DJ booth at neon themed event

How To Decorate and Create An Unforgettable Bar/Bat Mitzvah in 7 Steps

Create and Decorate an Unforgettable Bar or Bat Mitzvah in 7 Steps! Are you throwing a Bar or Bat Mitzvah for your child but stuck on…

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function venues Melbourne CBD

Top 10 Function Venues In Melbourne CBD

10 Popular Melbourne CBD Function Venues  Are you struggling to find a venue that isn’t booked out? Or are you finding it hard to decide…

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party backdrop

What Does Party & Wedding Decorating Cost

What Does It Cost To Decorate A Party Or Wedding? Party and Wedding decorator costs can always surprise people if they havent planned a party or…

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The Ultimate Guide To Party & Wedding Marquee Hire

Everything You Need To Know About Hiring A Marquee Are you thinking of hiring a marquee for your next party, wedding or event? This is the…

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How To Throw A Covid-19 Safe Party In Melbourne

Are you thinking of throwing a party or wedding during the current covid-19 crisis? There is so much confusion at the moment on the rules and…

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Engagement Party

7 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Party Planner

If you are not sure if you should get some help with your party here are 7 reasons why you should hire a party planner. There are various reasons to…

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Party Decorating The Ultimate Guide

The Ultimate Guide To Party Decorating How To Decorate Your PartyThis is the ultimate guide to party decorating. You will find lots of tips , ideas…

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Jungle Theme Dance Party Melbourne

Is Dancing Really That Important At Your Party

So Why Do We Dance? When planning a party, event or wedding most people aren’t really that worried about whether their guests dance…

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Party Glassware Hire Melbourne in Party

22 Things To Consider When Planning A Party

There are lots of things to consider when planning a party or event so we have put together 22 of the most important things to think…

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How Much Food Do I Need For My Party?

  Hosting a party and unsure how much food to prepare for your guests? Many factors come into play when catering for an event. We run through…

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Keep Things Simple Or Hire Experts

  Some people love the idea of planning a party or wedding and others just can’t stand the thought of all the work that has to be done.…

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Throw A Wild Party Without Upsetting The Neighbours

A lot of people will choose to have  their party at home both for convenience and to keep costs down but how do you keep your neighbours happy?…

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How to Set Up Your Party Venue

  How to set up your party venue correctly (whether it be a function venue or your home) is very important in creating a night to remember. In…

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girls dancing dressed in 1920s costumers

What Type Of Party Are You Planning

  It is important from the very beginning to decide on what type of party you want so that it makes it easier with your planning. If you want…

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Band Or DJ – Which Is Better?

  When it comes to choosing entertainment for their party, wedding or event many people struggle with the decision of whether to choose a band…

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Work Christmas Parties

Hosting A Christmas Party At Home

Content created by Julia Hammond and published Full article can be found HERE The party portion of the year is fast…

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What Makes A Person A Good Dancer

It can be quite entertaining watching people dance at a party or nightclub even if you don't like dancing yourself. What really does make someone a…

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High Heels – Murder On The Dance Floor

Everyone loves to dress up when going to a party especially the ladies as this is part of the enjoyment of going out, but could your dress code be…

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Spooky Kids Halloween Party Ideas

  Content created by Julia Hammond and published on Full article can be found HERE Halloween is almost upon us for another…

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Create Some Excitement Before The Party Starts

A great way to make sure people show up to your party or event is to create some excitement before the party date arrives. Give your guests lots of…

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Set The Right Mood From The Beginning

It is very important to create the right mood as your guests arrive at the party. Room mood lighting can make such a difference to any event if…

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Keep Your Party Moving

Party energy is so important for every event and the more energy your party or event has the more memorable it will be. The sad part is that the…

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How To Throw An Awesome Kids Party

Content created by Julia Hammond and published on Full article can be found HERE There’s so many fun ways to celebrate a birthday…

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Party Psychology – Part 3

Understanding why your guests go to parties and what they do and don't like will help in your party planning. Human beings love novelty. It has been…

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Wild Parties Need Wild Guests

  You can create an awesome and exciting party atmosphere with the décor & lighting but it's really the people that make a party. The…

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Party Psychology – Part 2

  Going to Parties - all the anxiety of what might or might not happen, meeting new people and the thought of whether it will it be enjoyable…

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Don’t Let Your Speeches Kill The Party

Depending on the occasion you may not be able to get out of holding a speech. But that's OK. Speeches can be great - if done right. Here are some…

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DIY or Outsource

  Some people have more time than money, for others that statement might be more appropriate reversed. Either way, when you're planning a party…

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corporate event planning and hire

Meet & Greet

Hosting a party where not everyone will know each other? Don't want to spend half the night introducing everyone to everyone? Make the process a…

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Party Psychology – Part 1

  Throwing a party is hard work. All that planning, money and stress. Not to mention the anxiety it gives you. So why do we have them and why…

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