What Does It Cost To Decorate A Party Or Wedding?

Party and Wedding decorator costs can always surprise people if they havent planned a party or wedding before. What does party & wedding decorating cost? Without sounding smart the short answer is whatever you have the budget for. If you can only afford $500 for decorating then that’s what it will cost. Obviously the more your budget is the more hire equipment and decorations you will get. You may find you don’t get much if you have a lower budget and you most likely wont be able to create your ideal party either. How much you should spend on decorating all comes down to what sort of atmosphere you want to create.

There is so much confusion around what it really costs when it comes to decorating a party or wedding. There are the obvious costs of actually buying or hiring props or decorations but there are also a lot of other costs that are associated with this as well. In this post we break down all the costs involved in hiring a party or wedding decorator.

If you are on a tight budget the best way to save on decorating costs is to do it yourself. If you have the skills and the time you can simply hire the decorations you need and do all the set up and pack down yourself. There maybe some restrictions with this as you may not be able to hire all the decorations you want to DIY. Not all event hire companies will allow you to hire whatever you want as you may need special skills to set up certain hire items.


So What Does It Really Cost If You Want To Hire A Party Or Wedding Decorator

At Feel Good Events we have a minimum hire charge of $1000 on hire equipment plus any extra delivery and labour costs required. So if you are hiring a $1000 worth of equipment , by the time you add on any delivery or labour costs you are usually up for around $1500. This will vary depending on the type of equipment and location of delivery. If your budget is a lot bigger and you require mood boards, design and floor plans , custom decorations made and possibly site visits etc , the costs can go up quite quickly.

If your budget is less than this then maybe our DIY (do it yourself) hire option would be better. There is no minimum spend and you can hire just a few items if that’s all you need. You do have to pick up and set up the equipment yourself with this option but DIY is great if you are on a tight budget.

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If you are wanting full room theming or decorating , size of your venue will greatly affect the cost. At Feel Good Events for a function room that holds approximately 100 people to decorate well you can be looking at anywhere between $10,000 and $20,000. There can be many variables in this and the level that you want your venue decorated will change things dramatically. For some of our larger events with full room decorations that create the wow factor you can be easily spending up over $30,000.
This may sound like a lot but by the time you add in furniture, dance floors , lighting, draping , props , florals , table decorations and labour costs the price can add up quickly.


Party & Wedding Decorating Costs Broken Down

To give you a better idea of what costs are involved we have broken down each area below. This will hopefully give you a better understanding on what cost factors are involved when it comes to decorating your party or wedding.

Hire Product Costs

There is always the obvious cost of the actual hire products you want and how many. The amount of people you have may affect this cost or the size of your venue if you need to decorate a large space.

To get an idea of product costs click here to view our large range of party and wedding hire products.

Labour Costs

Labour costs really can shock some customers and it really is a case by case basis. The type of decorations you want and how much labour is involved to set that up are the main cost factors. There can be a lot of man hours that goes into decorating an event and a lot of clients don’t often realize this. Some events can take our team a whole day or multiple days in some cases with 10 or more people working on one event. If you are just hiring simple things like furniture that don’t really require any set up the labour costs will be lower. If you are wanting large floral displays or full room theming that require hours of set up then labour costs can be high.

Things that may influence your labour charges that you could be charged for are –

Set up of your hire equipment and decorations.
Pack down of your hire equipment and decorations.
Preparation of your hire equipment.
Custom built props or decorations.
Time of the day when equipment is required to be set up or packed down.
The day of your event and if it’s a public holiday.
If there is stairs or poor access to venue.
Location of venue.
Type of equipment you hire and how much work there is to set up each item.

Purchased Products

This could be the cost of disposable party or wedding decorations if you decide to go down this path. Even with disposable products the costs can go up quickly if you have a large amount of people or large venue.
Fresh flowers would also fall under this category and can be quite expensive if you are going for larger floral displays. Even if you are opting for more conservative floral arrangements for tables, costs can add up. Depending on how many tables you have and the type of flowers you use cost may add up quickly.

Other purchase costs could be for items that are required to build custom props and decorations. 

Delivery Costs

The main factors that affect delivery costs are how much equipment you require and how far your venue is from our warehouse. The delivery cost also factors in road tolls , loading and unloading of trucks both at our warehouse and at your venue.
Access into your venue and if the equipment needs to be delivered to high rise buildings will also add extra costs.

Design Costs

Design costs are usually for larger events that have lots of detail or cover large spaces. Design costs usually include site visits to your venue , mood boards ,floor plans and research to find the products and decoration you may need.

Damage Waiver –

Some decorators and hire companies charge whats called a damage waiver which can be anywhere between 7% and 10% on top of the total price. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that this is for any breakages that may happen to the equipment you have hired for your event. Unfortunately this is not the case and unless damage is very minor you would still have to pay for any damaged equipment.
What the damage waiver really covers is just general wear on the equipment you use as it is used for hire purposes. Not all companies charge this but it pays to ask the question so that you don’t get a bill shock when it is added at the end.

Installation Equipment

In some cases there may be extra equipment required to install your decorations that a typical decorator wouldn’t have. This could be things like scissor lifts to access roof areas for decorations or generators if there is no power. Depending on the size of the event and venue these costs can vary.


Some of the larger function venues are getting stricter with any decorators or suppliers that comes into their venue. In some cases venues are asking for police checks of these suppliers or also to do inductions to work in their venue. These costs are quite often passed onto you the hirer so this is also something to be aware of.

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How To Make It Quicker And Easier To Get An Accurate Quote

So how do you make it easier to find out party and wedding decorator costs? When it comes to getting an accurate quote and quickly information is key. It is very hard for your party or wedding decorator to just pull a figure out of the sky on what your decorations will cost. To make the whole process easier the more information you can supply at the beginning the quicker and easier it will be. If you are just wanting to hire equipment that doesn’t require any set up then the process will be a lot easier. With no set up required there is typically less information needed. If you require set up and delivery then there will be more information needed to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Below is a list of typical things that we would need to know to put together an accurate quote. There can be lots of variables in this depending on what equipment you want to hire but lots of information definitely helps.

Date Of Function.
How many people at your event.
Cocktail style or sit down function.
Types of equipment required – this could be general but the more specific the better.
Theme or Style you are wanting – Is it a certain theme or more of a basic style with certain colours that you want.
Approximate Budget – This will have a big effect on what can be done and how much equipment you can hire.
Event Location address.
Delivery time required.
Pick Up Time Required.
How long do we have access to the venue for set up.
How long do we have access for pick up.
Is the function space on ground floor.
If not on ground floor is there a lift.
If a lift is required how big is the lift so that we know if equipment will fit.
How far from the drop off area to the function space is it to get equipment in.
Photos of function space to see layout.
Measurements of function space.

If you don’t know a lot of this information then giving you an accurate quote can be very hard and it would really be just a ruff estimation to begin with. 

The good news is if you don’t want all the stress of finding out all the information above Feel Good Events can help. If you are really not sure about these things we can organize possible site visits or meetings to slowly put together everything we need. Site visits and contacting your venue to get more details may cost extra but this will save you a lot of stress.

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As you can see from the above there are a lot of factors that can influence the costs of decorating a party or wedding. If you use an experienced party or wedding decorator a lot of these things will be quick and painless. If you choose to DIY you will have a lot more work to do and things may not always go to plan.

The good news is that if you don’t want to do all the work mentioned above you can hire Feel Good Events to do it all for you.

Some people might ask is it worth all the stress and money to decorate your event. I would say absolutely as the memories and experience that a well decorated party creates , well and truly out weighs the cost and the work required to organize it.

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