Your wedding designer is the visionary who will work with you the couple very closely to make sure that your vision and personality are integrated into the design of your wedding.

The wedding designer is important for so many reasons.

A wedding designer’s main responsibility is to come up with a design that not only takes in the couples style but also considers how the event space will work and what the guests will experience from the start to finish.

The designer is also in charge of the production of everything on the day & the sourcing of all items required for hire to bring the design to life. The designer should also be there on the day to make sure that everything comes together as planned.

It is important to not only make the wedding look beautiful but also take into account how the room will work in creating a great party atmosphere, if this is what you want your wedding to be. Design is very important in creating flow and keeping guests together so that it creates great party energy as your  wedding should be one big party.

If you don’t have a great vision for your wedding space or you want to create something unique then you will need a wedding designer to help you.