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What Does Party & Wedding Decorating Cost

What Does It Cost To Decorate A Party Or Wedding? Party and Wedding decorator costs can always surprise people if they havent planned a party or…

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The Ultimate Guide To Party & Wedding Marquee Hire

Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A Marquee Are you thinking of hiring a marquee for your next party, wedding or event? This is the…

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How To Throw A Covid-19 Safe Party In Melbourne

Are you thinking of throwing a party or wedding during the current covid-19 crisis? There is so much confusion at the moment on the rules and…

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Keep Things Simple Or Hire Experts

  Some people love the idea of planning a party or wedding and others just can’t stand the thought of all the work that has to be done.…

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Wedding Party Energy

How To Turn Your Wedding Into One Big Party So many couples come to us at Feel Good Events and tell us that they want their wedding to be one big…

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What Type Of Party Are You Planning

  It is important from the very beginning to decide on what type of party you want so that it makes it easier with your planning. If you want…

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Band Or DJ – Which Is Better?

  When it comes to choosing entertainment for their party, wedding or event many people struggle with the decision of whether to choose a band…

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Could Planning a NYE Wedding Be A Costly Mistake?

Many couples every year get married on new years eve as for many people NYE is a special night. The problem is many couples don't always take into…

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The Role Of A Wedding Stylist

Wedding Stylists or Wedding Wedding Decorator...what's the difference? We let you know below. The wedding stylist is the interior decorator for your…

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What Does A Wedding Decorator Do

What's the difference between a Wedding Decorator and a Wedding Designer? We answer the question here. Put very simply the Wedding Decorator or hire…

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What Does A Wedding Planner Do

We have a lot of couples ask - do I really need a wedding planner and what do they really do? We answer those questions here. When you hire a…

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Why You Need A Wedding Designer

Your wedding designer is the visionary who will work with you the couple very closely to make sure that your vision and personality are integrated…

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What Should You Spend Your Wedding Budget On

If you are unsure on what to spend your wedding budget on here is a rough breakdown on how your budget should be divided. Your wedding budget should…

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How To Save Money On Your Wedding – Part 1

  Weddings can be expensive. Even when you try to keep costs down there are so many aspects to the big day that the costs can add up really…

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Choosing The Right Date For Your Wedding

Setting a wedding date is sometimes the first thing you do when planning your wedding. We share a few simple tips to help with your decision and…

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How To Avoid Mother Nature Ruining Your Wedding

  Outdoor, Garden & Beach Weddings are becoming increasingly popular. The surrounding scenery adds to the atmosphere and creates the…

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How To Save Time On Wedding Research

  It is said the average bride spends 200 hours on planning an average wedding. That's a lot of hours! Here are a few quick tips to lower that…

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Popular Wedding Lighting Ideas

The right lighting can change the look and more importantly, the feel of your wedding. Lighting your indoor or outdoor wedding venue is…

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Average Cost For A Wedding In Australia

  Wondered how much the average spend for an Australian wedding in 2017 is? We have the figures right here. The following figures are from a…

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