and bar covers are 1 size which suits any sized pole or cross bar.

All cross bars and uprights are all adjustable to suit your space and needs. See table for sizes and minimum and maximum lengths